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Though Angola has other political parties, but it’s MPLA-the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola that has dominated power since independence in 1975. One can say that Angola is almost a one party State dictatorship that controls almost all aspects of Angolan lives.

In spite of vast natural resources like oil,diamonds,gold,etc. the People continue to be very poor due to MPLA corruption, Nepotism and greed. The Country’s wealth benefits only a clique of few individuals, and not its people.
The standard of living continues to be very low, and the investment in the human resource of the future is minimal, as everything revolves around corruption,and nepotism. One can say that, Angola is like a beautiful girl with gonorrhoea.Angola Dictatorship
You can hardly find a true independent media in Angola, as critical journalism is  similar to treason. Independent Media can’t publish anything critical of MPLA dictatorship. Yes, MPLA government is a Corrupt Dictatorship, that has not developed Angola, but just window dressed it with fake investments that exploits Angola’s resources. Today, Luanda city is among the most expensive in the world, and getting a decent  affordable accommodation is a nightmare.

With corruption and nepotism being the main ideology of the regime, no amount of Public Relation (PR) will stop the downfall of MPLA. All African leaders suffer from a common disease of greed and self importance. 
They don’t implement what they promised the people while seeking office, but perform even more worse than their predecessors.

Joram Jojo

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