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    • Crazy World
      This world is filled with ludicrous people and things doing bizarre things, that are either foolish, crazy, comical, funny,fantastic, grotesque, incongruous and laughable.
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    • 5 months ago

      Joram Jojo

    • Exposed
      In the world of sleazy powerful people, in the interest of the public, its the duty of the media to make sure that such people are exposed. Expose is a form of investigative journalism and journalists should never be blamed for doing their work.
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    • 2 years ago

      Joram Jojo

    • Fabulous
      In our world there very man fabulous things that are almost impossible to believe. The unusual incredible,exceptionally good or unusual; superb. Some of the fabulous stories are known through fables or myths; purely imaginary.
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    • Real Life
      The real life The practical world as opposed to the academic world; a good leader must have a lot of experience in the real world. all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you;"Rwanda has endemic murders"; "we live indifferent worlds"; Its very true politicians and dictators are part of the endemic murders that have destroyed communities, because they do not serve the people, but themselves.
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    • 11 hours, 3 minutes ago

      Joram Jojo

    • Spoiler
      A spoiler is an element of a disseminated summary or description of any piece of fiction that reveals any plot elements which threaten to give away important details concerning the turn of events of a dramatic episode. Typically, the details of the conclusion of the plot, including the climax and ending, are especially regarded as spoiler material. It can also be used to refer to any piece of information regarding any part of a given media that a potential consumer would not want to know beforehand. Because enjoyment of fiction depends a great deal upon the suspense of revealing plot details through standard narrative progression, the prior revelation of how things will turn out can "spoil" the enjoyment that some consumers of the narrative would otherwise have experienced.
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    • Today’s Living
      Today’s Living has changed due to technology and the selfish culture that is mainly peddled by mainstream media. This new trend of living has many disadvantages when it comes to building a justified world.
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