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    Joram Jojo

    Didi Stone Koffi Olomide's Daughter

    Didi StoneEveryone is talking about it in Kinshasa, in Europe to the United States where fanatics and observers are very interested in the video circulating on the Internet, which shows “the nudity” of Didi Stone, the darling daughter , of Congolese singer Koffi Olomide said “Songe ya Mbeli”. In recent days, this image exposing her private parts,  is  being talked on social networks. Comments go in all directions. Many are fighting against the video in question and condemn the act and the unknown author of this dirty work. Very shocked, the boss of Quartier Latin announces a legal action against the person who dared to touch the apple of his eye. Is it boring or bad buzz to settle accounts with Didi Stone’s father?

    On social media, a video has been circulating to smear Koffi Olomide’s darling daughter. Right or wrong, everyone has visualised this unhealthy image that associates Didi Stone with a famous American actress in pornography.

    Very quickly, this porn revenge went around the web and naturally affected especially her father, her biological family and her relatives.

    Is it Didi Stone or not?

    Faced with this unbridled image, Mopao Mokonzi was quick to react given the seriousness and the impact of this cybercrime that may affect his notoriety being a legend and the image of his family.

    In a video addressed to the newspaper La Prosperité, Didi Stone’s father expressed his anger and regret for this cabal formatted by bad people whose intention is only to harm the image of his girl. “By moral duty and parent’s duty, I will not let anyone who dares to attack my offspring,” said the Congolese star with a brutal tone.

    To put it mildly, Koffi Olomide vehemently condemns this mephistophelic behavior of Internet users, which only aims to damage the reputation of his daughter Didi Stone. To believe the singer, it is, indirectly, an orchestrated attack against him.

    A Very angry, Koffi threatens!

    The boss of Quartier Latin sees himself as the main target in this case porn-revenge. Thus, he warns the instigator of this image mounted against his darling daughter. “You who have chosen to confront me, confront me. Do not confront my children because you will not succeed. We are a blessed family, “warns the artist visibly very reassembled.

    In addition, the author of the album “World Arab” believes that it is inadmissible, abnormal that we touch the innocent children regardless of the degree of the problem. Koffi Olomide invites anyone who wants him to take his courage man to face him instead of attacking his children, through dirty games. “Riding like this on the networks to harm my daughter is a form of cowardice that does not say its name,” insinuated the former Rambo of Zaire.

    However, until he masters the network of image traffickers against his daughter, the artist announces legal proceedings against this malicious person who has had time to dirty Didi Stone and through him his father.

    Beyond this affair, the thoughts of the savvy observers are turned directly into the past with profound ambiguity, remembering Koffi’s comments that he will fight until the last tasting of his blood to protect his children. .

    Joram Jojo

    Laurette Mbokela Mampuya

    Highly appreciated by the public, “Chronique des Stars” is one of the big and best shows that shines the grid of the program of the National Radio Congolese Radio, (RTNC). And this, thanks to the insight and intelligence of its producer and host, who is none other than Laurette MBOKELA MAMPUYA, the beautiful creature with ebony skin.

    Beautiful design, this slice is to dissect the talents of stars and their works in a suitable style to allow spectators to understand and discover more the guest. Designed in 2017, “Chronicle of Stars” continues with ardor and impact its way thanks to the dynamism of its star presenter and all its technical team.

    To mark the first anniversary of the existence of her program, Laurette MAMPUYA is planning to hold a big celebration soon, during which she will invite the youth of Kinshasa and its partners. It must be recognized that “Chronique des Stars” has not only won the trust of the public in a short time but also occupies a place of choice in the direction of production of the national chain.

    As for the organisation of the party, preparations are well underway and all the batteries are already running for its success.

    As a prelude to the event, ” Friends of Laurette MBOKELA MAMPUYA ” organized a health walk on Sunday, May 20, 2018, in the city of Kinshasa. There were about 100 young people from different municipalities in the district of La Funa to testify and show their support for the journalist and her show. The presence of young Ngiri Ngiri, Kasa-Vubu, Kalamu and especially Bumbu, which is his native commune, was noted. A totally successful activity for the purpose of maintaining good physical and mental health.

    Laurette MAMPUYA took advantage of this meeting to denounce the stigmatization of the inhabitants of Bumbu who, for a time, are the subject of several attacks, by insulting remarks from some people in Kinshasa.

    As a real girl and local, she invited her brothers and sisters of Bumbu to be proud of their commune which has its place among many others in the city of Kinshasa.

    “Bumbu has spawned and continues to give several executives in our country who are true social values ​​for the Democratic Republic of Congo,” said the star presenter “Chronicle of Stars”.

    Moreover, many are among the leading figures at the head of the country’s institutions. For its part, the population was very moved and greeted Laurette MAMPUYA for her courage and commitment to take the lead and say NO to the stigmatisation of the people of Bumbu.

    Joram Jojo

    The singer Nyoka Longo

    Baptized by UNESCO, as a musical creative city of the world, Kinshasa, Capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is preparing to host again the 6th edition of the International Festival “Mbonda Elela”, 100% percussion. The singer Nyoka Longo is chosen to the rank of godfather of this season which promises to be shattering from May 25 to 27, 2018 at the Tourist Garden of the Academy of Fine Arts. However, the participation of the Chairman and Managing Director of the Zaiko Langa Langa Nkolo Mboka group, at this great percussion festival, continues to arouse doubts among discerning observers. Will come, will not come: its presence is still uncertain given the overloaded schedule of Old Bombas who is, practically, now the most sought-after artist on the national level. Too many commitments on his table, Nyoka Longo does not even have time to do rehearsals with his band and most importantly, he does not have time to concentrate on finishing the next album of the orchestra in the studio.

    Never mind, this great cultural event devoted to shows and meetings of African drummers will indeed be held in Kinshasa. All arrangements are made by the organizing committee with the various partners who continue to believe in this festival whose objective is to promote and enhance the tam-tam, which remains a historical and referential instrument, major in the African tradition. The information has been confirmed by its initiator, the artist Eddy MBOYO and his staff, who announce many surprises for this season 2018.

    In addition, the organizers of the festival confirm that Jossart Nyoka Longo will indeed be in the role as sponsor of this 6th edition. This living legend of modern Congolese music is also expected for an exclusive show alongside other percussionists. So, for the first time, lovers of culture will be enlivened to the rhythm of ” mfumuyalongo ” and its music machine, Zaiko.

    In addition, it announces the participation of the Brazzaville star, Zao Casimir Zoba, author of the famous song “Ancien combattant”. He will be among the distinguished guests of this 2018 season.

    Beyond the exchanges, the “Mbonda Elela” Festival is mainly characterised by stage performances and reunions between percussionists and the public. More than 10 well-known and experienced bands and other guests will perform for three days as part of this Tam-tam party. As every year, this festival brings together more than fifty thousand spectators coming from all over the Capital and from outside the country.

    Joram Jojo

    The Congolese People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy -Pprd

    After Ecuador, the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy -Pprd- is heading for Upper Katanga. “This is a new crusade that is launched here in Greater Katanga,” said a reliable source of this political party, which, incidentally, goes on to say that the popular reception that was the object of the delegation of PPRD In Lubumbashi comes the blow to the speculation that the natural fief of President Kabila, the initiator of this party, had rocked the opposition since the departure of Moise Katumbi. As soon as he arrived on Thursday, May 24, 2018, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary held a rally at the Kiwele stadium. In the presence of the party’s national and provincial cadres and several activists, he gave an overview of the country’s political situation with a historical reminder of the misdeeds of imperialism, which used “locals” to end to the life of Lumumba and Laurent-Désiré Kabila. This, before presenting Joseph Kabila as the father of democracy after 32 years of dictatorship. He hammered forcefully that the Democratic Republic of Congo, until the transfer of power following the elections, has only one and only recognized President. To know: Joseph Kabila Kabange. “He is the national President of PPRD yesterday, today and tomorrow,” he added.

    At the dawn of the elections of December 2018, better than the convocation of the electorate since June 23, the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy continues its journey of revitalizing bases in the Congo. This is, to say the least, the mission that was given Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary whose loved ones are constantly praising his approach body-to-body with the base.

    Back to back ! That, by the way, is the name given to it once and now comes back to the fore. In this journey of contact with the masses started, above all, in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, continued to Ex Ecuador then, now, continued in Grand Katanga, the former VPM in charge of the Interior is constantly launching speckled arrows to radical opponents who swear by the defeat of the MP so the PPRD in the next elections.

    Back to back

    In the case of the chairman of TP Mazembe, Ramazani Shadary continues to press the issue of his dual nationality which should, according to the Permanent Secretary of the PPRD, put him out of the running compared to the elections of December 2018 which he wants a presidential candidate.

    For those who accuse the PPRD and the MP of preparing the fraud by a victory validated not by the Congolese people but by the voting machine, Ramazani Shadary has already decided. “We will win the elections democratically because we are numerous and we have the means of our policy. The doors of the PPRD remain open ”, he had launched at the stage of Ecuador.

    Pande Kapopo honored

    As in Kinshasa, Mbandaka and elsewhere, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, in Lubumbashi, did not derogate from the ceremony of installation and or presentation of the crowned heads in every corner of the country where he passes. In Lubumbashi, he installed the provincial executive secretary of the PPRD / Haut Katanga, Governor Kapopo and introduced the members of his strong delegation from Kinshasa in which, his Deputy Lucain Kasongo. It was beautiful that everything ended at Kiwele stadium.

    Continuation of the tour

    It is expected Friday the installation of other leaders of party structures in Upper Katanga. This crusade of the PPRD will lead Ramazani Shadary and his suite in the other three provinces of the former Grand Katanga. Namely, Tanganyika, Lualaba and Upper Lomami.

    Hot topic

    It must be said, the biggest hot potato that keeps coming back behind the scenes in the headquarters of the political parties as well as the reports on including the mass exits of the PPRD, it is the problem of the absence of a dolphin to the president Kabila who is supposed to come from the PPRD while the electoral process is on the doorstep of applications.

    This gives, above all, set to music with some populist slogans launched by animators of this political formation as “Joseph Kabila is the elected president, reelected and still eligible” shower, more and more, hopes to see the peaceful and inclusive elections taking place on 23 December. This, since it would emerge from these events that the Power would be mobilizing to go for the search for a third mandate for its moral authority and the PPRD for its initiator.

    Ramazani Shadary who was not born from the last rain is aware of this questioning. But, the man confident that there will be elections in the country calls his troops to put in step with the operations carried out by the CENI whose calendar results in jousts actually this 23 December. ” There will be elections, get ready ”, warns all times the PPRD SP against septic. In Lubumbashi, he returned there; “The elections are coming. We must win them together.

    Joram Jojo


    Success is celebrated. Congo-Positif rejoices as much in its growth in age as its balance sheet. A grandiose work now available to the MP. But also, and above all, the homeland of Lumumba as a whole. More than one knows something about the genesis of this party, of which Dieudonné Nkishi Kazadi is the main promoter, even if the success is the fruit of the common struggle between the political bureau and all the other members of the party. This weekend, activists who say they are already ready to face the polls in perspective, will carry out a series of activities around their National President to commemorate the first anniversary of Congo-Positif.

    The little fish will become big. Congo-Positif exploited this maxim. A year of existence, this political formation stands out validly. Member of the MP, the party of which Dieudonné Nkishi Kazadi is National President is proud to blow on his first candle in the heart of political microcosm RD. Congolese. No legal constraint should frighten its activists to the vote next December and their aftermath. What is true, a wisdom recommends to salute and, possibly, to support in any way the good political actions.

    What works speak

    Congo Positif recorded, during its existence, the establishment of hospitals, here and there, to give access to medical care to worthy girls and sons of the Republic. It is pleased to have succeeded in being established throughout the national territory, unlike certain political parties that are 10 years old or even more than 20 years old but which, unfortunately, still remain satellite parties. The positive work for a decent income, a balanced job and a flourishing of every man and the whole man remains the rallying cry of those who believe in the leadership of Dieudonné Nkishi Kazadi. One year, it’s a party. All parties of the MP are invited to join their joy to that of the militants of the MP to commemorate the first anniversary of Congo Positive, this great party in the heart of the political arena for a pragmatic ideology. In relation to the stakes of the hour, Congo Positive sets the bar very high. The people are entitled to a democratic alternation. Respect for the current electoral calendar must be strict, he argues, in a high and intelligible voice. “Come on, Congo-Positive, the victory is certain” profess the Militants. Faced with a healthy ideology, we bow. It is worth celebrating with Congo-Positif.

    Joram Jojo

    Felix Tshisekedi and Moise Katumbi bad Marriage

    The tone has been given since the Atlantic Council in Washington. Yesterday, indeed, Felix Tshisekedi and Moise Katumbi speaking in pairs on the platform of these meetings in Washington DC, political capital of the country of Uncle Sam, announced this long awaited news at the level of the Opposition. To know, the possibility if not the certainty, for them, that the opponents, this time exceptionally, will count on a joint candidacy for the presidential election of December 2018. Will the old demons of the division be exorcised for the elections of 2018 ? Katumbi and Felix Tshisekedi are optimistic.

    “It’s not just a unity in appearances. We really combined the work together. We went from words to action and we also discussed the possibility of having a candidate among the opposition at the time of the elections, “they said.

    How long can this wedding last? The question may be about languages, but beyond this realistic or pessimistic aspect, the hope that such a prospect arises resonates in the hearts of many Congolese anxious not to see the Opposition make the rule prevail. everyone for himself “in the elections scheduled for December 23, 2018.

    It is worth pointing out that the leaders of the Tshisekedists and Katumbists give this sound of bell just after that of the UNC-MLC tandem in Kinshasa on another register, obviously. The Bembists and Kamerhists were giving voice to the world that they had the intention to embark on the electoral train as of June 23, 2018 while some in Limete continued to demand a transition without Kabila. Should we read a cause-effect? No certainty is possible at this stage. Moreover, the idea can not be obvious to all consciences. Nevertheless, currently that Katumbi and Felix Tshisekedi, two key figures of the Opposition, announced candidates for the presidency, agree to support a possible joint candidacy, the opinion can only wonder what will be the attitude of the duo UNC- MLC. The interrogation is more than natural but the answer does not follow at the same speed. Alas!

    Having come third in the 2011 elections behind the late Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba and the current President of the Republic, Vital Kamerhe has always been seen as nothing more than a candidate for the next presidential election. And, on the other side of the equation, the Mouvement de Libération du Congo -MLC- does not swear on any other name than that of Jean-Pierre Gombo Bemba who has totaled ten years in The Hague recently and who must have the final verdict of his case this June 8th.

    So, it is questionable whether these political camps can agree to put water in their wine to win the supreme magistracy to agree on a common name with the other two major bastions of the Opposition that are Together for Change and Udps / Limete.

    Now that the proposal for a joint candidacy is made out loud, it is not impossible that in the face of the regime of President Kabila, that these radical opponents opt to grant their violins. Wait and see! But at this stage, it should be noted that the great figures of the Opposition (Katumbi, Felix Tshisekedi, Kamerhe, Bemba and even Muzito) find themselves outside the country and are, according to their relatives, in the process of set in motion the diplomatic machine. Is it they who put the machine in motion or is it the diplomatic lobby that deploys them on the chessboard for alternation in the DRC as soon as possible?

    Joram Jojo

    The Congolese people must take their destiny into their own hands

    If all goes well, the CENI will proceed to the convocation of the electorate, on June 23rd. Today, any calculation taken into account, it is necessary to count more or less thirty days for the beginning of big maneuvers with a view to the holding of the polls at good date. According to the calendar, it is necessary to remind it, it is on June 24th that the Central Electoral will be ready to open the offices of reception and treatment of the candidatures to the Provincial Delegation. On July 22, it will open its doors for the reception of the candidatures to the National Delegation and the presidential election of December 23, 2018. Later, around November 22, it will launch the electoral campaign. So, who are ready? Where are we with the preparations? Food for thought.

    At Majority, the preparations are engaged. Shadary, Tunda and others are testing the terrain in Kinshasa and ex-Ecuador. Moreover, two planes acquired rubies on the nail, are already within reach of the PPRD to avoid any eventuality, during the next electoral campaign which will be, apparently, in space and on earth.

    In the Opposition, doubt persists. Felix Tshisekedi, from Brussels, during a conference, demonstrated that it became hypothetical to hold elections in the conditions of today characterized in particular by the absence of political relaxation.

    At the Lay Committee of Coordination, language is the deciphering of the signs of time. For example, the uncertainty of the electoral calendar, the bias of the CENI, the instrumentalization of the Constitutional Court, the lack of revitalisation of the CENI and the CSAC and, above all, the restriction of public freedoms the right due to political demonstrations.

    On the side of CENCO, the time is serious. The Congolese people must take their destiny into their own hands. Hence, the Bishops, in a recent communique recalled the imperative need to organise the polls open to all and guaranteeing the conditions of transparency and credibility.

    In the same vein, the Church Princes also recalled that it is important for the acceptability of the results that the machine be certified and the electoral roll be audited.

    As much as these prerequisites seemed unavoidable, as long as it was good policy to ensure the safety of people and their property throughout the country, especially that of political actors, whatever their tendencies or affiliations.

    In the wake of reactions that suggest that the holding of elections would be subject to multiple obstacles, it is the call of the AETA that, quite recently, technically demonstrated that the figures in the file were mostly riddled with irregularities. . So that the audit, even if it is the one currently engaged by the OIF, is late. Therefore, in the eyes of the AETA and its alter ego, the ODEP, this audit should have contributed to the credibility of the results if it had been conducted before the examination, adoption and enactment of the distribution law. seats. Then, in the litany of obstacles that still strew the course of the competitors, one and the other will be faced, globally or individually, with this business become almost a thorn under the feet, the threshold of representativity, the guarantee whose amounts had been doubled in the electoral law and, above all, the voting machine whose use constitutes, literally and figuratively, a subject of controversy.

    The controversy is such that in every respect, the electoral process requires that the actors decide to participate in it or, quite simply, give it up.

    Means, we must mobilise them. But, above all, mutual guarantees, to stabilise the stakes. In addition, it takes time for the preparations to achieve the objectives. Now, at this level, the days pass so quickly that the electoral process in question risks, itself, before thinking about all the conditionalities, to trap a good number of political actors in a trap. Decidedly, the vise will seriously tighten around all those who have not yet made arrangements against this expensive, risky and harassing electoral process.

    Joram Jojo

    The National Deputy Henri Thomas Lokondo

    When will the Schengen House be reopened? What alternative solutions has the Ministry of Foreign Affairs planned for this closure? These are the questions that continue to provoke reactions both in national and international opinion. Against all odds, these questions surfaced during the plenary session yesterday, Monday, May 21, 2018, in the Lower House of Parliament. The initiator of the oral question with debate, Henri Thomas Lokondo, National Deputy of the Presidential Majority, returned to the charge to demand the clarification of the PMV in charge of Foreign Affairs Leonard She Okitundu, as well as palliative solutions .

    Three items were on the agenda during the plenary session of Monday, May 21st. Before the Honorable National Deputies review and adopt the draft law establishing, organising and operating the national order of veterinary doctors of the DRC, and the continuation of the vote, article by article, of the proposed organic law on the organization, functioning and jurisdiction of the courts of the judiciary, the National Deputy Henri Thomas Lokondo has, above all, asked for a motion to recall the office of the National Assembly on the subject that torments a category Congolese. Namely, the closure of the Schengen house and the solutions provided by the Government to facilitate the approach of a segment of the population wanting to go for this or that to the Schengen area.

    The closure of the Schengen house, it should be emphasised, reflects the cooling of bilateral relations between the DRC and the Kingdom of Belgium. That is why, in his cap of spokesman of the Congolese population, Henri Thomas Lokondo, brought to the knowledge of the national representation these contours which stumble them. It should be noted that the Schengen House is the department authorised to grant a European visa for the space of the same name. Alas, in the Congolese territory, the said department remains closed to this day, the government is slow to light the lanterns and to appease the minds of some patriots. “A good category of patriots feel aggrieved by the decision of the Ministry. I pointed out to the Minister that the Schengen area is not Belgium, I asked the Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to come and give us palliative solutions for this interruption. The situation is blocked, what are the alternative measures? “, He asked his colleagues MEPs. “The Minister can come and answer in front of the Assembly, let him explain even through the commission without a camera without anything,” added Thomas Lokondo. From the start, it’s been almost four months since the Schengen house in Kinshasa closed.

    Joram Jojo

    The delegation of PPRD led by Ramazani Shadary

    Friday, May 18, 2018, the delegation of PPRD led by Ramazani Shadary in the provinces from the territorial division has set foot in Kinshasa, capital of the DRC. During his tour, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, Permanent Secretary of the Presidential Party, PPRD, was accused of already campaigning before the time. Ramazani Shadary asserts, however, that “in the functioning of each political party, the campaign is not only a permanent activity but also begins immediately after each election until the next”. He says he has confronted the people and has collected his grievances to present to the government. He also observed that his party is well established in the five provinces of the former province of Ecuador.

    The People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy will continue its tour in the other provinces under the leadership of Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, its Permanent Secretary, in an agenda that will have to be stopped. So, after the equator, the Tshuapa, Mongala etc. The onslaught of PPRD will also be conducted in other corners and recesses of deep Congo. During this first journey, Ramazani Shadary promised the victory of the PPRD. “It’s time for us to be together. Those who were in opposition here yesterday are with us. We must learn from the past to lay the groundwork for the development of this territory and the province of Mongala. We will democratically win the elections because we are numerous and we have the means of our policy. The doors of the PPRD remain open.

    Joram Jojo

    Pius Muabilu Mbayu Mukala, President of the Congolese National Congress

    “We give a funny impression to the people. To create a political party, there are duties and obligations; it’s like starting a business. It means huge sacrifices, “said the Honorable Pius Muabilu Mbayu Mukala, President of the Congolese National Congress, CNC. It was during the heated debate between the national representation and Henri Mova Sakanyi, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of the Interior and Security. Mova went to answer the oral question with debate on the financing of political parties addressed to her by Fidèle Babala. Pius Muabilu, a prominent member of the MP, has stepped up to challenge the political class from the top of the podium of the Lower House of the Congolese Parliament. Why are political parties created? The elected representative of Mont-Amba illuminates whereas with the examination of the question of the financing of the political parties, the eyes would have been well wide in the National Assembly.

    Is it not, perhaps, a democracy that goes quickly to work; if not badly incarnated by a fringe of the political elite? More than 600 parties, it is the number of the political parties which rank in the conquest of the power by the dispute of the voices of the Congolese through the ballot boxes with each election. Some plagiarize the project of society and know, from the outset, their powerlessness to fail to tear off a single seat at the legislative and presidential levels.

    The others, on the other hand, know the reason for their fight, moreover, focused on an ambitious ideology or not. In any case, it is from this paradox that the CNC National President, the Honorable Pius Muabilu Mbayu Mukala seized the pleasant duty to challenge the political class during the stormy debate of Wednesday, May 23, 2018, in connection with the oral question with debate addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior and Security, Henry Mova Sakanyi, by Deputy Fidel Babala Wandu. Question of being informed about the assignment, better, of the execution of recognized resources to the exercise of the political parties in the spirit of the laws in force.

    Pius Interpelle

    “The impression we give in this country is such that you can get up in the morning, get out of your university or home, register a political party and go home to sit. The next day, we transform this party into business to start looking for positions of all kinds and it’s over, “denounced the elected Mont-Amba who believes that supporting the actions of political parties is legal, but not must not push certain political actors to ignore the duties and obligations that flow from them.

    “To create a political party, there are duties and obligations; it’s like starting a business. It means huge sacrifices, “he insists, loudly and intelligibly. Using the sensitive business metaphor, the MP Framework draws attention to the fact that a business created without complying with the OHADA or DGI guidelines, for example, can not benefit investment code. This is indeed the illusion of political parties that do not file their activity reports in accordance with the laws of the country. As a result, they can not claim to benefit from a subsidy at all, he says.

    Rigorous law

    Law No. 08/005 of 10 June 2008, on public financing of political parties, stipulates that political parties may receive public funds from the State to finance their electoral campaigns, their activities, their capacity building and through campaigns of civic education in particular, under the conditions defined by the law. However, the rigor is strict as to the procedure to limit any damage.

    Unfortunately, in the country of Lumumba, the contrast is such that individuals abuse this law and create overnight parties for which they can no longer justify the ins and the outs. It is abnormal to salute the birth in the image of the fungi of satellite political parties that do not know how to respect neither duties nor obligations. It should be noted, however, that political parties will receive no penny for the election campaign next September. And even if this financing was provided for in accordance with the laws of the country, the law stipulates that parties are entitled to this guarantee only after the proclamation of the results.

    Joram Jojo

    Eve Bazaïba Secretary General of the Congo Liberation Movement

    Eve Bazaïba, the very restless Secretary General of the Congo Liberation Movement, does not take offense. No more going from negotiations to negotiations, otherwise you will fall into the trap of endless transitions. This time, she says, the shortcut is there. It is to go to the elections, as announced in the calendar of the CENI, since November 5, 2017. It does not exclude, nor does not evade the possibility to initiate a technical debate, to settle the last details like this case of the voting machine as well as all other matters resulting from the holding of free, transparent, open and peaceful credible elections, in accordance with international standards.

    The option is certainly lifted. The means will be deployed. Bemba, from his cell in Scheveningen, to the ICC, while awaiting the verdict of all his cases, on June 8, 2018, continues to exert a decisive influence on the march of the activities of his party, the MLC.

    Thus, arrangements will be made for candidates to be introduced at all levels. On June 24, according to Bazaïba, since the doors of the CENI will be open for the reception of candidates for the provincial deputation, the scramble will be engaged to there, to file files. Already, preparations, according to her, are such that no minute is to pass in the air, in the hope of interminable political meetings or discussions which, generally, end with the eternal sharing the cake or dispatching the Republic in terms of positions of responsibility in the government or other institutions.

    At this stage of the evolution of the process, at MLC, this propensity to remain in the regime of the provisional is largely exceeded. The time is, rather, in the mobilisation of the candidates, the recruitment and training of the witnesses, to do battle, the time comes, during the decisive jousts of December 23, 2018. It is, apparently, the same sound of the bell, the side of the UNC. One of the senior executives who, for the sake of personal convenience, requested anonymity, reveals that everything is being done to participate without delay in the electoral process.

    Moreover, in the same vein, Jean-Beaudoin Mayo, MP and one of the figures at the forefront of major current affairs debates, said that at the UNC, there is no expects that the elections of December 23, 2018. Because, beyond this deadline, if the elections were not organized, they will be obliged to no longer recognize in Joseph Kabila, the sovereign powers that he holds, since the signing, on December 31, 2016, of the agreement concluded under the bishops’ rule at the Interdiocesan Center.

    While Kamerhe, in its vitality, moves and continues to skim different corners of the world, it is important to note that, at the same time, Katumbi and Felix Tshisekedi crusade in Europe and the United States of America.

    However, in this steep game, the Kinshasa regime does not cross its arms. Most of his right arms are also on the front. Such is the case, for example, of Barnabe Kikaya Bin Karubi, who also stays in Uncle Sam’s country, even though he was, unfortunately, prevented from expressing the government’s official view of R & D. . Congo, in a debate devoted, nevertheless, to the crucial questions of the hour.

    Nangaa, meanwhile, moves heaven and earth, to make the Congolese swallow, the marvels of the voting machine, notwithstanding the harsh criticisms, remonstrances and comments of most political actors and leaders of civil society including the CLC, CENCO et al.

    To do this, the members of the CENI, including himself, are deployed across the country’s provinces. Reason? Fight awareness campaign and credibility of the electoral process which the CENI confirms, moreover, all deadlines.

    At the Majority, we prepare seriously. Recently, 14 political groups were presented to Kabila in Kingakati, in the presence of party leaders and members of the Political Bureau. Previously, the same President of the Republic whose second and last mandate took, since December 20, 2016, and which remains beyond the deadline set by the New Year’s Eve Agreement, by the magic of an electoral calendar having added this year for the holding of the elections, conferred with the Patriarch Antoine Gizenga Fundji, the leader of the PALU, as well as with the ministers members of the government resulting from the Opposition, the Deputies and Senators of the Majority, without forgetting, of course, all the other underlying contacts, with the aim, no doubt, of strengthening the links. The PPRD, the presidential party, as if to break the barracks, has just acquired two planes, the latest to date, had just been announced, there is little. Only signs that show that the dice are thrown. Instead of polishing biceps, for marches and other street actions, the democratic alternation requires that one transits, rather, by civilised ways of which that of the elections seems like being the most royal.

    Joram Jojo

    The Steering Committee for the Reform of Public Finances (COREF)

    The Steering Committee for the Reform of Public Finances (COREF), through the Project of Strengthening the Redevelopment and Management of Public Finances (Profit-Congo), through Ms. Flora Dilu in charge of Communication, yesterday, Wednesday, May 23, gave the computer kit to the finance department of the town hall of Selembao. This, in order to channel the revenues of the participatory budget. It is Mr. Fidèle Mpayi Mumpele, Mayor of said commune, who received in hand this computer kit, composed of computers, stabilisers, central units and others. Satisfied and grateful, Mr. Fidèle Mpayi Mumpele thanked, keenly, the Coref for this gesture that will remain engraved in the annals of his municipality. For him, this kit will ensure that the recipes are well channelled. This, before pointing out that it is since four years that the Coref accompanies his commune in the effort of maximising own revenues and encourages it to realize the projects with visible impact wanted by the population itself.

    It was also an opportunity to evaluate the participatory budget for the first quarter of this year 2018. Thus, the Bourgmestre de Selembao suggested that for this year, the budget of the municipality in own revenue is estimated at 107,695 .613 CDF or 28 million participatory budget representing 25% of own revenue. The projects selected for this year are, among others, the construction of a municipal market, the construction of a vocational training center and the fight against erosion. In the first quarter, the municipality realized 17,681,800 CDF on the forecast of 30,000,000 CDF, or 58.92%. These achievements being weak, according to him, he mentioned that it is impossible to realize the projects with the 25% of the receipts due, ie 4,420,470CDF. With this amount, in the first quarter, the municipality fought against erosions in Kingu and Ngafani neighborhoods.

    For the second quarter, the erosion attack is planned in the Mandiata district. He also reported that with the retrocession received once in the first quarter, construction work began on the Ndobe Ward office, which is half completed. “The participatory budgeting process is going well. This is justified by the frank collaboration between civil society actors and state actors, “he said.

    For his part, the Deputy Mayor gave the achievements of each service. For example, for the tax on display, the credit was 67 million and in the first quarter, the assignments were 16 million. Of this amount, the achievement is 13,577,000, or 80%. For the litigation department, the assignment was 1,044,000, or 261,000 for the first quarter. This service only made 20,000 CDFs. In the civil registry, out of a forecast of 3,138,000, it realised 876,000, or 27%. This $ 17 million has been subdivided into four, bringing the achievements to $ 4 million for the participatory budget. To the question of the causes of the low rate of implementation, the mayor informed that there are some chiefs of services that were not up to the, among others, the habitat service. For David Nsingi Matumona, head of the Ndobe district, they face a number of difficulties, including lack of running costs, water and electricity, and insecurity. Reason why, he launched a S.O.S with the authorities to multiply the offices of the Congolese National Police to deal with this growing insecurity. Took part in this activity, the Heads of Generating Services of the municipality of Selembao, the members of the communal committee to the participatory budget …

    Joram Jojo

    Calling all Congolese Patriots to Unite

    The time has come to make a decisive choice. Today, it is not possible to remain neutral because it is truly our future. We must make a choice, fear the voices of facility, be wary of flattering words and, despite the difficulties, remain in the path of dignity, maintain the course of true independence and jealously guard each element of our sovereignty . The time has come for all those who are committed to the territorial integrity of our country, so that all those who, like Simon KIMBANGU, believe that the black man, Congolese be it, must work to bloom in a system freedom from anyone; Yes, the moment has come to assert the sovereignty of the DRC. This is the meaning of the call for patriotic unity contained in the analysis, below.


    Once again, the Democratic Republic of Congo is at the crossroads, I would say more, on the edge of the precipice. Depending on whether we go to the left or the right, we will stay on land or we will jump into the void.

    We are indeed at a decisive moment in our history. We are living this kind of special moment when peoples, attracted by contradictory forces, must choose a path.

    There is before the Congolese people; on the one hand, the call of ease, draining its fallacious promises of the tomorrows that sing, the fads presented as unstoppable realities, in short, lies. This trend carried by part of the Congolese political class is actually an initiative of foreign forces eager to dominate our country to seize its wealth. The current rise in commodity prices and hopes that some people have about the promised central role of cobalt in the industries of tomorrow are directly contributing to the increase in the greedy appetite of those who want to resubmit us.

    On the other hand, there is a group driven by a sense of responsibility, patriotism, the dignity of our people and eager to maintain the flame of independence gained at the cost of many sufferings and the blood shed by our martyrs . We continue to denounce the attempt to recolonise our country with a honeyed speech, decorated with democratic values ​​generally accepted by all but hiding a formidable trap. Today, this camp of truth can only promise a path built of effort, strewn with visible difficulties, promises of falls, but ending in happiness deserved at the cost of its own sweat.

    The call of the facility is issued by some strong states, themselves manipulated by money powers using a false ideology they provide through a hyperpuishing international media system. This attraction wants us to believe that it is possible to get out of poverty, to achieve widespread social welfare by submitting to foreign projects. This new bid submission appears wrapped in a silky fabric woven from a speech containing the generally accepted values ​​as the most positive. We are talking about “democracy”. We talk about “human rights”, we talk about “fundamental rights”, we highlight the “rights of the child”, argue about “ecological balance”, and what do I know?

    As many times in our history, these powers take as their allies many elements, more or less, dynamic of our society. People who, just yesterday, strongly affirmed their commitment to the dignity of the Congolese, to the independence of the nation and showed their determination to fight to build in us, a society in which freedom and individual interests would be easily associated. collective, have given up this fight of dignity. Have they lost hope? Did they sell to the highest bidder? The people ask to be enlightened.

    The second way, as we have said, is patriotism, dignity. But wisdom teaches us that dignity is not achieved by submission to anyone. To believe in happiness that comes from others is to walk towards a deep river, blindfolded by a dark cloth.

    Our real opponents, carpet in their castles, in the capitals of the world, put in the mouth of our local competitors, a very elaborate critical speech. They reproach us for not having sufficiently transformed the country in the space of more than a decade. They shout to anyone who wants to hear that the country lives in insecurity. Hypocritically, they denounce a misuse of resources. God knows who, behind all these criticisms, bears the true responsibility for the persistence of our weaknesses. We, too, know who conceived, who organized and followed step by step the difficulties that the great masters of the shadows orchestrated at home during the last decade. The incendiary could not become the firefighter by the magic of the verb. We must remain vigilant.

    As already taught by Patrice-Emery LUMUMBA, Joseph KASA-VUBU and Mzee Laurent-Désiré KABILA, the happiness of the Congolese resides in his desire to maintain his independence and his ability to indulge in a reasoned and assiduous work.

    The offensive that we are currently experiencing and which seems to be carried by some of our own compatriots who come to strengthen African leaders, known for their link of submission to certain powers of money, should not deceive us.

    The political aggression we are experiencing today is nothing more than the repetition of the most pathetic historical moments of the 1960s, during which the colonialists, not content to leave our country, sought to divide it to seize power. these most interesting pieces. Remember that at the time, these conquistadors had found effective allies among us to carry their deceitful speeches.

    Today as yesterday, the Congolese political scene faces, on the one hand, the sellers who, for their personal interests, are ready, to sacrifice the unity of the Congo and the dignity of its inhabitants, and of on the other hand, Congolese, nationalists, humanists, determined to resist and maintain intact the sovereignty of the Nation.

    The time has come to make a decisive choice. Today, it is not possible to remain neutral because it is truly our future.

    What to do ?

    We must make a choice, fear the voices of facility, be wary of flattering words and, despite the difficulties, remain in the path of dignity, maintain the course of true independence and jealously guard each element of our sovereignty .

    The time has come for all those who are committed to the territorial integrity of our country, so that all those who, like Simon KIMBANGU, believe that the black man, Congolese be it, must work to bloom in a system freedom from anyone; Yes, the moment has come to assert the sovereignty of the DRC.

    Today the antithesis of a peaceful, united and prosperous Democratic Republic of Congo is embodied by Rwandan President Paul Kagame. This man shows himself incapable of abandoning his will to see our country disintegrate or submit to his will. His political project is to make the Democratic Republic of Congo disappear from the world map.

    The fact that his first attempt to control our country in 1997 failed with the patriotic vigilance of Mzee Laurent Désiré Kabila, that his second attempt, under cover of the RCD, was defeated by the will of the Congolese, regardless of their ethnicity , to remain united, that the third blow through the CNDP has stumbled against the resistance of the Congolese and that he suffered, during the last attempt, a stinging defeat through the debacle of the M23, does not discourage him yet? This should constitute for us the basis of a true defense doctrine.

    Indeed, it is in Kigali that is the main relay of the forces that are trying to break up our country to seize its wealth.

    To cope with the immense pressures that lie ahead, all the nationalists, supporters of progress, must join forces in a great political current that can help us cope with this new attempt to subject us to dependency.

    Nationalists, progressives, sovereignists, unite!

    Vedaste KALABU / CP

    Joram Jojo

    Congolese National Football League (Linafoot)

    The highly anticipated shock of the 6th day of play-off of the 23rd edition of the National Football League (Linafoot), opposing the As Vclub to its eternal rival Dcmp, turned yesterday, Thursday, May 31, to the advantage of Dolphin Blacks, who took the game in hand. Vclub won by a score of 2 goals to 1, and still stands at the fifth place behind all the contenders for the title. Starting this Friday, Bana Mbongo’s team is heading to Kindu.

    Fabrice Ngoma Lwamba opened the score 26th minute thanks to a good job by Glody Ngonda who has excelled on her right side of predilection. In the wake, Padou Bompunga has increased the score of a straight away from a corner (32). Dcmp in disarray! It’s the score at halftime. In the restart, Dcmp is far from entering the game. Vclub remained dominant until the 84th minute when Motema Pembe finally reduce the score through Patou Kabangu. By this goal, Dcmp finds a little breath, begins to believe. The last minutes will be fatal for Vclub, obliged to keep his advantage, instead of being surprised by a possible equalization. Thus, the referee whistles the end of the match. Vclub, by this victory, remains on a series of 5 matches without defeat. Especially against Raja Athletic Club of Morocco (0-0), Saint Eloi Lupopo (3-0), Asec Mimosas (3-1) and TP Mazembe (0-0). Moreover, it should be said that the new system of play Florent Ibenge of 4-4-2 with two recovery media is the basis of this performance of the As Vclub, which totals 20 points.

    A bet won for coach Florent Ibenge who expressed his determination on the eve of wanting to win this derby: “if we must be sincere, it is Dcmp who is favorite over us, but our desire is to win the match , and take the three points. We had two good games so far against Dcmp, but without winning. We want to go all the way, and please the fans … “, he said Wednesday at the pre-match conference.

    TP Mazembe defeat Dragons Bilima (1-0)

    In the first match, the Almighty Mazembe won in front of AS Dragons Bilima 1-0, in the match counting for the 12th day, goal of Treasure Likonza in the 36th minute. A very balanced match for the Monsters who deserved even a draw. In any case, all the attempts of Dragons Bilima, who woke up at the last minute, to want to equalize at all costs have remained futile. In the first leg in Lubumbashi, Mazembe won by a score of 5 to 0 in favor of the Ravens. Mazembe takes the lead with 28 points, ahead of Sanga Balende (27 points) with a game late.

    Meanwhile, in Goma, AS Dauphin Noir defeated AS Maniema Union (1-0). Welcome Ndako scored the only goal of the game on a Teji center in the 55th minute. A victory that relieves the Goma team, now in tenth place for a total of 8 points. Kindu’s training, which has traveled badly, must quickly return to his stronghold to receive Vclub Sunday, June 3, at the stadium Joseph Kabila Kabange, on behalf of the third day, game late.

    Here is how the ranking is

    No. Teams PTS GP MG MN MP GF GA GD
    1. Mazembe 28 12 8 3 0 18 2 +16
    2. Sanga Balende 27 11 8 3 0 20 2 +18
    3. Dcmp 23 11 7 2 2 22 6 +16
    4. Lupopo 22 13 6 4 3 17 13 +4
    5. V.Club 20 10 6 1 2 17 6 ​​+11
    6. Maniema Union 15 10 4 3 3 12 10 +2
    7. Don Bosco 11 11 3 2 6 10 16 -6
    8. Ranger 11 11 3 2 6 6 19 -13
    9. Mont Bleu 9 10 2 3 5 9 16 -7
    10. Black Dolphin 8 10 2 2 6 5 16 -11
    11. Dragon 6 12 1 3 8 10 18 -8
    12. Gr Bazano 4 13 0 4 9 6 26 -20

    Joram Jojo

    New Generation for the Emergence of Congo, NOGEC

    In a statement released Thursday, May 31, 2018, the New Generation for the Emergence of Congo, NOGEC, has fixed the opinion about the Black Mass that is preparing against the DRC. In this declaration signed by its president, Mr. Constant Mutamba, this political group calls on all sections of the Congolese population to mobilise in order to fight against the country’s planned balkanization in order to promote a good holding of the elections on December 23rd. 2018. Already, to curb all the controversies that prevail within the political class concerning the use of the voting machine, the NOGEC asks the Independent National Electoral Commission, CENI, to submit its innovation to a counter -experienced expertise.

    Through its position on the political situation and the electoral process, the NOGEC underlines its concern about what it sees as the war of communiques between the Congolese authorities and those of the neighbouring countries, in this case Rwanda and Angola. Driven by the desire to see the Congolese go to the polls in a peaceful way, this party that wants renewal does not recommend, for this purpose, all the countries that are currently in contact with France, duly with Emmanuel Macron, to destabilise the DRC Congo, an initiative that would sacrifice the accelerated preparations for general elections. At the same time, he also invites the caciques of the presidential majority, the political opposition, civil society and religious denominations to work together to counter these alleged threats which, in the belief of this declaration, become more and more, suspicious. Moreover, as a matter of urgency, the NOGEC calls particularly Moses Katumbi to make a responsible and reassuring update on the latest rumours that relate to its relationship with armed groups that seek to harm the Greater Congo. This, especially as “compromising the conduct of future elections would plunge the country into serious uncertainty.”

    For this political grouping, at the moment we are going, on a daily basis, towards the said electoral contests, it is a question of sweeping away all the hiccups that might stumble or discredit the elections. In this sense, it offers the trail of a certain certification of the voting machine in order to crush all the discordance within the political class and to allow an organisation of the electoral challenges credible, free, transparent and appeased. At the same time, he invites the CENI as well as Corneille Nangaa, its president, to popularise the electoral file recently audited by the experts of the International Organisation of the Francophone, OIF, in order to limit, by ricochet, all the polemics on any the delegation or independence of the delegation departing from its audit process.

    In addition, the NOGEC asks the United Nations, UN, to seize the controversy on the partition of DRC Congo and thus condemn any attitude likely to plunge the country into a new cycle of violence.

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