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    Joram Jojo

    An extraordinary plenary session chaired by Joseph OLENGHANKOY MUKUNDJI

    Every member of the government must behave like a statesman. He is therefore bound to the duty of reserve. In addition, he can not propagate subliminal words that border the opinion ”. This is the position of the National Monitoring Committee of the Agreement and the Electoral Process, meeting yesterday, Wednesday, May 30, 2018, in extraordinary plenary session under the leadership of Mr. Joseph OLENGHANKOY MUKUNDJI, its President. Allusion made here to the invective better, the discourteous remarks made to the CNSA by some members of the government. Moreover, in the name of the Rassemblement, they have arrogated to themselves the right to “dismiss” Mr. Joseph OLENGHANKOY from his office as Chairman of the Committee of Wise Men. And, as a logical next step in their putschist scheme, Olenghankoy should lose his position as president of the CNSA.

    In view of the foregoing, it should be pointed out that Congolese internally and externally do not need to live such scenarios as the Congo is starting the last one. turn to the convocation of the electoral body that will set the scene for the organization of elections, December 23, 2018.

    But beyond that, the CNSA did not just have it as a subject for debate, it also had on its agenda the hearing of the report of the Honorable Lumanu Bwana N’Sefu, concerning the communication of the office which consisted of to return the mission entrusted to the Vice-President, Professor Lumanu to meet, in his capacity as Vice-President in charge of Relations with the other Institutions, the Government institution to try to harmonize the views concerning the holding next tripartite.

    Below, the full press release read by Valentin Vangi Ndungi, Rapporteur.

    Press release

    The National Committee for the Follow-up to the Agreement and the Electoral Process (CNSA), met on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, in an extraordinary plenary session chaired by Mr. Joseph OLENGHANKOY MUKUNDJI, its president.

    There was only one item on the agenda, namely: the Bureau’s Communication, which consisted in restoring the mission entrusted to the Vice-President, Professor Lumanu, by the Plenary to meet, in his capacity as Vice- President in charge of Relations with other institutions the government to try to harmonize the views regarding the upcoming CNSA -Government-CENI tripartite.

    After debate and deliberation, the members authorized the plenary of the presidents to take part in the consultation meeting that will take place shortly under the chairmanship of the honorable President of the National Assembly to discuss, consult on the problem of voting Congolese from abroad. Afterwards, this matter will be paid to the plenary and will adopt a position that will be made to the tripartite.

    CNSA members also expressed their indignation over remarks made yesterday by a member of the government against the CNSA president. However, members of the government were sworn in and must refrain from any activity contrary to the dignity of their office. And as you know, between institutions, there is the respect that must prevail and we can not allow a member of the government to make abusive remarks about the CNSA president. For example, CNSA members recommended that a detailed report be made and communicated to the right person.

    Done at Kinshasa, May 30, 2018

    Valentin Vangi Ndungi


    Joram Jojo

    DRC to Launch Access to satellite TV for 10,000 African villages

    On June 2, 2018, the Democratic Republic of Congo will launch the project “Access to satellite TV for 10,000 African villages”. This project aims to bring satellite television to remote areas of Africa, as well as to DRC Congo, in particular. China has thus come to the rescue of 500 villages in the Congolese territory through the leading operator of digital television in Africa, namely: StarTimes, which is already well enough armed for the execution of this life-saving mission in terms of access to digital TV for disconnected families so far. The official launch of this project will take place this Saturday, June 2, 2018 at Pullman Hotel Kinshasa.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech on 4 December 2015, in his opening speech at the Johannesburg Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, is being implemented. The Chinese head of state announced that China would implement a project of access to satellite television in ten thousand African villages. The time, indeed, to take action has come. This Saturday, June 2, 2018, the said project which is part of the Sino-African cooperation will have to be launched for its effectiveness. The ceremony will take place at Pullman Hotel in Kinshasa, in the presence of members of the Government of the DR. Congo including Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala and the Minister of Communication and Media, Lambert Mende Omalanga. Chinese Ambassador in DRC Congo will take part in this activity, to which the top executives of the Startimes group as well as symbolic figures from both the socio-political and economic world will also be present.

    Noble project

    During the press conference held by the Communications Officer of Startimes yesterday, Wednesday, May 30, 2018, in the presence of the number one of this commercial company in charge of the execution of this program, the benefits of this project have been dissected, in length and wide. All of the projects are aimed at enabling every family in rural areas to access a digital signal with high quality images and rich and varied programs. In doing so, it will enable rural African families to access information and learn more about the world. For that, it will have to contribute, in fine, to reduce what the UNDP names the “Digital Fracture” and will favor the socio-economic development of Africa.

    Pragmatic project

    500 villages of the DR. Congo will be equipped in the first phase of the project. Moreover, the Chinese Government will offer each village two StarTimes projectors, a 32-inch digital television, 20 decoders, 23 satellite dishes and three solar power systems. These details are mentioned in the StarTimes press release made public yesterday, Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

    True to its vision of enabling every African family to access and enjoy digital TV, the Startimes Group operates in more than 30 African countries with ten million subscribers. He is today the leading operator of digital television in Africa. Thus, StarTimes has been charged with implementing this project under the leadership of the Chinese and African Governments.

    Joram Jojo

    PPRD DRC Congo

    In crusade for a few days in the Katangan space, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, permanent secretary of the PPRD, does not rest on his laurels.

    As a man on the ground, he has continued to increase contacts with the People’s Party base for Reconstruction and Democracy as well as members of the intelligentsia and, also, those of the notability of Upper Katanga. After a weekend dedicated to these contacts, precisely, the SP of the party dear to President Kabila installed the executive committee of this political party in this province.

    He did it yesterday to the great satisfaction, one learns, of the members of the PPR / Haut Katanga. The committee is headed by Governor Pande Kapopo, assisted by 6 Deputies and heads of different departments and their deputies. This is the outcome of three days of intense negotiations taking into account the local geopolitics and the representativeness of each community in the provincial authorities of the party, according to the will of the National President of the PPRD, Joseph Kabila who, to believe the PPRD communication cell, is due to the national character of the party. “The permanent secretary managed to get everyone to agree,” a communicator said.

    For, adds a nominee in the provincial structures of the PPRD, this state of affairs perfectly illustrates that the internal democracy within the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy works perfectly.


    The main mission of these members of the executive committee is to win the elections and to give the PPRD the posts of Governor, Vice-Governor, President of the Provincial Assembly, … all elected, said Ramazani Shadary who installed the executives at the same time. urban and territorial. Significant financial and logistical means to meet the political challenges were provided.

    Back on a ride

    The permanent secretary of the PPRD, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary carried out Saturday, May 26, a light visit to the Catholic mission of Kapolowe, in the territory of Kambove, 90 km from the city of Lubumbashi. The purpose of this mission was the moral rearmament of the presidential party’s militants and the reassurance of the establishment of the PPRD in the sector of Lufira, a Kisunka group. An agglomeration from where is the current governor of Upper Katanga, Pande Kapopo. Ramazani Shadary was carried there in triumph by the population and the militants of the party, inform his relatives.

    Fishing signed Ramazani Shadary

    It is now a habit for the PPRD to register important memberships in quality and quantity. Before leaving for Upper Katanga and just after the trip to Ecuador, Kinshasa, this party noted the arrival in its ranks of the famous Cardozo Mwamba. Long before the remarkable adhesion of the man of the dime, Cardozo, 1000 people had been carted from the Régideso to the PPRD according to their own will by the CEO of this company. There were other people who subscribed before to join the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy. Indeed, nearly 500 members of the base unit of the Congolese Office of Control, OCC, including agents and executives of this company, had officially joined a certain Friday, April 20 at PPRD. Thus, in this logic where we must sin to strengthen the ranks of the PPRD, Ramazani Shadary did not fail to hit the Upper Katanga. A Bishop, in fact, joined the PPRD in this region. This is Bishop Célestin Ilunga of the Union of Christian Churches and Ministry for Peace in Upper Katanga. From now on, he is in the executive committee which will oversee the representation of this political formation in this region of the country. In addition, the entrance to the party of the president of the Kasaïenne youth in Ex Katanga was noted. The vicissitudes of the Balukat conflicts mentioned in the past would therefore be swept away by this major political and social advance in Lubumbashi.

    ” There will be elections ”

    Faced with the doubts that germinate in the minds about the holding of elections in late December 2018, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary is always reassuring. While opposition leaders are slowly brandishing the demobilisation flags as a result of the uncertainty over the organisation of these games, the PPRD, by its Permanent Secretary, keeps up morale and does not want to to yield to another mermaid, except that of the expression of the people by the ballot box to give power to the politicians. “There will be elections, get ready,” reassures Ramazani Shadary.

    Joram Jojo


    DRC: Seven mining giants threaten to use legal means to protect what they see as acquired rights under the Mining Code of 2002

    Resolution 1515 (XV) of 15/12/1960 on “concerted action for the economic development of the economically underdeveloped countries” by which the UN General Assembly has recommended the respect of the sovereign right of each State of to dispose of its wealth and natural resources, which is the context or principal object of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1803, states that any measure taken in this context must be based on the recognition of the inalienable right any State to freely dispose of its wealth and natural resources, in accordance with its national interests and with respect for the economic independence of States.

    Resolution 1803 of the United Nations General Assembly voted on 14/12/1962 entitled “PERMANENT SOVEREIGNTY ON NATURAL RESOURCES” states, inter alia, that:

    – The right of permanent sovereignty of peoples and nations over their wealth and natural resources must be exercised in the interest of national development and the well-being of the population of the State concerned.

    – The exploration for, the development and disposition of these resources and the importation of foreign capital necessary for these purposes should be in accordance with the rules and conditions which peoples and nations freely regard as necessary or desirable in relation to to authorize, limit or prohibit these activities.

    – International cooperation for the economic development of developing countries, whether in the form of public or private capital investment, trade in goods or services, technical assistance or data exchange scientists, must foster independent national development of these countries and be based on respect for their sovereignty over their wealth and natural resources.

    – The violation of the sovereign rights of peoples and nations over their wealth and natural resources runs counter to the spirit and principles of the United Nations Charter and hampers the development of international cooperation and peacekeeping .

    Despite the will of the United Nations General Assembly in the operative part of Resolution 1803, it must be recognized that a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly is a text that has no value binding legal basis. Only United Nations Security Council Resolutions have a legally binding character.

    However, it should be noted that the SOVEREIGNTY mentioned in Resolution 1803 belongs to the people who entrust the exercise to the Congolese State (through its elected representatives), in accordance with Article 9 of the Constitution which states that: “The State exerts a PERMANENT SOVEREIGNTY in particular, on the soil, the subsoil, the waters, and the forests, the airspace, maritime, lacustrine and fluvial, the Congolese territorial sea, the continental shelf.

    The terms of management and concession are determined by a law “(Law N ° 18/001 of 09 March 2018 amending and supplementing Law No. 007/2002 of 11 July 2002 on the MINING CODE voted by both chambers of Parliament and promulgated by the Head of State).

    This Article 9 of the Constitution of 18/02/2006 is an innovation and a strong will expressed and supported during the constitutional referendum held on 18 and 19 December 2005 by the original holder of power, namely, the Congolese people.

    It is therefore enshrined in Congolese law to regulate the exploitation of our natural resources.


    -National Deputy and Vice-President of the Commission in charge of External Relations;

    -Consultant in CSR and Sustainable Development

    Joram Jojo

    Congolese political class prepares for the elections

    As the entire Congolese political class prepares for the elections of December 23, 2018, the Congress of Democrats for Social Progress ” CDPS ” is ready. This was stated by his Deputy National Secretary for External Relations, Kabeya N’kashama-Mutoke: “At the level of the Congress of Democrats for Social Progress (CDPS), we are preparing for these elections without ulterior motives in order to not to give pretexts to the Presidential Majority. “.

    As for the non-holding of the polls scheduled for December, and the slide that could, moreover, allow Joseph Kabila to remain in power, the National Secretary for the CDPS does not think of other than to ” leave a personality neutral conduct a short transition-oriented elections ”.

    At the time of the preparations for the elections, the entire Congolese political class began to smell to embrace the unexpected event of all.

    For the CENI, electoral body, the voting machine would, no doubt, be an ideal tool to serve any Congolese citizen to vote in good and due form.

    But for some, opponents and civil society, this is the delaying tactics of the government in place to delay the electoral process.

    In his view, the CDPS, through N’Kashama-Mutoke, disagrees with the electronic vote: “The use of electronic voting is part of the maneuver. Either to cheat in the next election, or to delay the holding of elections, “he said.

    The CDPS opposes this system, given the energy problems throughout the country and the lack of education and training of the people, “The electoral calendar nowhere provides for the use of voting electronic, ‘he says.

    To stand for election in December, the CDPS has, in the foreground, the candidacy of its national president, François-Xavier Beltchika, in the presidential election.

    This is the high point for the country, we are expecting elections in December 2018, otherwise, it is the transition without Kabila.

    But already, “the CDPS militates for a new leadership in the DRC”, expressed, finally, N’Kashama-Mutoke.

    Joram Jojo

    The Belgian colonialists now want the creation in the Congo of several republics

    Speech of Patrice Emery Lumumba addressed to the “people of the High”, that is to say, of the Eastern Province, March 5, 1959, published by Lushima Djunga for the Balkanizers of North Kivu who want the division of their province

    During the colonization, the “people of the Low” hear the Bakongo considered that they were more civilized than the other ethnic groups of Congo for having been for a long time in contact with the Whites who had self-proclaimed “Civilizers”. Therefore, they demanded the independence of the Republic of Bas-Congo only for the “people of the Low” and not for the “people of the High”, because they said, the “people of the High”, it is that is to say, the nationals of the Eastern Province were still primitive and that the “people of the Low” could not claim independence for the “people of the High” and die in their stead. The radicalization by the “people below” of this speech after the riots of January 4, 1959 had caused much concern among the “people of the High”.

    Faced with this concern, the “people of the High” have invited, P.E. Lumumba, President of the MNC to better enlighten them on the fate that would be reserved for them after the proclamation of the Republic of Bas-Congo. The meeting took place in the parcel of Victor Nendaka located on Kitega Street n ° 137, in the Kinshasa Commune, on March 5, 1959 in the presence of several personalities of the Province Orientale. Taking the map of the Congo in his hands, Patrice Emery Lumumba, a political animal petrified by the Cultural Associations of Orientale Province, the most important of which was the Association of Evolutes of Stanleyville (AES), pronounced according to Wunga Damase Robert, Head of Personnel Service at the Concordia printing press in Leopoldville, today Kinshasa, a brilliant speech in Swahili that calmed the spirits of the “people of the High” and gave them hope. Here is an excerpt:

    “The phenomenal success achieved by the MNC since its historic release here in Leopoldville on December 28, 1958 gives insomnia to colonialists and Catholic clergy. All are afraid of losing their privileges and swear on the bursting and disappearance of the MNC. To fight the MNC, they support the proliferation of political parties of clan or tribal inspiration and the balkanization of the Congo. The Belgian colonialists now want the creation in the Congo of several republics with the head of which they would place wrestlers and their straw men that they can manipulate at will to perpetuate in all peace their regime of exploitation of man by man which is the shame of the 20th century. The happiness of Congo and Congolese will be built only by the Congolese themselves and not by the Belgian Colonialists who protect only their interests.

    The stigmatization of the Congolese in terms such as the “people of the High” and the “people of the Low”, introduced into the Congolese culture by the champions of the policy of “divide and conquer” must be removed from the Congolese vocabulary. All Congolese without distinction aspire to independence and want to end 80 years of oppression and humiliation during which they did not drink and eat like animals in an enclosure that the colonialist wanted at times set by him .

    There will be no independence for the “people of the Low” or for the “people of the High”. There is no foreigner in Congo among the “people of the High” and the “people of the Bas”, they are all Congolese and belong to the same country. No Congolese still want to live as a slave and a foreigner in his country, the Congo. The era of superior races that must dominate others is over. All human beings are equal before the Creator and have the same blood. If there is a difference, it comes from the formation of man, the rest is distraction and mystification.

    The MNC will oppose with all its might the balkanization of the Congo, our very dear country bequeathed by our ancestors and the common heritage of all the Congolese. He claims and will continue to demand immediate and total independence for all Congo and all Congolese. The Congo remains and will remain one and indivisible around its majestic river Congo, blessed gift of God which constitutes its spine and the symbol of the unity of the Congo and all the Congolese from East to West and from North to South to which converge waters that proudly collects from all corners of the country. It is this unity that will make the Congo after its independence a greater and more beautiful country, a powerful and prosperous nation that will be the locomotive of the liberation of all Africa from the colonial yoke.

    The greatest wealth of this country lies in its population, in its exceptional cultural heritage endowed with extraordinary beauties, in its fauna and flora. No region of the Congo, whatever it is, could hope to become prosperous by isolating itself from the rest of the country. History shows us that all the great nations of the world are those that have a large population and a large area. The Congo must rejoice to have an intelligent and dynamic youth like other youths of the world. All Congolese must be proud to belong to one of the largest nations in Africa. They must be uninhibited before the Belgian colonialists and defend their dignity as a Black man “.

    Because of this speech, the MNC was forced to leave the headquarters of the party located on Popokabaka Street No. 22 in the Commune of Dendale, today Kasa-Vubu, stronghold of Abako, following the incidents caused by the Abakists , very hostile to Lumumba’s success in Leopoldville. The party opened its new headquarters on Rue Kalembelembe No. 112 in the Kinshasa Commune on March 28, 1959. At the instigation of Fr Joseph Malula, the MNC was split on July 16, 1959 into two wings: one MNC Ileo, called wing of the moderates and the other MNC Lumumba, called wing of the radicals. The MNC Ileo was replaced by the MNC Kalonji at the closing of the Congress of MNC Ileo held in Elisabethville, today Lubumbashi, from October 31 to November 5, 1959. It should be noted that Mr. Albert Kalonji has never been co-founder of MNC created on October 10, 1958 while he was in Luluabourg, today Kananga. The MNC Lumumba created on July 17, 1959 with the support of the nationals of Orientale Province had won 55 out of 61 seats in elections held in Stanleyville in December 1959 while Lumumba was in prison. He had won again the very bad elections organised in May 1960 by the Belgian Colonialists who had used all the necessary means to prevent Lumumba from coming to power, but to no avail.

    Joram Jojo

    President João Lourenço Wants to Sell Congo to Colonisers

    President João Lourenço’s press conference in France

    Thank you very much President Emmanuel Macron.

    I would first like to thank the fact that in the recent past, having received me in this palace of the Elysee, in my condition, still candidate for presidential elections. There are not many who have this privilege, so I consider this a great signal of confidence and as a reward, we decided to choose France as the first country in the European Union to visit officially.

    We strive with France to establish a genuine strategic partnership, we aim to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation in all fields, with a focus on education, culture, politics, defense and security and, of course, in all this, in economic and business relations, to encourage private French entrepreneurs to invest in Angola and to motivate those in Angola to invest in France.

    We thank you that you have created the opportunity for the members of my Government and the delegation of contractors who are here with us – it is not a large delegation, but it is expressive – so they have had this afternoon the opportunity to meet and work with at least 80 of the major public and private companies in France.

    We also thank you for the opportunity that you have created for us, while being in the program of the visit, in some very important institutions, such as UNESCO, that we had the opportunity to visit this morning, the Lyceum Polytechnic , which impressed us a lot with the level of scientific research that is being produced there, whether it’s the public companies, whether it’s in the aeronautics field, but especially in the field of agriculture and livestock that we would have the opportunity to visit tomorrow (today) in the city of Toulouse.

    Therefore, we want to reaffirm, here, the willingness of Angola to shrink our relations more and more, the fact of having also expressed the interest of being a member, in one way or another – or as an observer or as a full member of the International Organization of La Francophonie for an important role that this organization plays in the world, but in particular in our continent.

    So, once again, thank you, President Emmanuel Macron, we will do everything, so that we can implement the important agreements we have just signed here, that these agreements can not remain in the scriptures. but they reflect, in fact, projects that will help the development of our countries, in the interest of Angolans and French.

    Everything is in the hands of the political power in Kinshasa.

    The DRC is a country with nearly one hundred million inhabitants and borders at least nine African countries. This is to say that none of us want to see the instability in the DRC, taking into account the consequences that may occur in this whole region, for the Central African Region, for the Great Lakes Region and even for the SADC Region, knowing that the DRC is a full member of SADC.

    It’s not about someone saying ” President Kabila has to leave ”, in fact nobody has the right to do so, it’s a problem that the Congolese people must solve themselves, especially voters only in the polls will have to express their will to elect the President that they will be able to judge the best, the most adequate, for the new political stage which comes there.

    What is happening is that there was an agreement between the Government and the Opposition, which had the mediation of the Church – we will say, had the blessing of the Church and all that is blessed, must to be respected. And what we are doing up to now and when I say that we are not only the President of Rwanda and the President of Angola – but in general, the Heads of State who chair the Regional Organizations who are around the DRC, President Paul Kagame, for the reason that you know, is currently President of the African Union. I, not only, in my capacity as the Head of State of a country and President of the Body of Politics, Defense and Security of SADC. President Sassou Nguesso as a neighbor, on the one hand, but also as President of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region. President Ali Bongo in his capacity as President of the Economic Commission of Central African States and President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his capacity as President of SADC. We all – not just both – I repeat, Angola and Rwanda, but we all talk, among us regularly about the future of the DRC, we always speak with himself, President Joseph Kabila on the future of his country.

    It is very clear that we must understand here, we do not pretend to intervene in the internal subjects of this country; we only advise, so we show the right way, that it is for the Congolese, that it is for us the neighboring countries, the respect of the Agreements of New Sylvestre, which say that there must be the elections – which, Moreover, already scheduled for December 23 of this year – and also they say, among other things, that the current President should not apply and political power must release political prisoners, even to create a favorable environment for the holding of elections ; because this question is not only the elections but, the elections must take place in a good political climate, the reconciliation with all, the Civil Society, the Church and that these elections must be accepted by the International Community, because to make elections, we can do it even tomorrow, but if nobody recognizes it, we win nothing at all.

    That is why we regularly advise President Kabila to follow this path; a council is not an obligation, he is better placed, whether he will accept our advice or not. What is obvious, if he does not accept our advice, we can not pressure him one way or another; it is he who has the ultimate decision in his hands to hold credible elections or not, it is the political power of Kinshasa.

    We do not want after December, we start to deplore and say that the elections were conducted in a climate that is not satisfactory to the vast majority and then it could cause the climate of instability in this country and we all will suffer for that. So we think we have the right to protect ourselves. We do not want any confusion in our borders, but far from it, that Kinshasa could interpret the statements made by President Emmanuel Macron that there was nothing wrong with it.

    Let’s say that the conversations between President Kagame and President Joao Lourenço are not done in secret, were made at the summits at which we meet and the only subject that we are dealing with which concerns the DRC, there is no conspiracy; On the contrary, there is a need to show President Kabila that he must respect the New Year’s Eve Agreements. President Kabila will have a meeting with me in Luanda, in the coming days, we hope that this can be achieved, as we will continue to speak until the elections occur and we can congratulate the winner. Thank you very much.

    Joram Jojo

    Jean-Jacques Bemba , Brother of Jean-Pierre Bemba

    Political framework perfectly mastering all the cells of the movement to power, Jean-Jacques Bemba, since it is, in fact, of him, opposes, from the outset, any plot against the homeland of Lumumba, via interference with issues specific to DR Congo and Congolese by France, Rwanda or Angola. Already, he points out that the Congolese people, the one who managed to obtain independence, at the price of blood in 1960, will not let it go. Brother of Jean-Pierre Bemba whose fate will be known today at the level of the ICC, this senior executive of the PM reassures that the Greater Congo will indeed have elections worthy of its rank, according to the calendar of the National Electoral Commission Independent, CENI. According to him, there are no Utopias to live on the issues related to the possibility of a third term of the current Head of State, Joseph Kabila. Especially since the President of the Republic will respect the Constitution of the Republic. Which means, he explains, that he will not seek a third successive term. Moreover, he adds, Joseph Kabila has never asked for a third term. In the process, he said that the MP, his platform, will indeed have his candidate in the next election, which, he says, will be won at all levels. Read, below, the content of the words of Jean-Jacques Bemba during his interview conducted yesterday, Thursday, June 7,  By Corneille Lubaki.

    Corneille Lubaki: How do you react to the statements of some countries including France, Belgium, Angola and Rwanda who say they are ready to take necessary measures in case the elections are not organised in the DRC on December 23 and that the President of the Republic, head of the MP, was trying to represent himself as a candidate?

    Jean-Jacques Bemba: I would like to say that we are a sovereign country. The President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila, has often recalled that the elections, it is a question of sovereignty of our country. He asks the Congolese people to appropriate this sovereignty and their right of self-determination. Everything that goes on outside, I already saw it at the time of Mobutu. It’s really the ” review ” of a movie. That is to say, we repeat what has already happened. Foreigners always have the same machines to dominate the Negroes, as they call us. But, they must understand that the times have changed. We, Congolese, we will not let us do, as Lambert Mende [spokesperson of the Government, ed] has so well said. If it’s a plot, they will face the Congolese people. Joseph Kabila is not the problem. They will have, rather, in front of them the Congolese people. People must stop lying that the population is an accomplice from the outside. As far as the elections are concerned, believe me, they will be organised and financed by the Congolese, according to the latest declarations of the Head of State. We politicians will make these elections take place, but in the Congolese way and not in the manner of others [foreigners].

    Corneille Lubaki: Obviously, nothing reassures that there will be elections this year, to see the controversies surrounding the process long started by the CENI. What do you think ?

    JJB: The elections are organised by humans, of course via the CENI which is an independent institution. That is, there may be a gap between what has been planned and what can be done. But all this can be corrected and organised. That’s why it’s important for Congolese to get together. Moreover, if the elections were not a human work, we should not have had today two agreements, that of the City of the AU and New Year’s Eve, among the priests. If there is a problem today in the electoral process, the Congolese will come together to find necessary solutions. But, that will always be done by the Congolese. It will not be up to foreigners to impose anything on us.

    Corneille Lubaki: Speaking of these hics surrounding the electoral process, voices indict the MP in these manoeuvres as to say that the political family of the Head of State wants to delay the organisation of the elections for the President of the Republic to reinstate?

    JJB: let’s be serious! We are in the third election cycle. We learn and innovate every day. That’s why there is this time the voting machine. We all know what happened in 2006 with Jean-Pierre Bemba and Joseph Kabila, who pulled themselves into the capital after the publication of the results. In 2011, remember, Joseph Kabila wins the election but there is another challenger who, boycotted the official results, allowed himself to take an oath in front of his family. We would like all this to end. We are in the third cycle, we are evolving, we are innovating, the CENI will do a better job than the two previous ones. And, it’s easy to say that it is the Majority [which is at the base of the delay in the process, ed] because it is the MP who directs. We endorse that. But, like any human work, there are always errors and discrepancies compared to forecasts. We are not going to repeat all that has been unforeseen and unforeseen so that elections do not take place in time. War history, M23, etc. But, these are facts and realities that must be assumed. We are from the MP; and we assume them. But believe me, when we go to the elections, the MP, in the end, will win. Do not be fooled, looking at everything the opposition is doing today, it is not at all ready. We are in power and we have the means of our actions.

    Corneille Lubaki: The Voting Machine is at the centre of controversy in opinion, except at the MP. What does the support of the Majority for the CENI hide from this technology decried by all?

    JJB: The voting machine is at the centre of controversy simply because it does not help some people. We want to go to the elections. And do not forget that the New Year’s Eve agreement allows the CENI to find the best ways to promote the rapid holding of elections. This is how the CENI innovated with the voting machine. We are not the lawyers of the CENI but we are convinced by these machines because we are responsible. And this, especially since these machines are not manufactured in a low-floor factory but abroad by a company recognised in this field.

    Corneille Lubaki: What do you say about the possibility of the candidacy of the Head of State for the presidential election next December?

    JJB: Kabila is a legalist. Do not forget the AU and New Year’s Eve agreements that forbid Kabila to run for a third consecutive term. When we try to kill Joseph Kabila, it is only bad faith and a lack of respect for the President of the Republic because he is a man of his word. He and the Constitution are linked and it is this constitution that prohibits him from running for a third term. Why say that Kabila will be a candidate or that the MP will introduce him as his candidate? Joseph Kabila can not be a candidate. He can not disappoint this issue for which he fought in 2006. So, he will respect this constitution which forbids him a third successive mandate.

    Corneille Lubaki: The majority wields a thesis that the Head of State would still be eligible?

    JJB: Everyone is free to think. But remember, Joseph has not had a spokesperson since Kudura Kasongo left. Which means that, as long as Joseph Kabila did not come to ask for a third term, we must consider that everyone is thinking scientifically especially that we are in a democracy. But, the Head of State has never said that, let alone a spokesman.

    Corneille Lubaki: If the President simply declares that he will not be a candidate, will not all the controversies be stopped?

    JJB: It’s to please the opposition and the outsiders who want to lead our country. Kabila has his agenda, Kabila is free, he can do it one or two months before the elections. Especially since there is no text that states that before the submission of candidatures, the President of the Republic is obliged to decide. Moreover, it is only strategic. Remember that we created our grouping. And article 2 of our charter says that we will support Majority candidates. So, even if we say it today or tomorrow, our candidate will be supported by the Majority. We will never play the game of the outside and the opposition who want Kabila to speak out. Already, I invite the population to always trust the President of the Republic. The people must not back down by letting the foreigners manipulate us. Because, these outsiders want us to be subject to them to continue to plunder our minerals and we do not develop.

    Joram Jojo

    The Maiko National Park, in Lubero territory

    The Synergy of the local environmental non-governmental organizations denounces, in a press release n ° 001 / SYN / ONG-PE / 2018 published on June 1st, the systematic destruction of the fauna, the wild flora and the other natural resources in the landscape of the Maiko National Park, in Lubero territory. In these exhaustive lines, this synergy member of the environmental civil society of North Kivu documented one after the other, the revolting acts of serious violation of the law n ° 14/003 of February 11, 2014, relative to the conservation of the nature in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    In appendix, all the signatures of the coordinators, directors or secretaries of these local NGOs of protection of the environment. Remaining in the spirit of solidarity that states that unity is strength, the executives of this synergy working in the province of North Kivu, have spoken out, the systematic denunciation of the environment they have sworn to protect.

    To do this, they approached, as the will, the entire provincial government body, passing through the Director General of the Congolese Institute of Nature Conservation to finally reach all layers of the population of this part of the country.

    The Governor of North Kivu to intervene to save the little remaining forest ecosystems in the landscape of Maïko, North / Manguredjipa sector for the benefit of future generations.

    To the Minister of the Environment of North Kivu, to define the concrete measures of regulation of the activities of hunting in the sector of Bapère but also, to support the effective installation of posts of patrol of Eco-gardes of the NCC in their former locations for good monitoring of the Park and riparian areas.

    To the ICCN Director General, to get involved in the immediate resolution of the operational difficulties in the northern sector of the Maiko National Park with a view to adequately protecting the wild fauna and flora species at all stages of the their biological cycle in the landscape, not forgetting to look in particular at other parks, also threatened by armed groups in the east of the country; in this case, the Virunga National Park.

    To the officer of the public prosecutor’s office, the synergy of the local environmental protection NGOs calls for the search and arrest of all the bearers of weapons, authors of the large-scale poaching in Manguredjipa and its surroundings in the Maiko landscape to discourage these actions.

    In addition to the Bapère Sector Chief and the NGOs of the environmental civil society, this synergy has finally turned to the population of the layers, while asking him to be vigilant and to denounce all the predators of the ecosystems, by preserving the consumption of prohibited products including fresh meat and smoked at the risk of being contaminated by the virus that fears everyone for a period of time throughout the territorial territory of Ebola.

    Joram Jojo

    The Kasa-Vubu Rally

    Finally, and despite repeated protests and cruelty by some members of the Council of Wise Men, the Rally of Political and Social Forces acquired by the Change / Kasa-Vubu wing has turned into a real electoral platform. Filled with a great ambition to win the most positions in the polls of December 23, 27 political parties from this same meeting were found in the need to settle into a political electoral group. Despite the absence of the Udps / Tshibala on this list which, moreover, remains open to all, Joseph Olenghankoy intends to rush, without remorse, to the electoral process.

    While some members of the Rassemblement have already taken the option of forming and integrating different electoral platforms for the coming deadlines like a wind to decorate the oxen, Joseph Olenghankoy Mukundji, as president of the Council of Elders of the Rassemblement has signed an official document listing the political parties that are members of this mega-platform, including the Innovative Forces for Union and Solidarity (FONUS), its own political party.

    As if to firmly ensure that the political game has really begun and that all other political parties, associations and even personalities eager to win seats in the next elections, certainly will not be wrong address.

    The only black spot quite easily noticeable in this electoral megastructure is the disturbing but no less surprising void of Bruno Tshibala, the moral authority of the UDPS, at least the one he directs. He, who should normally appear on this list as a member and spokesperson of the Gathering, finds himself strangely in the Common Front for Congo, the superstructure grouping the members of the Government of National Union which is, however, the emanation of the rally / Kasavubu.

    A malicious deal or a false bond?

    The tense atmosphere between the Prime Minister and the President of the CNSA is far from touching on the possibility of communion. This jeopardizes the integrity and even the notoriety, if it still exists, of Rassop in its hard wing of Kasa-Vubu. What is certain is that no one seems to want to drag their feet to just 6 months of the big night eschatology.

    On this list of political parties comprising the Rally / Kasa-Vubu: Joseph Olenghankoy’s Innovative Forces for Union and Solidarity (FONUS), Simon Molenge Mokensombo’s Union of Liberals Acquired for Change (Unilac), the Movement Christian Democrat (MDC) with Bishop Okundji Marcel, Union of Christian Democrats and Socialists (UDCS) of Boba Kiyeka, African Labor Democratic Party (PDTA) with Mbuya Mbayo Jean-Marie, Dynamite Patriotes Militants (DPM) of Kumbu Kisaka, the Political Alliance of Kasavubists (APKA) led by Baseya Ndombe Pierre, the Party for the Unity and Safeguard of the Integrity of Congo (PUSIC) of Pimbu Robert, the Congolese Succession Forces (FRC) led hands of Mabanza Charles, the Union of Congolese Nationalist Patriots (UPNAC) of Malasi Ngandu, and the National Party of Renewal for Development (PNRD) with Kutumisa Bahaluka Kyota.

    Not only, but also: Bernard Beya’s National Convention for the Republic and Progress (CNRP), Daniel Ngandu’s Christian Convergence (COC), Independent Mobutist Front (IMF) led by Kihunga Kasongo Mathieu, Liberal Democrat Party (PDEL) ) managed by Badibanga Honore, Union of Liberals for Democracy (ULD) Katebe Katoto, Democratic Right of the DRC (DP / DRC Lumuna Ndubu Jerome, Christian Dynamics for a New Congo (DCCN) coordinated by Dona Kabamba, Democratic Party and Social Affairs (PADES) by Godé Mantabel Yob Mitsha, National Union of Nationalists (UNANA) by Willy Mishiki, Camp of the Congolese Fatherland (CPC) of Jean-Claude Mboma, Party of Democrats for the Renovation of the Republic (PADER) of Modeste Eboma , Congolese National Consciousness for Action and Work (CONACAT) led by Etienne Kisumba, Rally of Independents (RI) of Yafali Milambo, Union of Democratic Resistance Congolese (URDEC) led by Mulonda Kabovu, LIBERA Congress (CL) of Kezi Dindanda, and the Collective of Federal Democrats (DFC) led by André Liwa Mandula.

    Joram Jojo

    President Joseph Kabila has appointed new leaders of the national judiciary

    The President of the Republic Joseph Kabila has appointed new leaders of the national judiciary. It is in the context of the reform of the judicial system of the country and the completion of the break-up of the Supreme Court of Justice that the Head of State signed a series of ordinances on Monday, June 11, appointing the new Prosecutor General of the Republic Flory Kabange Numbi as Attorney General at the Court of Cessation, former former President of the former Supreme Court of Justice, Jerome Kitoko Kimpele as President of the Court of Cessation. For his part, Professor Felix Vunduawe Te Pemako will occupy the seat of President of the Council of State. Also, the moral authority of the FCC has proceeded to the appointment of the first attorneys general and lawyers to the Constitutional Court. The following lines reproduce the seven judicial organisation orders initiated by the Head of State.

    The President of the Republic orders: Article 1: Is appointed Attorney General near the constitutional Mr. MUNGA NYAMAKWEYI Emmanuel. Article 2: All previous provisions contrary to this order are hereby repealed. Article 3: This Ordinance shall enter into force on the date of its signature.

    The President of the Republic orders: Article 1: Are appointed First General Counsel to the Constitutional Criminal Court: – Mr MOKOLA MPIKU, Mr SULU FUMWASHI. Article 2: The following persons are appointed Advocates General at the Constitutional Court: – Mrs MUBELE BOMANA Jeanne, Mr KALAMBAYI TSHIKUKU MUKISHI, Ms BANZA SENGA LENGE Delphine, Mr MUNGA NYAMAKWEYI Emmanuel. Article 3: All previous provisions contrary to this Order are hereby repealed. Article 4: This Ordinance comes into force on the date of its signature.

    The President of the Republic orders: Article 1: Are appointed First General Counsel to the Constitutional Court: M-TULUBAKI SOLO Michel, Mr. MATIYABO MUSA Albert. Article 2: Are appointed Attorneys General to the Constitutional Court: -Mr. NDAKA KABANGE MATANDOMBI, Mr. MOKOLO NKOKESHA Jean-Paul, Mr. BONANEYAKAJIRE, Mrs. MASIALA KASA Marie-Claire. Article 3: Are repealed all previous provisions contrary to this Ordinance. Article 4: This Ordinance comes into force on the date of its signature.


    The President of the Republic orders: Article 1: KITOKO KIMPELE Jérôme is appointed to the post and rank of First President of the Court of Cassation. Article 2: Are repealed, all previous provisions contrary to this Ordinance. Article 3: The President of the Superior Council of Magistracy is responsible for the execution of this order which comes into force on the date of its signature.

    The President of the Republic orders: Article 1: Is appointed to the post and rank of Prosecutor General at the Court of Cessation, Mr. KABANGE NUMBI Flory. Article 2: Are repealed, all previous provisions contrary to this Ordinance. Article 3: The President of the Superior Council of Magistracy is responsible for the execution of this Ordinance which comes into force on the date of its signature.

    The President of the Republic orders: Article 1: Is appointed to the office and the rank of First President of the Council of State, Mr. VUNDUAWE TE PEMAKO Felix. Article 2: Are repealed, all previous provisions contrary to this order. Article 3: The President of the Superior Council of Magistracy is responsible for the execution of this order which comes into force on the date of its signature.

    The President of the Republic orders: Article 1: Is appointed to the office and the rank of Attorney General near the Council of State, Mr MUSHAGALUSA D. Article 2: Are repealed, all previous provisions contrary to this Ordinance. Article 3: The President of the Superior Council of Magistracy is responsible for the execution of this Ordinance which comes into force on the date of its signature.

    Done at Kinshasa, June 11, 2018 Joseph KABILA KABANGE


    Joram Jojo

    The Congolese electoral process

    The Congolese electoral process is willy-nilly. Despite several negative signals and a dangerous destination, the election train continues to advance.
    The Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni) is on this agenda. Applications for provincial legislative applications have been completed. Moreover, the Electoral Central has published, after deliberation, the lists of candidatures provisionally confirmed.

    Since the 25th of July, the candidates for the national legislative and presidential elections have submitted their candidatures. By August 8, these operations will also be completed. Suffice to say that this is the hour of truth, especially for the presidential election.

    Congolese and external partners of the Democratic Republic of Congo remain suspended especially the rare bird that the Presidential Majority will present as presidential candidate of December 23, 2018. There is only less than 10 days for the opinion so much national and international have an idea about the will of the political family of the head of state to subscribe to the democratic alternation or not.
    So it’s the countdown that started for the majority in power.

    As much as we expect to see the good faith of the presidential majority to subscribe to alternation by the presentation of a presidential candidate other than the current head of state, as the regime is expected on the need for political relaxation through facilitation of all the actors, in particular those of the opposition to this electoral process.

    In any case, the Kinshasa regime can no longer shy away from all these angry issues. Having entered the last square leading to the elections, time is its worst enemy.

    Joram Jojo

    Congolese elected president Felix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi

    18 years at the top of Congolese institutions, Joseph Kabila finally goes away. If it is not a myth, at least there is a lot to talk about the end of the Kabila era. Presumably, one page of the story closes; a new page opens. Yes. For the first time in the land of Lumumba, an elected president succeeds his predecessor. He is neither a soldier nor an agent of the Congolese police, Felix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi, now the fifth president of the DR. Congo, has just dislodged Joseph Kabila, military of his state, the Palace of the Congolese Nation. The opponent Martin Fayulu of the LAMUKA coalition rejects the independent judgment of the Court and proclaims himself the winner of the poll held on December 30, 2018. In the leader of the population, a relative calm s’ observes since the sentence of this highest judicial instance of Congo-Kinshasa. South Africa, Tanzania, Burundi and Kenya are the first countries to celebrate the victory of Joseph Kabila’s successor.

    The verdict of the Constitutional Court, as made public, Saturday, January 19, 2019, late at night, thus giving reason to the CENI, had to confirm, as was foreseeable, the coronation of the president of the UDPS and candidate of the political coalition, Cape for Change, Félix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi. Joseph Kabila whose political family, the FCC, has won the majority of seats in the National Assembly of the Congolese Parliament, concedes, in any concord, the presidential chair to his successor elected, in addition to an opponent. According to the almanac of the CENI, as of Tuesday, the leader of the Udps / Tshisekedi is sworn to take the pennant of command of the national institutions.

    Victory honoured

    From Nelson Mandela’s country to the Burundian Republic, via Kenya and Tanzania, messages of sincere congratulations were addressed to the new Congolese Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo. Obviously, so far, it is recorded a silence of the cemetery in the pharmacies of the African Union which, Sunday, January 20, canceled its landing in the Congolese capital which was set for Monday, January 21, after the sentence of the Congolese Constitutional Court, pronounced on the night of Saturday, January 19th.

    The Udps says goodbye to the opposition

    The UDPS, the political party known as the mother of the Congolese opposition, is finally in charge of the res publica in R & D. Congo. For more than three decades, his struggle has been remarkable. Its main historical leader, Etienne Tshisekedi Wa Mulumba who, unfortunately, is no longer of this world since February 1, 2017, can rejoice from the beyond God where he rests in peace, despite the fact that his mortal remains are still not buried in N’sele, in a family plot, in accordance with the memorandum of understanding jointly signed on 21 April 2018 in Kin-plaza. Already, the Secretary General of the party, Jean-Marc Kabund says that the victory that has just snatched the Udps from the tough election competition of Sunday, December 30, 2018 is automatically dedicated to his late President, the Sphinx of Limete, the remainder, biological father of the new tenant of the Palace of the Nation and fifth Congolese Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi.

    Joram Jojo

    Prisoners in Kabare prison plead for the supply of medicine

    Prisoners in Kabare prison plead for the supply of medicine to this prison house.

    These detainees specify that the dispensary has known the lack of drugs since July 2019, a situation which is at the root of the persistence of illnesses in this prison.

    Detainees report that they have recently been victims of several illnesses caused by the poor prison conditions they have been in for several months.

    They cite a disease like scabies which they call “KIBUCHI” in the local language which starts with the feet and spreads to other parts of the body.

    Fearful of the spread of this disease, these inmates ask the provincial government to help them by strengthening the pharmacy at the Kabare prison dispensary before deaths are registered

    Contact on this subject, the provincial Minister of Justice Jospin Bitafanwa rejects this information by specifying that there is a rupture and not a lack of drugs.

    Jospin Bitafanwa adds that with the provincial health division, precautions are being considered to strengthen the Kabare prison dispensary with medication.

    Recall that this detention house has 304 detainees, including 11 women, 5 minors and two infants.

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