Five Congolese wounded by bullets in Bukavu

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    Joram Jojo

    Five Congolese were wounded by bullets on Monday (July 31st) in Bukavu as they demonstrated, at the call of civil society organisations, to demand the publication of the electoral calendar and the holding of elections in 2017.

    According to local sources, several demonstrators from the Independence Square in Bukavu, the starting point for the march, were headed for the CENI provincial office when the police intercepted and dispersed them with tear gas At the place called Red lights.
    Dispersed, some demonstrators organised themselves and began to sit sit in front of the local civil society office. Informed, police forces deployed on the ground arrived there and fired live ammunition to disperse again the demonstrators, according to witnesses.

    According to Jean Chrisostome Kijana, a demonstrator, three people who were at his side during this sit-in were shot. One in the leg and the other two in the head and arm.

    Joram Jojo

    The British military aircraft (Hercules C-130) that landed on Saturday (July 15th) at Goma airport (North Kivu) caused some psychosis at the airport and its surroundings.

    “I can not give you more information. The authorisation of the aircraft we were talking about had a compliance problem. We checked everything. We have already sent him back where he came from. He is no longer here in Goma. There is nothing to fear. We also worked with MONUSCO, “says an airport official from Goma.

    The plane left Goma on Monday, July 17, 2017. When questioned, the sources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledge that the authorisations were transmitted late to the airport authorities of Goma.

    Sources from MONUSCO talk about a routine refueling operation for the UN mission in eastern DRC.

    Joram Jojo

    Initially scheduled for last Saturday, it is finally on Monday that the second working session of the CNSA Olenghankoy will take place at the People’s Palace. And the subjects to be tackled are legions so much the birth of this institution of support to the democracy is done in pain with the rejection of a whole of the political and social forces on the political scene. What about the continuation of the negotiations to resolve the boycott upheld by Kamerhe and the FRC? What about the work of two committees which are expected to draw up, respectively, the Rules of Procedure and the draft budget? Without a doubt, these points will be addressed during the scheduled meeting, except unexpectedly, today at noon. However, although contested, many observers monitor with interest the actions of the National Monitoring Council of the Agreement and are firmly awaiting its assessment of the electoral process, especially during tripartite meetings with the CENI of Nangaa and the Government Brutshi. For the verdict that will emerge on the postponement or not of the elections is more than decisive for the country. Which, with regard to the decided positions, is moving towards uncertain horizons by the end of the current year.

    Unsurprisingly, at this Monday’s meeting, we must not count on the presence of Vital Kamerhe or one of his envoys. And even fewer than one delegate from the Front for Respect for the Constitution. Kamerhe whose position is becoming more and more radical towards the power, certainly does not count come to submit to Olenghankoy. And so far his position not to embark on board this ship seems to share by all his peers of the Opposition Signatory of the Agreement of the City of the African Union some of which are part of the Government of a First Minister removed from the list presented by the same Olenghankoy.


    If, for now, OPSA remains united, the Front is another soap opera. Indeed, a group of the platform dear to the Movement of Liberation of the Congo -MLC- party of the chairman Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo decided not to spit on the post of Vice-president granted to the Front for the Respect of the Constitution. Lumu Ndubu, the leader of this sling, now wants to be at the head of the nationalist wing of this political grouping which would not like the setting up of CNSA encounters problems given the time passing and The imperative of organizing elections in ” the shortest reasonable time ”.

    What about legitimacy?

    Is there a real sling or simply an act of positioning within the Front? To each one draw conclusions. Nevertheless, many of the slingers’ claims are well founded. The problem of the actual beginning of the work of the CNSA remains, indeed, a major concern for more than one Congolese. This democratic support institution is expected to hold the postponement or re-confirmation of the elections before 31 December 2017. But even if this verdict is correct in the light of the texts of the special arrangements and Of the Agreement, Olenghankoy’s rejection and the absence of other components around the table, sully the inclusiveness and legitimacy of this structure. And so, what will happen to the legitimacy of its decision in agreement with the Government and the CENI during the tripartite?

    A jump into the unknown

    For the Rassemblement / Limete and other political-social forces, the verdict of this tripartite is already rejected. Since, without hiding, it is asserted that the CNSA will only say to the postponement announced by Nangaa and endorsed by the Government. Like what, the mass had already been said. If this view is confirmed at the next tripartite, it is advisable to ask what horizon the DRC will be heading towards the end of 2017, because Power and Opposition, once again costly, will, unfortunately, , Like those of 2016. And the prospect of a new dialogue to talk about the different is not certain. Finally, where does Congo-Kinshasa go and where?

    Joram Jojo

    I note with great regret that the interpretation is apparently very oriented towards the wrong path. In other words, this report has several political connotations, and yet the political problems are not just the prerogative of the DRC. There are political problems all over the world. So what is the relationship between the publication of the EITI report and the continuation of President Kabila? , Minister of Mines Martin Kabwelulu questioned, without receiving a reply until today …
    One week after the joint press conference “Ministry of Mines-Gécamines-EITI” required by the publication of the report entitled “Automatic cash dispenser of the plan; How the booming exports of the Democratic Republic of Congo do not benefit its inhabitants, “Global Witness obviously does not want to explain. Probably, this British NGO belonging to the “Galaxy George Soros” has taken the measure of the boomerang effect, and with it the American NGO “Groupe d’Etude du Congo” which, with the help of the American financial agency Bloomberg , Published the report “Wealth of the President. Kabila family business “. The illustration of the cover suggests the deliberate will to discredit: photo of the Head of State left, campaign theme “The Revolution of modernity” right and center, before the themes “CAP TO EMERGENCE. THE CONGO STANDS UP “, a compatriot seated on a bus shelter bench selling pastry in plastic containers! Yet we could have presented a positive achievement. In the absence of a road, for example a school. Or in the absence of a hospital, for example a bus …

    By the way, it is the favorite ploy when one behaves in a firing squad of a sponsored plan, and one reduces to being the secular arm. Especially when neo-Opponents, like those of the G7, are actively participating in such a way as to present an overall negative assessment of the two constitutional mandates of President Joseph Kabila.

    Naturally, the youth, held expressly in ignorance of the state of the country as inherited by the Laurent-Désiré Kabila power on 17 May 1997 from the Mobutu / Tshisekedi regime set up some thirty years earlier, Not able to carry out the combatant’s journey to which the DRC has been subjected for two decades, during which time it was necessary to support an expensive war effort, undertake essential development actions and regulate a nascent electoral process. Three hypersensitive issues.

    Gecamines Recovering Strategic Position

    By focusing on minerals, the NGOs of the Soros Galaxy are doing useful work since they confirm the perception of a Congo limited to “enormous economic opportunities” evoked in 1997 by the American ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson: 28% of the world’s cobalt reserves, 6% of the world’s copper reserves and 18% of the world’s industrial diamond reserves, before having 13% of the world’s hydroelectric potential and “rich agricultural land, a talented and Industrious work force, half the African equatorial forest “.

    It is common knowledge that Congo mining is perceived by the ex-Katanga with its flagship, Gécamines.

    Obviously, this Congo mining via the former Katanga by Gécamines interposed has become a relentless competition between, on the one hand the West and, on the other, China. How, moreover, do not believe it when Barack Obama has warned the world of two threats that are watching Africa, namely Islamism and … China!

    Normal therefore to see Global Witness attacking Gécamines front-end for mining revenues that would have “disappeared” due to corruption.

    Shocked, Gécamines officially replied on July 27, 2017, noting that its financial statements are “not only certified by a statutory auditor but also audited by the largest auditing firms in the world and that for the last fiscal year, Have been certified without reservation “.

    But what is especially important is the fact that Gécamines decided to self-determine in relation to the practice of joint venture recommended by the international financial institutions. “On the industrial level, having noted the unfavorable report of the strategy of minority joint ventures with majority foreign partners who do not pay dividends after many years of operation, Gécamines has developed an ambitious strategy aimed at endowing the company Of its own production equipment and thus become a leading mining company, “said its general management while claiming investment” a $ 335 million package released in 2013, followed by $ 67 million In 2014, $ 68 million in 2015 and $ 40 million in 2016 “and states that” The company expects to invest close to $ 92 million for the current year “.

    In a nutshell, Gécamines, under the leadership of his Pca Albert Yuma and his Dg Jacques Kamenga, is recovering its strategic position of yesteryear after having experienced the bitter experience of structural adjustment programs advised from the outside and Who nearly strangled him for good.

    Challenge against a backdrop of contempt

    In response to suspicions of misappropriation and corruption suggested by Global Witness, the Katangan mining giant’s management has therefore considered that “the Minister of Mines has already been able to answer this claim and demonstrate that these elements result from a misinterpretation of the figures “.

    As a reminder, at the press conference on July 24, 2017, Martin Kabwelulu considered that “Global Witness published a compilation of amalgam of figures from the report published by the EITI-DRC and a lot of data on the President Kabila, voluntarily reading the figures backwards. The reports of the EITI DRC contain all the information about the $ 750 million that allegedly escaped the Treasury, “even insinuating a reading” in reverse the information contained in the report “. From the GEC-Bloomberg report, his opinion is that it is “provocation, falsehood because all contracts are published on the site of the mines mines”.

    Under the management of Jérémie Mack Dumba, EITI-RC revealed that its own reports are certified by the UK law firm Moore Stephens.

    The analysis of the GEC-Bloomberg report reveals an unusual feature: while in Appendix B on specific Laws and Regulations, the authors refer to the Congolese Mining Code and some of its provisions relating to, among, permits and Superficial rights, they are deliberately silent on the aspects that currently concern the Congolese: the repatriation of export sales receipts.

    Yet Article 269 of the Mining Code is clear on this point. It reads as follows: “A licensee who exports mining commodities is (a) authorized to retain and manage in its primary and foreign service accounts the revenue from its export sales up to 60%. The terms and conditions for the provision of foreign debt servicing accounts, as well as the terms of payment for the foreign debt service of the holder, are set out in the borrowing agreements entered into by the borrower with its foreign lenders “And” (b) obliged to repatriate 40% of its export earnings within 15 days from receipt to the Main Account provided for in Article 267 of this Code in its main national account held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo “.

    The question is how did Global Witness, GEC and Bloomberg let go of their dual “bomb” between July 19 and 21, 2017 when, on July 5, Congolese government and banking authorities issued formal notice to the mining companies of To carry out the legalized partial repatriation representing 40% of the revenue of their exports.

    It’s not a nose-throat. It is a challenge against the backdrop of contempt.


    Joram Jojo

    From Brussels where she lives, the wife of the Sphinx de Limete, Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, who is affectionately called Mother Marthe expresses her sorrow at the procrastination of Kinshasa’s power, which refuses to allow her husband to be buried in the country (DRC) . His vexation expressed on TV5 Monde, Thursday, July 27 last, is all the more increased by evoking the agreement reached between the three stakeholders, that is, the biological family and political family of the illustrious disappeared as well Than the government, which never stops procrastinating to sign. And yet, reports Mother Martha Kasalu Jibikila, the biological family and political family had already signed. When it comes to the government signing, it is the moment when the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior multiplies of travel from left to right, as if there was not someone The other who could sign in his place, she said.

    Arriving at the end of her strength, hopes and patience, she appeals to everyone who knew her husband: her friends, her parents and all who know her to sensitize them and make them understand her pain. His appeal also goes right to all presidents of the world, and those of African countries in particular and the first ladies of Africa to plead his cause, that they understand his concern and feel his pain. Deceased on 1 February 2017, the remains of Etienne Tshisekedi still linger in a funeral home in Ixelles, Belgium. ” It’s unheard of in Bantu culture, ” she said.

    On the other hand, she says she is not angry, but simply to understand her pain and tears not only as a wife but above all, as a woman, the basic cell of the family or society.

    Asked if President Kabila and the Congolese government were worried about the repatriation of her husband’s body, to skew the process, Mother Marthe does not believe in trouble or overflow. As proof, she alluded to her husband’s comeback in Kinshasa in July 2016, which had mobilized Kinois. An immense crowd estimated at millions of people who had welcomed them and had conveyed them to their residence. But there was no overflow, she insists. And to add: “I do not believe today that there will be overflow and if he did, it will be on their side.”

    As regards the place of burial, the option was lifted by mutual agreement between the government and the biological family and political family.

    As a result, it was agreed that Tshisekedi wa Mulumba be buried in a family concession in N’sele, in the eastern periphery of the City-province of Kinshasa.

    The widow Etienne Tshisekedi firmly insists on burying her husband in her country, and this, alongside her ancestors. That’s why she wants to share her pain and sensitize everyone about this.

    Joram Jojo

    The Renewal Movement, a party dear to the National Deputy Clement Kanku Bukasa wa Tsbibuabua, still believes in holding the elections by December 2017 in accordance with the Political Agreement signed on 31 December 2016 at the Interdiocesan Center. It was Lucien Ingole Isekemanga, Secretary General of this political group, who told the members and executives of this political party on Saturday, July 29, at its headquarters in Lingwala commune. The MR also requires the Independent National Electoral Commission to publish the electoral calendar for the presidential, national and provincial elections. But also, to start immediately the process of identification and enlistment of voters in the Kasaïen space where the insecurity is no longer justifiable. In addition, the RM reiterates its unwavering commitment to its President and Moral Authority, the Honorable Clément Kanku, accused of sponsoring in the massacres perpetrated in Grand Kasaï. Below is the full MR statement.

    Movement for the Renewal

    Political Declaration of the Movement for the Renewal of the MR in acronym with the political situation of the hour

    On September 24, 2016, the Mouvement pour le Renouveau MR, by its National President and Moral Authority, Hon. Clement Kanku Bukasa wa Tshibuabua, presented its plan to end the political crisis in the DRC. On the occasion, the RM had sounded a warning to tell the national as well as the international opinion that the DRC was at the crossroads with the electoral process that was in the impasse. In the aforementioned plan, of which a copy for information was reserved for the National Episcopal Conference of Congo, CENCO in acronym, the MR had, in its press point (1), proposed the direct talks between the protagonists of the crisis, The President of the Republic Joseph Kabila and the late National President of the UDPS, Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, peace to his soul.

    The MR favored dialogue as a means of conflict resolution. This is not a dialogue to justify the artifices of not organizing elections, but rather dialogues such as those that took place in the city of the African Union and the Center Interdiocésain of Kinshasa.

    That’s why :

    The RM does not accede to the idea of ​​any third dialogue, the impasse on the elections having found the solution with the global and inclusive political agreement of the Interdiocesan Center of Kinshasa, of December 31, 2016 known as the agreement of the Holy Sylvestre which suffers from application to date;
    The NCM requires the CENI to publish the electoral calendar, with a view to holding the presidential, national and provincial legislative elections before 31 December and states that this is possible.
    The RM asks the CENI to immediately start the process of identifying and enrolling voters in the Kasai area or the pretext of insecurity is no longer justifiable.
    The RM urges the Congolese people to enroll massively in order to achieve the objective of alternation after 31 December 2017;
    The RM remains convinced that the solution to the so-called current political crisis remains the respect by all the stakeholders of the Agreement of the holy sylvestre and its integral application;
    The RM welcomes the appointment by the United Nations of three experts to investigate the alleged massacres in Kasai, so that the real perpetrators of these massacres are known and answered for their actions before the courts.
    The MR supports the pathetic step taken by Maman Marthe, wife of the late UDPS National President, Papa Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, and urges the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to facilitate the return of the mortal remains of this worthy son of the country. That he be buried with honor and dignity in the land of his ancestors
    Finally, the RM reiterates its unwavering commitment to its National President and Honorable Moral Authority Clement Kanku Bukasa wa Tshibuabua.
    Thank you

    Done at Kinshasa on 29/07/2017

    Me Ingole Isekemanga

    General secretary

    Joram Jojo

    Technically, it is no longer possible to hold elections, at the end of December 2017 in R & D. Congo. Nangaa had said it during his last trip to Geneva where he was attending the IOF meeting. Yesterday, it was still at the stage of launching enlistment operations in the Grand Kasaï area, after a field trip. Already, according to statistics, 35 million voters would have been inscribed on the lists of the CENI. Normally, setting a new timetable for the conduct of multiparty elections will depend on the appointment of the process evaluation after the CNSA, whose headliners are essentially Joseph Olenghankoy, a Rassemblement The dissent of Adolphe Mulenda Bwana N’sefu, from the Majority, has consulted with the CENI and the Government. This assessment, to put the nose in it, brings up the smell of a new wave of disputes, since it could lead to possible extensions of dates, including that of 31 December 2017, The agreement of the New Year’s Eve, and considered, beyond measure, as the impassable red bar, if it is necessary, of course, to remain within the twelve-month mark, as was formerly foreseen at the Interdiocesan Center.
    Opportunity missed …
    All in all, such an acceptation, intervening in a context in which the transition, however, accepted by all, under the beard of the Bishops, had to begin, but without the involvement of a radical fringe of the Coagulated Opposition within the Gathering of Limete. Then, the measures of decrispation which, in principle, would have allowed to relax the atmosphere are also far from being realized. The few opponents drafted at their fingertips, despite their good faith and their functions in the state apparatus, have really failed to defuse the crisis at the root, nor to solve the equation related in particular , An avalanche of pressures on the issue of the publication of the electoral calendar and even, to some extent, of the electoral register itself. The UN returned earlier this week on the matter, with the latest statement from the President of the Council in which he invited the R & D. Congo to the full implementation of the 31 December 2016 Agreement. The EU, the USA and so many other partners had done so before. Overall, the outlook is increasingly bleak. Confidence has become so disoriented that the Rally, the main force of the Opposition and the Majority, are looked upon in faience dogs. The two forces are spying and trapping, without, however, warding off or solving the basic problems.
    Rupture consumed
    The Agreement they had signed became, apparently, a mere document of which they reminiscent, exploiting it each, as it pleased. As proof of this, if at the Gathering we swear that at the end of December 2017, in accordance with this Agreement, the Majority, we will also have to rely, at the appropriate time, on the same Agreement which spoke of the ” Evaluation, in order to assess the time needed for the peaceful elections. So it will be a draw. The same applies to the appeal to the application of Article 64 of the Constitution, with its two operative paragraphs. Where one of the camps dares to call for civil disobedience, the other will cry out, on the other hand, for the attempt to overthrow power and thus insurrection and damage to the internal security of the state . Once more, to be clever, clever and half, it is said. Hence, instead of promising life or death, it would be possible to find a space of seriousness, in order to reflect on it again. The framework remains, however, to be determined. Mediation too. But what matters here, with regard to evolution, is to obtain guarantees for free and peaceful elections.
    Turbulence Zone
    To do this, the outlet of the conduit that leads to it stems from a strong conjunction of the will of the power and the Opposition, not forgetting civil society, even though it is pitching at the mercy of waves, The turbulence zone.
    Otherwise, the days of the dead cities, from August 8 to August 9, the dates of October 1st or December 31st 2017 announced by the Rally of Limete, risk to transform the country into a vast river of blood. Who needs it? To do what ? Drinking or vivifying by walking on the bodies of many fellow citizens? Today, the misery due to the brutal and crashing fall of the Congolese Franc is at work. Every day she kills more than the Kalashnikovs, while the Congolese authorities, shut up in their crested offices, seem to have priorities elsewhere.

    Joram Jojo

    Until now spared the whirlwinds that shake the different provinces of the country, the City-Province of Kinshasa, too, risks, in the next few days, to experience fights in the Provincial Assembly. A motion prepared and signed by 12 MPs from Kinshasa led by UNC MP David-Jolino Diwampovesa Makelele Zingi intends to invite the number one from Kinshasa to clarify a series of evils that hit the kinois hard in recent months . “La Capitale has become for a decade, a city classified as dangerous. The only evocation of the term ” KULUNA ” is sufficient to describe this new form of delinquency in Kinshasa, against which the action of the provincial government seems powerless. Tell us how many Kuluna the police arrested in 2017 and how many were brought to justice and convicted? “Asks David-Jolino, the initiator of the motion, which is only waiting for a special session to be examined.

    For example, several MEPs called for the convening of an extraordinary session in order to allow a substantive debate on the evils that plague Kinshasa, the country’s largest province because, being the seat of the institutions. Among the complaints against André Kimbuta, other elected representatives of Kinshasa say that the first citizen obtains loans in different banks without the agreement of the provincial assembly of Kinshasa. Concerning the question of burials, the provincial deputy noted that the population of Kinshasa, especially of modest social origin, was suffocated by exorbitant funeral expenses in the private cemeteries of Kinshasa, which ranged between 700 and 2500 USD, Are supposed to be fixed in consultation with the urban authority. In the particular case of the cemetery “Between Earth and Heaven”, David-Jolino Makelelele indicates that in principle a financial portion should be returned to the Urban Treasury for the costs of burial and building of the vaults. “It seems that these charges are actually collected, but their destination would never have been traced in the books of the Treasury Treasury. Can such a sign of megestion be explained? Can you trace the various contracts relating to private cemeteries in the city of Kinshasa? “He said, recalling that the funeral has become the occasion for the propagation of insanities along the routes taken by funeral processions. In addition to these aspects, provincial deputies are keen to clarify the city’s economic situation, especially as the people suffer with the descent into the national currency and also a series of loans from banks by the Hôtel de City of Kinshasa.

    Joram Jojo

    Donc kamua ka poignées yaba rwandais oyo nde bakoki ko tiya bino panzi likolo ? ???
    Lokuta nabango ….ba généraux congolais ba sous-officiers officier sergent kaporal. ..bango nyoso bazali corrompus ..
    Problème ya congo eza kaka ba congolais ….
    Ba rwandais oyo ba profiter kaka

    Joram Jojo

    The Padre, Ferré GOLA, is highly anticipated for a glamorous and select evening, this 11 August 2017, at Hotel Karavia, in Lubumbashi. The information was confirmed by its Secretary General, Vasco MABIALA, who announces a 100% RUMBA evening with the best singer of the new generation of modern Congolese music.

    It is a gift signed “KAT Production”, which put all the batteries in march to guarantee a beautiful party to the music lovers of this part of the Republic.

    Great and genius of the rumba, the singer Kinois will deliver his first performance stage outside the capital, two months after the release of his new album “What did I say?”. According to the latest news to our possession, the CD supports of this aubade are exhausted in the publishing houses in Paris. Ferré GOLA says Jesus of shades, which has the wind in its sails thanks to its new playing on the market, is already preparing to face and positively impact the evening in Karavia.

    Another great occasion for the Lushois fanatics, to savor live the sublime voice of this renowned artist and his music, whose common denominator remains the style rumba -odemba of Grand Master Franco.

    With his musical ensemble, Ferré GOLA works hard to offer authentic and varied music with chants committed to the spectators of the capital of copper. For the rest of this week, the artist and his foals have organized rehearsal sessions behind the scenes. They prepare to present a succulent repertoire, composed of a potpourri. Very experienced, the Padre will not fail to exhume some old successes among the best composers of his musical career.

    However, the special menu consists of the novelties that are contained in his best seller, “What I said”, in which the singer still reserves many surprises for his fans. ” I’m a very passionate person. I love taking care of my work. Beyond singing love and rocking the hearts, my worry, the most gigantic, has always been to present and defend our music, our culture, in the face of the world, “said Ferré Gola, the genius of The rumba. Moreover, the star invites all the cream of Katanga to come numerous for this beautiful evening devoted to the rumba.

    Before going to the copper capital, Ferre Chair of Poule will give a morning and relaxing concert, this 30 of July, to the Kermesse of Maluku, southwest of Kinshasa, it is reported.

    Joram Jojo

    Increasingly, Hotel Invest becomes the temple of love with the romantic singer of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who is none other than Koffi Olomide Papa flower. For he does not spend three months without a spectacle. And there, the artist has established a marketing strategy that offers free entry to women in each stage production. The latest one is that of July 30, 2017 when the boss of Quartier Latin invites all women to massively attend the Holiday Ball at the Hotel Invest in Lingwala.

    With his lyrical and erotic style of music, Koffi is the first singer of his generation, after Lord Ley, to venerate the female being but also the first has humiliated her in public. He is always recognized as the exceptional quality of a real worshiper of women in Congolese music.

    “I, without a wife, am nothing. My life is the woman. They are women who did Olomide. For they are my first fanatics. That’s why I love woman and I honor her in all its dimensions! ” Here is the thought of an artist for whom woman represents everything to him and, despite his faults, nothing can separate him from this creature.

    Is it a flattery or mea culpa? The concept “Ba mamans ofele” is a great opportunity for Congolese women who swear by this holiday ball.

    Artistically and technically, the artist has made all the arrangements so that the festival is total, up to the music lovers who will perform the move of Hotel Invest.

    If the concert is free for the divas, nevertheless, the access remains conditioned at the door for the men who are called to accompany their spouses to the magical rendezvous with the king of Tcha-tcho.

    An unprecedented opportunity for the compatriots of the diaspora, men and women, who came on holiday in Kinshasa to spend pleasant moments in the rhythms of Papa Fololo.

    For Koffi, it is a colorful evening in which he will sketch some novelties among the succulent tubes contained in “Nyata-quance”. This is his new album where we find a song entitled “Pardon, maman”, in which the Congolese singer solicits with a melancholy voice the forgiveness of all the women of Africa after his forfeiture against one of his dancers the ” Last year in Kenya.

    Nyata-quance is already available on the disc market in Kinshasa and on I-tune, Youtube and other Internet download platforms.

    Joram Jojo

    The most beautiful girl in the world gives only what she has, they say. Considered a standard bearer of the Kasaïenne culture, Mamu national Tshala Muana has not remained indifferent to the atrocities taking place in the Kasaï, his fief. Very concerned, the queen of mutwashi was resolutely committed to the pacification of this part of the country. She has only her beautiful voice, has just expressed her indignation, through a new patriotic song, whose fundamental message is focused on the return of peace to the Kasai.

    On the phone, Tshala Muana said that this song is a collective work of which she has only put the means necessary for its realization. Financed by the singer, this project brings together the different voices of Kasaïenne music. The song “Paix au Kasaï” has had the support of several other musicians who are nationals of the provinces of Grand Kasaï. “I invited virtually every Kasai star, each representing his tribe, to participate in this song. There are the kuba, Lulua, Songyes, Luba, Telela including the Pende. We all want peace, nothing but peace in our communities. Because, we are one people that constitutes the Great Kasai, “said Mamu national.

    Already completed, the recording work for the song was very well done in the studio under the supervision of this dean of Congolese singers.

    Together, the artists put their know-how, to release a very committed message, on the thematic level. Everyone has contributed to the building, in terms of ideas, in relation to the context and the reality in Kasai. It includes the participation of the singers Jean-Goubald Kalala, Emperor Lelimba wa Kutshila and so many other budding stars from Kasaï.

    According to the Queen of Mutwashi, he is already preparing for the shooting of the video clip that will accompany the promotion of this hymn.

    Beyond being a patriotic song, this composition is an expression of solidarity towards the Kasaien people, who are called to put aside the political differences or colors that do not contribute to the development of the Great Kasai.

    It should be noted that it is for the first time in the history of mutwashi that Mamu national and Emperor Lelimba sing together. Artistically, this collaboration seems to be a bomb in gestation whose explosion will disrupt the data for the benefit of fanatics in the days to come.

    Who says better ?

    Joram Jojo

    Patron of the house Obouo Media, David Monsoh, is the promoter who put the package, to produce the concert of the young Congolese singer, Heir Watababe Moto na tembe, at the Olympia in Paris, July 15th. Unfortunately, the meeting was aborted, at 2 o’clock in the opening of the room, for the show, by the Prefect of Paris, for reasons of overflowing protesters against the concert in the heart of the French capital.

    A single decision made public at the press and on the site of the prefecture had sufficed to give victory to the Combatants (opposing the regime of Kinshasa) who had sworn before by the cancellation of this musical production in the capital Parisian. However, the Ivorian producer does not hear this and, above all, does not support this brutal measure taken by the French authorities.

    Indeed, David Monsoh believes that the Prefect of Paris could not cancel the concert for the overflow and the hostile attitude of a group of people, so-called “opponents.” ” It’s a nonpolitical concert for a career, a life, a group and families. The French police had every ability to control all these people who wanted to skid, if possible. Moreover, I believe that few support these fighters. Again, they were wrong target. Their hatred will never kill and kill our love for music, “he said.

    At the latest news, the promoter would be setting up a file with his lawyers to file a complaint against the prefect of Paris.

    For his part, Héritier Wata, the Congolese singer, issued just a feeling of disappointment, but no discouragement despite this intolerance. For the Congolese singer, the fighters scored a goal but against their camp. He deplores this hateful behavior among compatriots whose regret is the result of the exclusion of Congolese culture on the international scene and the degradation of the Congo-DRC image. “Music is an art of reconciliation. Concerts are spaces of fraternization and dialogue. Long live the Congolese sensible and loving in good faith! Long live music ! Today, the world knows me thanks to the courage that animates me because, I know that I am on the side of the just and right, “said Moto na tembe.

    It should be noted that Héritier and his band Team Wata returned to Kinshasa on 18 July, three days after the cancellation of their concert in France. According to the program, they will face the Kinois public this weekend, at the Kermesse Palm Beach, in Ville.

    Joram Jojo



    Date & time: 26-12-2017 16:49:21 Conversation between Gen. Paul Malong Awan and Bak in Wau

    Malong asked to confirm if Bak is aware of the current event and preparation in the country, the associate confirmed that he is ware. Malong instructed the associate to start their operation in Wau from today or tomorrow. Malong added that the first target is the National Security’s office of Gen. Akol Koor in Wau and he also instructed Bak to capture the airport in Wau. Malong said the operation will start everywhere within the country including the oilfields. Bak complained that his wife went to Juba and he is the one taking care of the children, Malong told him not to wait for his wife and should leave the children with somebody.


    Date & time: 28-12-2017 11:31:04 Conversation between Gen. Paul Malong Awan in Kampala and Lt. Col. Chan Garang Lual in Kuda

    Malong informed Chan that he has arrived in Kampala yesterday and they are going to attend the meeting today. Malong said the group in Awiel mismanaged the operation yesterday but they have reorganized themselves this morning and will start the operation today. Malong instructed Chan to start the operation today, targeting the two training centers of Akol Koor (NSS) in Luri and the other ones for the army in Gorum. Malong said that there are two platoons that will join those of Chan after the operation because he talked to them yesterday at night; Chan said he had directed the two platoons before but they didn’t turn up. Malong said people are now reporting because of fear of being arrested. Chan said he was worried about the Ugandan government but now he is happy because Uganda is going to support them. Malong replied that Uganda wants a unified coalition that is why they are going to discuss the issues during the meeting today. Malong informed Chan that all the factions are in the meeting accept the group of Riek Machar.


    Date & time: 28-12-2017 18:57:44 Conversation between Gen. Malong Awan in Uganda and Manut Yel Lual in Malual-Bai

    Malong asked about the delay of the operation and he warned that those of Manut shouldn’t repeat the mistake that was done by Garang Ngong, Manut replied that they are still waiting for the forces and those of Yel Deng, Makuch and Mou didn’t turn up. Malong instructed Manut to start the operation so that the remaining forces loyal to them can later join them; he added that those of Manut should start laying ambushes along the road. Malong said those of Manut can disrupt the movement of the vehicles of the government’s forces if they are in possession of two PKM or RPG machine guns. Manut confirmed that they have four PKM and all ammos for operation are with Garang Ngong, he added that they have three PKM (one is functional and two are faulty) and two RPG without fuses. Malong asked about their plan and Manut replied they have planned to attack Madhol. Malong instructed that those of Manut should attack Madhol and other places because there are few government’s forces in those areas.

    Malong Awan was connected to Kuol Athuai

    Kuol Athuai told Malong that they are only moving with nine (9) personnel and the other who had agreed to do the operation with Manut failed to turn up. Malong instructed that those of Kuol Athuai should do anything possible with the nine personnel and the others will join them later. Kuol told Malong that they want to call those of Deng Arech, Jaguar, Akech Akeen and Keen Magiir from Aweil to join them; he added that if the parade of those of Deng Arech can reach to 20 personnel with two vehicles, they can start attacking Wanyjok today. Malong instructed that those of Kuol shouldn’t attack Wanyjok but instead attack Aweil town or lay ambushes on the road because the government doesn’t know their parade. Malong said those of Kuol will regret because of the way they are doing their operation and then on, they will all be arrested by the government.

    Joram Jojo

    Denis Kambayi Cimbumbu consults to form his Government

    “Let’s manage together, together it’s possible”. It is under this slogan that the new Governor of Kasaï Central, Denis Kambayi Cimbumbu consults since Monday, January 1, in Kinshasa, to form his Government said the provincial unity.

    To this end, he brought together local dignitaries from all walks of life to reflect together on the future of their beloved province, Kasai Central.

    They were almost all present. In particular: the Honorable Kayembe Mwadiavita, Tshikayi, Zacharie Bababaswe and Daniel Mbayi to name but a few; Honorary Ministers Ernestine Nyoka and Kabu Kapwa; the president of Lulua and his brothers Betu Lubuyi; the president of the Union of African Democrats Donatien Tshimanga; the former provincial governor of Kasaï Occidental, Trésor Kapuku Ngoyi, without forgetting Marcel Tshibuyi and many others. In any case, they were all, even those who supported his challenger, Martin Kabuya. From the outset, Governor Kambayi expressed their concern to manage together, such a province that comes out of atrocities with the phenomenon “Kamwina Sapu”. He told them about his vision articulated on seven pointys, in the spirit of working with immediate effect for the benefit of the population. The seven axes are none other than: security, food self-sufficiency, water and electricity, the opening up of Central Kasai, the environment of the city of Kananga and territories, the revival of sports policy and supervision of youth, as well as elections. Then he gave them the floor where everyone took their time to tell Denis Kambayi what he should do first. In response, Governor Kambayi took note and reiterated his vision especially with regard to water and electricity. “A bankable water-drilling project should be put in place in rural areas of the province in the coming months to provide the entire population with easy and improved access to drinking water. This is possible because we have contacts with partners willing to accompany us on this. Together, they also reflected on the need to rebuild the Katoka Youth Stadium, virtually the sixth axis of Governor Kambayi’s vision of “reviving youth sports policy and mentoring”.

    Thus, to get there, Denis Kambayi says he will set up a Government of six Provincial Ministers to limit spending and burdens. The six ministers will come from six territories of Kasai Central province. If necessary, there will be a seventh Minister attached to the Governor. Denis Kambayi is in the process of finalizing the team that must accompany him to achieve all that he has promised Kasai Center. Consultations continue.

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