Five Congolese wounded by bullets in Bukavu

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    Joram Jojo

    Dr. Jean-Paul Moka, National President of the political party "Blue Movement" and a citizen of the former province of Bandundu

    The case of cows and breeders who have been meeting for a few weeks in the former Province of Bandundu continues to elicit reactions from the Congolese population, particularly nationals of this part of the country. Dr. Jean-Paul Moka, National President of the political party “Blue Movement” and a citizen of the former province of Bandundu, who spoke yesterday, Wednesday, February 14, to the press, first painted the picture of what happens in his province. He has fears that this case will turn into an attempt to invade his province, encirclement of the city-province of Kinshasa or the muzzling of the population in case of unrest. Hence, he gave an ultimatum of three months so that these breeders who speak only foreign languages ​​including their cows pack up and leave the Bandundu, before all the nationals of this area make other arrangements.

    Dr. Jean-Paul Moka, a native of Bandundu, stepped in yesterday evening, Wednesday, February 14, to say no to the case of 452 foreign families accompanied by 5,000 cows currently in his province, specifically Bukanga Lonzo and Popokabaka.

    This, before explaining that it is impossible that 452 families, with a herd of 5000 heads leave Uvira on foot to settle in Bukanga Lonzo. Unless there is a miracle as in Moses’ day, he says. And to let everyone know that anyone who has made the army and who is an officer knows that in order to occupy the places where these breeders live today, it is necessary to read maps that imply mountain data, water towers. , bridges, airports, hospitals, Catholic, Protestant, and other missions.

    In turn, senior officers learn the reference geography otherwise called georef. The person who knows the georef, he continues, knows that to leave Uvira and arrive at Bukanga Lonzo, there are bridges. Many of these bridges are no longer operational. Thus, he is very doubtful that these breeders have taken the roads. His research revealed that there is only one type of aircraft in the world that can do this operation. This is the C130 which is an American military aircraft. “Even an Antonov can not carry this type of livestock in this quantity,” Moka added.

    These planes have the ability to take off and land on short runways and there is an airport at Bukanga Lonzo. He believes that these breeders were brought overnight because if it was the day, it could only attract the attention of the people.

    Where to find these planes?

    To this question, he pointed out that these planes are neither in Uvira nor in Ruzizi. They are found in Uganda, precisely in Antebe, which is among the US military bases.

    His fear is that these breeders who are in Popokabaka have an entrance to Kongo Central and those who are in Bukanga Lonzo have a direct opening in Kinshasa.

    Should we draw conclusions that there is a plan to invade or encircle Kinshasa or a plan to colonize the long-term areas of Bandundu that are very fertile and end up in the same patterns as Rwanda, Kivu, North -Katanga, Kasai? These are the questions that plague the mind of this Bandundu national. According to him, these people who only speak foreign languages ​​and who have their own interpreter who talks a bit about Kikongo will be able in two or three years to start claiming land rights or provoking inter ethnic wars like what happens between the Lendu and the Hema in Ituri. “Reason why, I ask with a lot of restraint that these people return home peacefully,” he insisted. And to say that he is ready to lead a delegation together with the opinion leaders of Bandundu so that those behind this project will clarify this issue. “It’s better to warn than to heal with words,” concluded Dr. Jean-Paul Moka.

    Joram Jojo

    United States Of America has rejected the use of the Current Voting machines to to be used in electoral process in D.R. Congo

    At an informal meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday, February 12, in New York, the United States, through its representative, Ms. Nikki Halley, rejected the use of the machine to vote for the current electoral process in D.R. Congo. For Americans, we must return to the ballot paper. If this is the case, in any case, for Corneille Nangaa, President of the CENI, it will be necessary to wait for the organisation of the elections towards July 2019. What does the population think about it in Kinshasa? It is all to say, around this subject that some kinois crossed across the streets of the capital have tried to formulate some answers. This would be the beginning of a standoff between the United States and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since this voting machine story continues to divide the two countries.

    After the Opponents in the country, this time, it is the Usa who rise against the machine to vote, question of pruning the electoral process Rd Congolese. In any case, most of the Kinois responding to the sleuths of Prosperity have continued to ask the question of what is the real motivation of the USA, especially at this time when the train of the electoral process has already taken off. “We do not think any Congolese can afford to interfere in the internal affairs of the USA. Especially when it comes to issues that affect the sovereignty of the country of Uncle Sam. It is still time, indeed, that we let the Congolese think alone and in all sovereignty, on their problems, in the current electoral process, “Georges Masudi, a Congolese minister approached yesterday in Kinshasa, dropped in the wake.

    Meanwhile, it should be noted that the National Independent Electoral Commission has already brought some voting machines to the country. In the same straight line as the compatriot mentioned above, some other kinois met nearby were clear in their remarks. Straightforwardly, it would simply be “a political distraction but also a way of confusing the confusion between R & D. Congo and the American Administration “, suggested one of them, in the person of André Kika, at the Roundabout Victory, in the Commune of Kalamu.

    For this compatriot, if the US really wants to help the Congolese people, they are preparing to ensure the reliability of the results of these elections in perspective instead of clinging to the case of the voting machine.

    However, sharing the US position, some compatriots support the position of Nikki Haley. For these, this voting machine does not reassure the holding of transparent elections, especially since the Congolese people, at least in the great majority, do not master the computer. In addition, the reliability of the results does not inspire confidence, they argued. For the latter, the fact of returning to the vote by paper ballot, reassures at least in terms of seriousness and allows the witnesses to get in touch with the PV at the polling stations.

    Joram Jojo

    The Revival of Transportation on Kasai River

    After 20 years of solitude, the Kasai River, like a miracle, still sees sailing a boat on its course. The Commercial Company of Transports and Ports -SCTP- in its new aim, decided to relaunch gradually the fluvial activities on several sections of the national territory. Yesterday, Wednesday February 14, 2018, Lukamba left as Kokolo for a trip of nearly a month. This cargo boat left Kinshasa at 8:30 am for Ilebo in the province of Kasaï, under the watchful eye and sweating the joy of the DGA of the SCTP, Fate PELETE. The latter signed the effective resumption of the regularity of the convoys and calls on the Congolese to be loyal and renew more confidence in the SCTP. This means that residents must now prepare their goods.

    Yes, the SCTP has reconnected with the Congo River. If some have lost trust and loyalty with society, today they can be proud to come home. Especially since only the SCTP has the capacity to transport important goods across the country’s waters. For the DGA, whether on the ascent or the descent, the satisfaction is more guaranteed for the services and the satisfaction is visibly total.

    3 barges, 1500 tons of cement bags, some passengers. Among other things, what is the stowage transported by the cargo ship ” LUKAMBA ”, currently on the waters of the Kasaï River, en route to Ilebo. This important shipment of cement comes from the Lukala Cement Factory, which, incidentally, is the first to have solicited this move which sign the return of the SCTP on the flow of Kasaï. And it is, indeed, to the return of the freighter, as Mr. Destin PELETE specifies it, that other routes will be able to be quickly programmed.

    Lukamba will, in principle, 2 weeks to reach Ilebo on the ascent and even for the descent. Since it will have to go through different ports to bring the message to the Congolese people of the province of Kasai, namely: the Commercial Corporation of Transport and Ports is in good shape. The boat will make some transits on the way back to also satisfy the villagers who would like to bring merchandise to Kinshasa.

    For the SCTP, it is a great day and at the same time, a bet won to the extent that with meager means that the company had in its possession and a strong will, the results are today more than satisfactory. After ITB Kokolo’s second start, Lukamba follows suit. And this, after more than 20 years that the SCTP had not sailed this way. It is truly a pride as affirmed by the DGA. According to him, this colossal work which is part of the new vision of the society is really palpable. When the current leadership took over, the port of Matadi was virtually dry and it was almost everyone who had turned their backs on the SCTP to migrate to other competitors. “Today, when you go there, you will see that traffic has increased; which makes the traffic even on the railway track also increased. When we took office, there was no boat on the river, let alone the tributaries, “said Destin PELETE.

    The management team and all the agents and technicians of the SCTP are proud to see, thanks to their bravery, the activities revived again despite limited means, the determination to do well is there. For them, indeed, it is the most important.

    Although he was not in Kinshasa, Daniel Mukoko Samba, Director General of the SCTP, was in constant contact with the DGA and the convoy team of the Lukamba boat. Question to be reassured that this traveled how much expected by the traders of the way of ILEBO is effective.

    It is worth noting that the SCTP CEO, MUKOKO Samba Daniel has, since he was at the helm of the SCTP, imposed his pace of work on those who want to accompany him in his hard determination, by transmitting his managerial techniques. Goal ? Fight against venality, demoralisation and especially immortality. This means that the reign of financial crime and mismanagement in the SCTP, must no longer be in the imagination of its leaders.

    Without doubt, MUKOKO Samba Daniel has printed the rhythm of an orthodox management, prioritising the development of production units.

    Very attractive and convincing projects for the development and the proper revival of the SCTP activities which inevitably inspire confidence.

    Joram Jojo

    Various Electrical Products that could serve the Congolese People in one way or another

    Yesterday, at the Invest Hotel, the representatives of this Egyptian-German company in Kinshasa exchanged with the press to build on the ambitions of EGEMAC in the country. The day before, Monday, February 12, 2018, they were facing Ingele Ifoto, Minister of Energy, their preferred sector. EGEMAC-, through its representative, the Managing Director, Usama Abdallah, and the Marketing Director, Neven Adel, has unveiled its willingness to work with SNEL and other local companies. to provide them with quality equipment for controlling and transporting electrical energy. During the meeting, they exhibited their various electrical products that could serve the Congolese people in one way or another who suffers at work and at home from the lack of electricity because this or that other equipment supposed to protect, modulate , transmit electricity is in poor condition and, continues to break down.

    The presence of EGEMAC on the soil of the Democratic Republic of Congo is, however, the result of diplomatic cooperation. Wanting to work with the National Electricity Company -SNEL-, the Egyptian-German company is in contact with the DR Congo, more than two years ago, said the Director of Marketing, Neven Adel. With the ultimate goal of bringing light to every corner of the DRC, EGEMAC is determined; Does slice. After various steps to obtain the documents of their partnership with SNEL, the Egyptian-German Company of electrical manufactures is finally ready to provide materials for this. It has international experience and products of the same standard. In particular, products of high, low and medium voltage, she said. Circuit breakers 72.5KV and 245KV, selectors 72.5KV, 245 KV, Transformer of intensity 72.5KV, these are part of the high voltage products, explained Neven Adel. In the same vein, Neven Adel and Usama Abdallah have, for this purpose, given light on low voltage products. Hence, is it necessary to indicate SIMOPRIME medium voltage distribution boards up to 12KV isolated in vacuum and, of the same type, A4 (24 KV) etc., they have insinuated. Also, one can report the low voltage distribution board (Unplugable) type NGCB, control panel, protection, control and battery charge. In addition, the doors of EGEMAC are open to any private company or person wanting to work with it for an efficient supply of its products according to this duo of EGEMAC. It should be noted that EGEMAC is one of the leading suppliers in DR Congo. This Egyptian-German Electricity Company was established in accordance with Law No. 43 of the year 1974 and the Common Investment Law N0230 of the year 1989. Thus, the real production activities began in January 1979 in technical cooperation. with the best international manufacturers of switchboards at that time (SIEMENS Germany etc.).

    Joram Jojo

    The Congolese Movement for Renewal

    In a press release No. 007 / MR / SG / 2018 issued to the press, the Movement for Renewal, political party led by National Deputy Clement Kanku Bukasa wa Tshibuabua, fully supports the UDPS Congress to be organized. , except last minute change in March in Kinshasa. According to said statement signed by Me Lucien Ingole Isekemanga, Secretary General of the party, the MR believes that the holding of this congress will end all confusion and perpetuate the political struggle of Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, died February 1, 2017 at the Clinic Saint Elizabeth in Brussels, whose body is neither buried nor repatriated. Below, the entire press release of the UDPS.

    Movement for Renewal

    General Secretariat

    Press Release No. 007 / MR / SG / 2018 of February 10, 2018

    The Movement for Renewal, acronym MR, political party led by Honorable Clement Kanku Bukasa wa Tshibuabua, National President, follows with great interest the organization of the Congress of the True Union for Democracy and Social Progress, in acronym UDPS, which will be convened soon in Kinshasa. We want to believe that this congress will put an end to any confusion maintained by certain circles and allow this heavy weight of the opposition in the Democratic Republic of Congo to perpetuate the political fight of the Father of democracy, the late Dr Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba of happy memory, to see one day the rule of law settle in our country.

    The Movement for Renewal, wishes good luck to the future President of the Assembly, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo to whom we reassure him of our availability to work for the democratic alternation desired by our people.

    In addition, the Movement for Renewal is concerned about the state of health of the Honourable Gerard Mulumba GECOCO said that deteriorated significantly in recent days due to lack of appropriate care, so we ask the authorities authorities to facilitate its evacuation abroad for better care.

    Done in Kinshasa on February 10, 2018

    Me Ingole Isekemanga Lucien

    General secretary

    Joram Jojo

    The Young Ambassadors for the Development of Greater Kasai

    He called for unity, love, peace and work for the development of Greater Kasai. This is Danny Mpoyo, President of the Young Ambassadors for the Development of Greater Kasai -JEDEGRAK. It was during his speech held during the day dedicated to the exchange of greetings of the youth of Grand Kasai, last weekend, that a dark picture of the current situation was drawn by this youth leader. Kasai. The recent drama of Kakenge in the territory of Mweka is one of the things he mentioned. He condemned with the last energy this state of the least happy place.

    The Grand Kasaï, considered formerly as a theatre of the massacres by various phenomena that have made much ink and saliva, now this corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo should hardly leave these atrocities, he explains. . The awareness of fighting against tribalism, of being manipulated by anyone, is part of Danny Mpoyo’s call to his confreres. To this end, the JEDEGRAK is a history of all without distinction, according to him. Neither religious, cultural, nor political. However, it is, indeed, a framework where sharing ideas for the development of Grand Kasai and also R & D. Congo, is granted to all, he explains. Hence, the Kasaïen space, shaken by various events whose effects are epidermic so far, will be at the centre of a mega awareness campaign on peace that will be launched in the near future, did it? he says. It will be called ” Never again in Kasai ”. Pattern? Amplify the resolutions taken at the peace conference organised by the governor under the President of the Republic’s beard; he insists. Large-scale actions will be planned in several sectors. In particular, in education, health and agriculture. Also, the promotion of self care, the responsibility of youth, pledge of our collective well-being will be advocated, he concluded. It is worth mentioning that a minute of silence has been observed to pay tribute to the victims of Kasai.

    Joram Jojo

    No country, no friend, will determine the future of Congo without the participation of its population, especially its youth

    The bright future of the Democratic Republic of the Congo will depend only on its people. No country, no friend, will determine the future of Congo without the participation of its population, especially its youth. Aimé Ntambue, president of the Association of Progressive Youth of Congo -AJPC, understood this outline. Thus, together with its collaborators, they combine a lot of efforts to take control of the destiny of the country. It is in this grandiose vision that the AJPC organised a second edition of training. This time it was focused on catering and hospitality. Started on Monday, February 5, this training that won 27 participants, closed last Saturday. It should be noted, in passing, for those who have not had the time, another module is planned in two weeks. The place and conditions of participation will be known shortly.

    They are concerned about the awareness of Congolese youth. They firmly believe that the Democratic Republic of the Congo can not under any circumstances flourish without the efficient support of the youth of the DRC. Thus the members of the AJPC, under the auspices of their president, Aimé Ntambue, do not sleep on their laurels. They have just injected into the labor market 27 young people who have received training in the hotel and restaurant industry. Quality training provided by Mr. Alexis Ngoty who has over 19 years of experience in the field of culinary art and accommodation. For reasons of balance, the concepts of labor law and personal communication have been added to this module. After this theoretical stage, these young people will be constantly oriented in several hotel institutions including Pullman Grand Hotel for the practical phase of their training. Very moved, Alexis Ngoty who already wants to be a member of the AJPC, urged his disciples to be able to put into practice without complex the knowledge acquired during the formation.

    In addition, the president of the structure satisfied with the result, returned to the charge to trace the history of the AJPC. “The AJPC is part of a small idea, a vision I shared with friends. At first, many have neglected, but today everyone is calling, “he said. Thus, he advised the participants to have in them always a vision for the DRC. This great country can only develop with the participation of its population. “We must not always be content with our current precariousness. We must not always wait for government action. Some cases really require our own initiative and we can do better. So, to get there, we need to become aware of who we are and what the Congo means to us. And all of this simply requires our awareness, “said Loving Ntambue. Subsequently, he urged the recipients to be true ambassadors to the partners, not to tarnish the image of the structure and to close the door to others.

    All’s well That ends well ! The training ended in a friendly atmosphere.

    Joram Jojo

    Congolese Solidarity Movement for Change

    The President of the Solidarity Movement for Change said when the body of the victim of intolerance was lifted, that the crime would never go unpunished. He made this statement at the Funeral of Serge Kinkunda, the activist of his Party who died on January 21, 2018 during the march called by the CLC. The funeral took place on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at midday, at the Hotel Gracius, in the commune of Kalamu, Matonge district, not far from Bongolo. Serge Kinkunda was an active MSC activist in the Kalamu Federation. Inconsolable, the President of the MSC did not think that the weapons bought with the Congolese taxpayer money to defend the national territory could be at the base of a hasty departure of a Congolese member of his political formation better, of good of other compatriots. The national deputy Laurent Batumona remains formal: “it is a betrayal that we are recording. The blood of comrade Serge Kinkunda will be avenged one day. Sooner or later, whatever the duration of the night, the sun always ends up appearing, “he said. “This party, which is mine,” he says, “and I say it with courage that my Party will accompany this struggle to the end.”

    But when the body was thrown at the Gracius Hotel where Serge Kinkunda’s funeral was held, a large audience came to greet his memory. Egrored, the biological family, members of the MSC, friends and acquaintances saluted the memory of their son, father, activist fell hand-armed of peaceful struggle with – rosary, twigs, Bible – during the march of 21 January 2018 called by the Laïc de Coordination Coordination Committee, which calls for the application of the Agreement signed on December 31, 2016. He had fallen in the vicinity of the Saint Gabriel church in Yolo while he had just prayed at Saint Mathias Church in Makala. The militants were frozen. They drew the curtain of their belongings to pay tribute to this valiant militant. They were gathered at the Hotel Gracius in heavy silence. Inside the hall, the Deputy Secretary General of the Party, Jules Mukumbi, the Interfaith President of the Funa, Onésime Ndudi, the party cadres, the widow and her four children were present. After a deep breath, the President of the MSC, Laurent Batumona spoke for the last farewell.

    The last farewell of Laurent Batumona to Serge Kinkunda

    “Serge Kinkunda you died, you are killed and murdered by the armed forces of the DRC to ensure your protection, our protection, sons and daughters of the DRC. The regime of President Kabila, the regime in place, has returned his arms to you, against us his people, is not it inconceivable! Instead of fighting for the protection of our borders, it is exterminating its own people. Dear Serge, you paid your taxes. All of us pay taxes that are used for the purchase of weapons and missiles. Your death is an act of treason that the regime in place has committed against the people we are. You fell a weapon of freedom in hand around Saint Gabriel where we were with the Abbot Makolo of Saint Mathias and the other faithful. We learned that an activist was shot in the head. We did not know it was you, our fighter we are crying today. Know that we are in front of ” outlaws ”. You fought the good fight for alternation, freedom. Know that with God we will remain winners ”.

    Addressing members of the MSC, Laurent Batumona said: “Let’s stay up dear comrades like the people of Israel who fought for the conquest of Canaan, remained standing until the capture of this promised land. The blood of Serge Kinkunda who is poured today for freedom will be avenged sooner or later. Victim of a close-range shot. Peace to your soul”.

    It’s a desolation. “Once again we are facing the repression of the regime of President Joseph Kabila and the armed forces that constitute the armed forces of the whole Republic who have turned their arms against the population instead of defending our borders.” According to him, they are killing the sons and daughters of the DRC who demand alternation, democracy.

    It is a shame that to this day the power is sinking behind the untruth to justify its acts of ignominy.

    Joram Jojo

    The Kinshasa Bronze Monuments Exhibition


    Honorable President of the National Assembly;

    Honorable Speaker of the Senate;

    Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Government;

    Honorable Members and Senators;

    Excellencies Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors, and Heads of Diplomatic Missions;

    Distinguished guests, to your titles and qualities;

    At the moment when the Thomas LUHAKA Foundation and the “Kinshasa Workshops” present the Bronze Monuments Exhibition, let us express to you this flood of immense joys that animate us by your spontaneous presence, in response to our invitation.

    Accepting to withdraw from your multiple obligations this weekend to attend the exhibition of works of art that we organize, is for us without question, the expression of your interest in art … This flatters us, because Art is the manifested consciousness of the soul of a People!

    We therefore say to you are welcome and thank you for your presence that honors the culture, art and value the work of the Congolese Artist!

    This is how I take this opportunity to pay a heartfelt tribute to one of the pioneers of Congolese art, author of two other monuments that you will discover here, I quoted Papa André LUFWA, 95 years old, who has done us the honor of being here with us! He is the first Congolese sculptor trained in the colonial era and whose works are the pride of our art … he is a living hero whose works are an expression of pure Congolese talent! Hat down and long live the artist!

    Ladies and gentlemen;

    The Thomas LUHAKA Foundation and “Kinshasa Workshops” wanted to present to you today, four monuments of Congolese works of art in bronze:

    It is:

    “The Dancer MUKONGO” by André Lufwa, presently carved in 1950.
    “Losendjola” by NGUDIMOSI, carved in 1956.
    “The Messenger” of NGINAMAU, sculpted in 1963.
    L’Archer, by André Lufwa, sculpted in 1968.
    The choice of these monuments is justified by the meaning, the meanings and the symbolism that they manifest and that each one of us will be able to interpret!

    Indeed, if only interpretation is supposed to confer meaning to the work, can one then ask the question of the very meaning of the interpretation?

    The question is all the more urgent as visual art works take on a new importance today, borne out by the rise of the image and the decline of the text.

    Interpretation appears as an approach that is as much ethical, political as it is intellectual or sensitive: it can only exist if there is consensus for listening to others’ discourse.

    This means that the idea of ​​a different understanding, to one’s own, but also a plurality of points of view, must be accepted.

    The second problematic dimension is that of the work, which would be more than an image, precisely because it is an object of interpretation. But, what is a work? A singular complexity? The material translation of Artist’s intention? The testimony of a conception of the world peculiar to a period?

    Finally, the third difficulty is related to the specific distance created by the work of visual art: distance between the object and the medium used to account for it, but also distance to the work which, even if known, even seen mentally is nonetheless most often distant in space and time.

    Gabriel-Albert Aurier gives a definition we like, of symbolism in his work “Mercury of France of 1891”.

    We quote, “the work of art will have to be:

    firstly an ideist, since his unique ideal will be the expression of the idea,
    secondly symbolic, since it will express this idea in form,
    thirdly synthetic, since it will write its forms, its signs according to a mode of general comprehension,
    fourthly subjective, since the object will never be considered as an object, but as a sign perceived by the subject,
    fifth, the artwork will have to be decorative “
    Also, Erneste Cassirer in “Writings on Art”, says that the specificity of art is that it “gives us the intuition of forms” and that its function is to reveal the forms of nature and the mind.

    This means that what we intuit by means of art and artistic forms is a twofold reality, the reality of nature and that of human life.

    The great painters make us see the forms of external things; the great playwrights, the forms of our inner life.

    The following example shows what artistic objectivation is singular.

    I can cross a landscape and be sensitive to its charms. I can enjoy the clemency of the air, the freshness of the meadows, the diversity and cheerfulness of the colours, the scent of the flowers. But, my frame of mind can then experience a sudden change.

    From then on, I see the landscape with an artist’s eye – I begin to form a picture. I have now entered a new universe – the universe, no longer living things, but “living forms”.

    I live now, no longer in an immediate reality of things, but in the rhythm of spatial forms, in the harmony and contrast of colors, in the balance of shadow and light. The aesthetic experience consists in absorbing oneself in the dynamic aspect of the form.

    Ladies and gentlemen;

    Distinguished guests to your titles and qualities;

    Through this exhibition that we have described as “The quest for greatness …” we would like to share the experience of the external and visible world by resorting to the language of reason. Is he satisfied? We sense that a barrier always exists between the known and the knowable accessible by the mind and the fruit of common experience, and the unknowable that can be discerned from mere personal experience. As Eugene Delacroix said so well: ” It’s you to look at, not around you ”.

    Rich in his inner experience, the Artist gives a new meaning to the shapes, colors, words, images of the surrounding world that transport us, not to mention teleport, to another world.

    The artist invites us, in fact, to a journey from the outside world to the inner world, from the physical and sensory world to the psychic and spiritual world … It leads us from the representation of the world to its revelation. It does not only make us see, but also vibrate to the mysteries of a world bathed in silence (etymology of mystery). It makes us resonate with that beyond, this distant world which, however, lies deep in each of us.

    Through his gift and his inner experience, the artist makes us discover his moods and sometimes his soul.

    Eugène Delacroix, did he not go further by saying? ” Painting is a bridge thrown between souls ”.

    At rare moments privileged, the Artist goes even further. It makes us feel, beyond our human nature, the suprahuman spirit, the essence of things. The work is no longer to look at or listen to, it is, itself, look and listen. It suddenly shows us who we are, what we have always been and what we are called to become again. In this magic moment, art becomes sacred.

    That is why, Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you now to discover and interpret with us these four monuments of works of art that are the pride of Congolese genius and talent …

    Come and discover “THE QUETE DE LA GRANDEUR …”!

    Thank you.

    Honourable Thomas LUHUAKA LOSENDJOLA

    Joram Jojo

    Launch of the 2nd phase of the Strengthening Citizen Observation of Elections in Congo (PROCEC) Project

    Word from Ambassador Bart Ouvry, Head of Delegation of the European Union in the DRC

    Thursday, February 8, 2018

    Mr President of the CENI,

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Distinguished guests,

    I would first like to thank the organizers of this official launching ceremony of the second phase of the project Strengthening Citizen Election Observation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (PROCEC): the EISA Consortium and DRI and the 11 beneficiary organizations of the project , gathered in the Synergy of Election Observation Missions – SYMOCEL.

    The genesis of this project dates from the day after the last legislative and presidential elections of 2011 when the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union had issued as one of its main recommendations the support to civil society both in civic education electoral observation. Thus, a first phase of the project took place between June 2015 and December 2017 with the basic principle of the transmission of knowledge and the professionalization of citizen observers. The process of voter enlistment that ended a few days ago was a practical exercise for observers. The successive observation reports published by SYMOCEL have demonstrated their professionalism, methodology and rigor. The various analysts exchanged, analyzed, dissected the judgments, the draft laws, the electoral calendar and the articles published in the media and told us objectively and technically, how the electoral process unfolds and how it could be improved. Your presence in the provinces has further enriched these analyzes.

    Civil society, supported, organized and funded, represents an effective verification mechanism that is organized around advocacy for transparent and fair elections. Your observation, built around a solid methodology, thus contributes to the credibility of the process, and this credibility helps to calm the process. I think we are all aware in this room of the importance of this principle, especially in the current context.

    The electoral calendar and now the electoral legislation are at your disposal in order to follow the decisive stages: The CENI concluded last week the enlistment of the voters. You have already announced your intention to audit the file. The CENI has always declared itself open and ready for this exercise which will be decisive for credibility in the eyes of the stakeholders and the Congolese population, enlisted massively. The next steps will be decisive: the detection of duplicates, the law of distribution of seats, the filing of candidatures, the litigation of candidacies … finally, the convocation of the elections, the electoral campaign, the polls and the counting and compilation of results of the elections . Your follow-up will make a decisive contribution to the transparency and credibility of these steps.

    Your future actions and words should be strictly in accordance with the values ​​and requirements of the political neutrality, independence and professionalism promoted by the Declaration of International Principles for the Impartial Observation and Supervision of Elections by Citizen Organizations. We encourage you to work together with those who share the same principles and standards and promote them further.

    The support of the European Union to the electoral process is intended to be comprehensive and has as sole objective to contribute to the consolidation of democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We support the civil society, in the observation but also in the civic and electoral education with a broad program that brings together 12 organizations of the civil society in all the extent of the country and whose main objective, the promotion of the participation women and young people. As we have also said several times, we are ready to accompany the CENI, represented here today by its President, Mr. Corneille Nangaa Yobeluo, in his efforts to carry out these elections.

    I am pleased to be an ambassador for the European Union to encourage and support initiatives to further mobilize energies for free, democratic and transparent elections. These are the best guarantee of a stable and peaceful society, sustainable development and the prosperity of all Congolese.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Joram Jojo

    Emergency government intervention is needed to eradicate the erosion that engulfed several houses

    Emergency government intervention is needed to eradicate the erosion that engulfed several houses, including the Kimbanguist parish located at Ngafani neighbourhood in Selembao Commune. The situation is more than dramatic in view of the scale of damage caused by these devastating erosion. One of the notables of the district, in the person of Mr. Edmond Mavungu, had tried, a few years ago, with his weaknesses resources to fight against this catastrophe. But unfortunately ! If, he was able to control the progression of erosion on one side, it is not the case on the other side in the trajectory between Kasandji avenues and others, in addition to the perimeter of the parish Kimbanguiste.

    According to other notables of the neighborhood interviewed, a civil engineering or military work is needed to begin first filling garbage or sandbags, the ravines have caused gaping holes whose crevice soil can reach 5 to 10 meters deep.

    Other testimonies do not hesitate to speak of the human failure which would be at the base of these disasters for the simple and good reason that the district is invaded by anarchic constructions, that is to say, buildings built without no urban standard with intersecting avenues without thinking of the channels of channeling or evacuation of rainwater. That’s why, they say, it will be difficult even to send heavy vehicles into the neighborhood because of the inaccessibility of roads. Otherwise, many plots will be swallowed up. The flow of rains from the big By Pass Avenue in the municipality of Mont-Ngafula is making its way into built plots. The recent visit of the Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala had stopped in the axis Salvation Army while the situation remains just as worrying on the side of the Avenue de la Montagne from where, it will be necessary to open a pedestrian lane which starts from this avenue and must cross the avenues Lualaba, Lukaya to lead on the avenue Ngafani.

    Geographic location

    From Ngaba Roundabout to the Green City or UPN, Ngafani is on the right side of By Pass Avenue, opposite of the communal house of Mont-Ngafula. The Ngafani district is totally landlocked. To the east, it is border to the municipality of Makala, to the west by the camping area and Kitokimosi in the town of Selembao and south, by the same town of Selembao.

    Folder to follow.

    Joram Jojo

    Beginning of consultations of different social strata of the Ituri Province

    Bunia, Tuesday, February 13, 2018


    Beginning of consultations of different social strata of the Ituri Province by VPM Ramazani Shadary. Goal ? To find solutions for the tension that prevailed a few weeks ago in the territory of Djugu where attacks attributed to groups not otherwise identified so far has caused deaths of men on both sides, fires and looting . The meetings will continue in the day (yesterday ed). But at this stage of the approach of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, the groups received are unanimous: “It is not yet a question of talking about a conflict between the Lendu and Hema communities. The facts do not yet prove it solidly. The Deputy Prime Minister who visited the bishops of Bunia and Mahagi this Tuesday morning at the bishopric of Bunia on this situation before receiving the National and Provincial Deputies reiterated the will of the President of the Republic and the Government to put quickly end this situation with the help of everyone. His agenda this afternoon provides for hearings to the delegates of the communities’ Lendu and Hema, civil society, political parties, the press and other Iturians.

    Joram Jojo

    Cheik Anta Diop is and remains a bearer of a noble and precious thought for black Africa

    It has remained etched in the mind of the African man, because of his struggle for, among others, the defense of the values ​​of the African continent. He is Cheik Anta Diop. On the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the unexpected disappearance of this great Africanist, a conference-debate was organized on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 in Kinshasa, on the initiative of the Pan-Africanist Association, Afrosophia, under the theme: “The dynamic socio-political of precolonial Africa: four historiographical entries “. On this occasion, Professor Henri Mova Sakanyi, as a scientist, unveiled to the audience the need for all Africans to immerse themselves in the true history of their continent in order to defend it with all determination.

    To be honest, Cheik Anta Diop is and remains a bearer of a noble and precious thought for black Africa. This is implied, Henri Mova Sakanyi. According to him, the best way to pay tribute to this brave Africanist would simply be to perpetuate his work in favor of the majestic African continent, called the cradle of humanity. He spoke to a diverse audience, including university professors, political authorities, journalists, and also young people from all over the city to participate in this conference.

    As an example, Henri Mova Sakanyi focused on a few of the four main contemporary authors who have also embarked on the continuation of Cheik Anta Diop’s ideas. They are Gus Gasley-Hayford, Runoko Rashidi, Ivan and Thibeaud Obou. For these authors, the African man is a being of great value. Because, argue the latter, even intelligence has its source in Africa, one more reason, for the African to never feel complexed by the Western, relayed Henri Mova. Moreover, he added, according to all the great characters of Greece, “everything comes from Africa”.

    For all these authors, all the experiences that man has made throughout the world are none other than the works of the black continent. Thus, as if to revive the thought of Cheik Anta Diop, these authors managed to produce scientific works proving the veracity of the thesis of this great Africanist on Black Africa. In the following, they appealed to all Africans, that of appropriating this thought qualified noble to block the road to any domination of the white man.

    In the same straight line as Cheik Anta Diop, Henri Mova Sakanyi, in his speech, took the opportunity to make a frank appeal to all participants, young Congolese in particular. He urged them to continue Cheik Anta Diop’s struggle in the name of the general interest of Africa.

    In any case, ” we must know our history, which otherwise exists, because this story is not limited to having been dominated several years before by the whites. We must fight this fight so as not to be dominated tomorrow, “he said. “We want to be master of our destiny, since the signs of our recolonisation are visible”, concluded Henri Mova Sakanyi.

    Joram Jojo

    The illegal Detention of a Journalist in the facilities of the Congolese National Police in Tshikapa

    Journalist in danger (JED) protests against the illegal detention of a journalist in the facilities of the Congolese National Police in Tshikapa, capital of the province of Kasaï (Central DR Congo).

    According to testimonies collected by JED, Leonard Mwamba, director of the Kilimanjaro Community Radio station in Tshikapa and correspondent of the daily “La Prosperité” published in Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo, has been detained since Thursday, February 8, 2018 in a cell of the police station. local police on the order of the governor of Kasaï province, Marc Manyanga Ndambo.

    The journalist was arrested when he went to the provincial governorate to file some copies of the newspaper No. 4731 of February 5, 2018 containing an article entitled “Kasai: Marc Manyanga Ndambo at war against the reform of the public administration “, in which he denounced the management of the provincial governor. In this article, Leonard Mwamba asserted that “the provincial governor is determined to put the wheels in the wheels of the reform of the public administration by overriding all the legal provisions by creating a parallel administration of decentralized services by appointing its own heads of offices “.

    Without any arrest warrant issued against him, Leonard Mwamba was immediately taken to the local police station where he was briefly auditioned around this article before being taken to a jail where he is currently detained.

    Journalist in danger (JED) denounces this illegal arrest of journalist Leonard Mwamba and demands his immediate release.

    For JED, if the provincial governor has something to reproach the journalist for, he must do so in accordance with the laws and procedures of the country and not abusing his position to do justice.

    Joram Jojo

    The first of the Congolese National Deputies has been in the French capital for more than a week now. He was invited to the meeting of the Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie held from 1 to 2 February 2018 at the Palais de Luxembourg. Aubin Minaku had, therefore, the opportunity to personally meet the President of the French Senate, Gérard Larchet, to whom he gave the obvious assurances regarding the holding of elections on December 23rd. This, after meeting his counterpart of the French lower house.

    The vice is tightening, indeed, for the parties engaged to the organisation and the holding of the elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To avoid the superfluous approaches, provoked by the Congolese policies, which could lead to the failure of the electoral process, the French Republic, through the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophone -AFP-, decided well to follow this affair with the magnifying glass. As one of the main allies of DRC Congo, France intends to see the implementation of all the democratic commitments made by the Congolese authorities.

    On the table of contents at this meeting, the review of the political situation in the French-speaking world, the reports of the permanent committees and networks of women parliamentarians, as well as the reports of the regional missions.

    The speaker of the lower house did not go through the back of the spoon to spread the Congolese situation in times of extreme crisis. To try to blur the uncertainties that currently feeds the French Parliament around the political situation in DRC Congo, Aubin Minaku, as Honorary President of this world organisation of French-speaking parliamentarians, has soothed, somewhat, the President of the Senate, Mr. Gerard Larchet who expressed the unmistakable wish to see the electoral calendar be respected by the Congolese themselves, the first beneficiaries of the vote of the ballot box.

    Place now for the effective realisation of the elections, passing of course, by the respect of the dates, the laws, and the Congolese people, victim of the mismanagement of the Republic.

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