Five Congolese wounded by bullets in Bukavu

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    Joram Jojo

    Félix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi as new President

    Things are going fast at the 11th Street / Limete where is the lung of the eldest daughter of the Opposition, the Union for Democracy and Social Progress -Udps. Indeed, after the appointment, unsurprisingly, Félix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi as new President, so successor to Etienne Tshisekedi, the backbone of the party hitherto in place has been turned upside down with the resignation of Jean-Marc Kabund In Kabund as Secretary General where was he appointed by the lider maximo before his disappearance. The act is not a warning signal about a probable Felix-Kabund coexistence problem but would, according to reliable sources, be used in the field. After this resignation, normally, analysts deduce, the fresh President of the Udps will have to move to appointments at all levels. Will he renew Kabund as SG or SGA or will he choose not to be burdened with a Kabund free-thinker? Announcing a popular rally on April 24, it appears that soon, the one who calls himself Fatshi in social networks, will reveal to the world his first decisions at the head of the main political party of the Opposition.

    In the face of the rumors and speculation surrounding the resignation of Jean-Marc Kabund from the Udps General Secretariat, Peter Kazadi, one of the big names in this political group and former Legal Advisor to Etienne Tshisekedi, did not miss react. “It’s quite normal, because the Secretary General Jean-Marc Kabund has been appointed by President Tshisekedi, and now that there is a new president, it’s up to him to decide on the future of the party. He told Kabund, himself, on the columns of Sister, said he did not give in to the sirens of all kinds to remain faithful to the Udps he cherished and if he is renewed, he will always be so faithful. Read his words: “I came to submit my resignation. It is to answer a principle of administrative law, after its brilliant election to the presidency of the UDPS, I was in the duty to present to him my resignation to enable him to set up the new structures of the party. This (my renewal) depends on his discretion. If he brings me back, what I will do is not betray him or hurt him. I will remain loyal and faithful as I have been with President Tshisekedi. It’s not the job that interests me, it’s the party. I was federal president for 8 years. I am first and foremost a UDPS fighter. I remain at the disposal of the party and the president. We went to the congress and you know that I was not a candidate ”. After his coronation, Felix Tshisekedi said he wanted to revitalise the party, adapting it to the political issues of the day. And, it must be said that in a pre-election period such as that in which the DRC is, there is really a need to do so. At the MP, major formations like the AFDC and the PPRD have already taken action. The arrival of Ramazani Shadary at the head of the PPRD is judged as a result of a calculation for electoral purposes. In opposition, Katumbi has already put “Together for Change” in the coup. Soon, therefore, Fatshi will have to disclose his touch.

    Joram Jojo

    The course of the electoral process in the DRC

    Important actions in the course of the electoral process in the DRC have been asked recently. To start only with the closure of the electoral file in early January 2018, the publication of the electoral calendar end of 2017 set aside, it can be cited … the cleaning of the said file, the popularization of the machine or printer to vote that raises many passions , the request, then the acquisition of the list of valid political parties and groupings and, finally, the grooming of the Election File and the transmission to the Government of the draft law on the distribution of seats expected, moreover, to the Parliament for examination and adoption. If we are to believe the electoral calendar, fixed dates forgotten, it will be necessary, before the convocation of the electorate in June-July, that this text passes from a government bill to a document adopted by both before passing to the stage of its promulgation by President Kabila.

    Although the road ahead is still long and even painful, in the light of the contradictions that persist, it can be said that the CENI, presses the accelerator to go towards the actual organization of these elections expected December 23, 2018 so that the political-electoral crisis in the country is decanted definitively. However, not all observers are limited to this reading. If for some, the CENI and the duo CENI-Regime in place (Government) gives a steam in the engine of the electoral train on track to the path described by the electoral calendar, some intelligences to the Opposition, still dubitative they wonder whether the ruling Power does not, by these blows of steam, a superb blow of bluff on his unwavering will to frame the current process until elections said irreversible even by its more high authority; the president of the Republic.

    Why such a concern? Already, the specifications of the Opposition on the relaxation, the rejection of the voting machine, the revitalization of the CENI and the CSAC are not satisfied while these requirements would not cost the eyes of the head to the Power, according to the opponents. Beyond, at 8 months of December 2018, at the Presidential Majority where AFDC and PPRD shout “elections” on all roofs, nothing is said on a major deal, better indicator to reassure and convince any radical opponent, on the effectiveness of the December election meeting. Yes, it is, without language, the problem of the non-Representative of Joseph Kabila whose second and last constitutional mandate ended on December 19, 2016 and which, therefore, can no longer be to represent in the next elections according to the rules of the electoral game still in force. To clarify, it is question of the unveiling of the head (name) of the dolphin of the current Head of State. At the Opposition, pre-election period requires, all wolves and ” Cubs ” came out of the woods to announce themselves. So, what blocks on the other side? Is it necessary to wait for June-July to know or does the MP count on a “divine blow” such as chess to foil everything? Mystery. On top of all the other discordant concerns about the December games, this questioning is a prime one and pushes some to question whether the “correct” path of the electoral process so far is not a bluff or whether it is a real steam in the electoral machine for these elections-remedy? By December 23, the truth will be known.

    Joram Jojo

    Congolese media professionals, meeting under the label called Dynamique du 27 mai

    In view of the World Press Freedom Day initially scheduled for Thursday, May 3, Congolese media professionals, meeting under the label called “Dynamique du 27 mai”, held an extraordinary meeting on Thursday, April 12 2018 at UNPC headquarters in Gombe. Primary objective? Prepare the day, discussions around the salient topics of the news, and, finally, some miscellaneous. It should be noted that different media structures that advocate for the freedom of the fourth power took part in this major event.

    There is success only when the preparation meets opportunity, it is said. In doing so, media professionals have already begun preparing for the big day that will take place at the beginning of next month. To believe the SG of JED, May 3, 2018 should be a day of reflection on the state of the art of press freedom in the DRC. ” The May 27 Dynamics ” is nothing more than a platform for virtually all functional media organizations. This organization has set itself the task of working in synergy on issues affecting the profession with a view to improving and strengthening the work of journalists in the DRC. It was also a question of making an inventory on the situation of some files related to the news. Moreover, the epicenter of this debate was more focused on preparing for the World Press Freedom Day celebrated on May 3, which is a great moment for journalists all over the world, especially those in the DRC. look at the current reality. According to Tshivis Tshivuadi, General Secretary of Journaliste en Danger -JED-, it is extremely important for media professionals to reflect on how to improve the overall working environment of Congolese journalists during the celebration. “In this country, there are journalists who risk their lives to bring information, we will reflect on how to improve the general work environment,” he said. However, beyond the day of May 3, from now on, the Media Men decided, in unison, to give a shine to this event, while enacting virtually the entire month of May, like that of the freedom of the Congolese press. This is how a series of activities are planned. Among others, a walk of health, of communion with a view to consolidating the unity within the press of the DR Congo. Notwithstanding this recreational activity, official ceremonies are scheduled for Thursday, May 3rd. Some organisations will award prizes to media professionals who have distinguished themselves in the profession, especially in respect of the code of ethics and ethics of journalism. From the outset, answering journalists’ questions, Tshivis Tshivuadi, a member of the May 27th Dynamite, put the issue of the decriminalisation of the press offence on the table. In this regard, he demanded journalists professionalism in the profession. “We ask the journalists to facilitate us by their behaviour and their attitude, that they facilitate us the decriminalisation, that is to say, that we can have in the law a provision which says that a journalist can not go in prison because of writing, we will never accept that a journalist can suffer, even for a minute, deprivation of his freedom. We will make campaigns, to obtain this decriminalisation.

    Joram Jojo

    FARDC-Police (CCO) Joint Operations Coordination Centers in Kenya and Kamalondo

    The governor of Haut-Katanga, Jacques Kyabula, installed on Thursday January 9, 2020 two new FARDC-Police (CCO) Joint Operations Coordination Centers in Kenya and Kamalondo, municipalities of the city of Lubumbashi.

    According to the head of the provincial executive of Haut-Katanga, Kenya and Kamalondo are part of three communes where the CCO had not been installed.

    Jacques Kyabula, at the same time, indicated that the objective of installing the CCO in the different municipalities of Lubumbashi is to create proximity between the citizens and the security services.

    “We talked in technical terms of the decentralization of the CCO. Out of 7 communes, 4 were installed and there remained 3. Today, we are in the commune of Kenya to install the CCO and we have just had a meeting The Kenyan CCO is operational. Our concern is to create proximity between the citizens and the security services, “he said.

    We would like, added the governor of Haut-Katanga, that “the security of people and their property is guaranteed from the center that we are creating here in Kenya. That is just the object of our mission. we did in Kenya and Kamalondo “.

    As a reminder, Governor Jacques Kyabula has decided to decentralize the FARDC-Police Joint Operations Coordination Center in all the municipalities of Lubumbashi in December 2019. The objective is to strengthen the fight against the upsurge in insecurity , characterized by the rise of crime, in the capital of Haut-Katanga.

    Since the implementation of this strategy, several criminals have already been arrested.

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