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    Joram Jojo

    By an obligation to maintain the Democratic Republic of Congo in all its diversity, more generally, regular meetings between the two men will impose a change of substance to build the base of the new contract of the Nation. As the country is at a historic turning point in its destiny, supreme solutions will have to emerge from the ground where it is expected to review the way in which the state continues to organise itself.

    Democratic Republic of Congo
    The regular meetings between President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi and his predecessor Joseph Kabila is a great step forward for democracy in the DRC, said Monday the President of the National Assembly, Jeanine Mabunda in an interview on  an international radio.

    Indeed, to a question of whether the former President of the Republic Joseph Kabila Kabange would not hinder the action of the President of the Republic Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, the president of the lower house of the Congolese Parliament said ” a little bit surprised because they speak fluently enough.

    And for us, the Congolese, compared to the political history in confrontation that we have known, it is a big step forward. We could not hope that. And to continue: “It is for the first time that we make a transition where finally, a former President notes the election result that gives the voice to an old opposition, in a peaceful context”.

    Asked if the time put by the Democratic Republic of Congo without a prime minister did not worry him, Jeanine Mabunda said that discussions are under way and that we will soon land, stressing that the DRC does not is not an exception in this regard.

    “We saw that in other countries, whether Finland, Austria or Belgium took 580 days to find a prime minister,” she said before announcing that “we will go much faster than the 580 Belgian days “.

    “An obligation to have the Congo in all its diversity”. Moreover, to the question of whether the majority will make a gesture in favour of the opposition that is not yet present in the National Assembly, the president of the lower house reassured: “There is certainly an interest, an obligation to have the Congo in all its diversity “.

    Discussions are under way with the various opposition leaders on this issue, she said, explaining that the opposition is waiting for a counter-proposal from the majority that would go in the direction of perhaps compensating for what they consider that they have not obtained at the level of the office of the National Assembly.

    She said that the National Assembly is currently in the process of forming parliamentary groups, and will be working committees.

    “And it is perhaps within these different bodies that we can continue this dialogue to make everyone comfortable,” she believes. For Jeanine Mabunda who does not want to speak about an opposition that still has many faces, “it is the Congolese citizens who will judge.

    What we want is a constructive opposition, it is a democratic opposition, that all the sensibilities of the majority and of the opposition can express themselves, but with a certain sense of responsibility. Congolese are tired of politics “.

    Joram Jojo

    MP Mike Mukebayi is temporarily excluded from the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly

    Considering the need to preserve social peace in the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly, MP Mike Mukebayi is temporarily excluded for a period of 12 months. An exclusion accompanied by the withholding of his emoluments for the duration of the exclusion. This is revealed in the statement signed Monday, June 3, 2019 by Godé Mpoyi, the president of the APK. A decision that comes a few days after Provincial Deputy Mayasi Nene André, intervening by information motion on May 31, requested the waiver of immunities of the elected official of Lingwala, for insulting and insulting the customary chiefs sitting in office. APK. “Mike Mukebayi has failed professional ethics because of contempt of the Plenary Assembly,” the statement said.

    The temporary exclusion decision is taken by the Bureau of the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly after the opinion of the Plenary Assembly. However, the police commander of the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly is responsible for the execution of this decision, which comes into force on the date of its signature.

    The office of the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly is also involved in ensuring that the MP’s parliamentary immunities are lifted. The proceedings were instituted against the person concerned, accused in particular of defamation and blackmail.

    Once the immunities are lifted, the Kinshasa’s deliberative body will sue Mike Mukebayi.

    At the last plenary senace, Mike Mukebayi immediately denied the accusations by explaining that he was allegedly denigrated by a fellow outsourced by the journalist Pie Gerard Elenge and who called him a jerk among all the deputies . Therefore, he told his interlocutor that there were at the APK of the illiterate traditional chiefs to demonstrate that he is not the most stupid of this House. “I assume, that they open the prosecution, it is Godé Mpoyi who has instrumentalized them. He said he will kneel me to ask forgiveness in front of everyone, I will not do it, I will not bow to the pride of Godé Mpoyi. He is president of the assembly, he is not president everywhere, I am ready to go to court and I do not think I will lose, the war has started, “he said.

    According to him, indeed, ” they accuse me of defamation because I answered an interview where I was treated from below and I said that you could not treat me that way because there is customary chiefs here at the assembly are lower than me, I do not blame anything, “said MP Mike Mukebayi, one of his colleagues is calling for the lifting of immunities.

    Joram Jojo

    New Directors of DR Congo National Society of the Railways of Congo (SNCC) named

    Yesterday evening, on the airwaves of the RTNC, the spokesman of the President of the Republic, Kasongo Mwema proceeded to the reading of two orders naming agents to the National Society of the Railways of Congo (SNCC) and to Gécamines . The big surprise, Antoine-Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza is appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA) of the SNCC, Fabien Mutomb wa Mutomb as Director General and Jacques Kamenga Tshimuanga as Deputy Director General. As for Gécamines, Albert Yuma Mulimbi is being re-elected as PCA, while Jean-Michel Lukonde Kyenge and Bester Hilaire Ntambwe Ngoy have been appointed respectively, General Manager and Deputy General Manager.

    It was around 8 pm that the spokesman of the Head of State, appeared on the airwaves of the national chain to announce this important communication of the Presidency of the Republic concerning the appointment of agents in certain companies of the portfolio. Thus, the controversy is laid to the ground, Baba wa Katanga is now the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Congolese Society of Congo Railways, SNCC. Since the advent of Felix Tshisekedi at the head of the country, Gabriel Kyungu has stated, loudly and repeatedly, that he would never oppose Etienne Tshisekedi’s biological son, happy memory. This, at the very price of his membership of the LAMUKA coalition. Some people think that this appointment is a form of reward attributed to him by the Head of State thanks to his rapprochement. Kyungu will not go alone in this company, he will have with him a team consisting of Fabien Mutomb who is appointed CEO and Jacques Kamenga who is appointed DGA of the same company. Other figures will also be part of this team in particular: Trésor Kampela Kyangala, Hervé Ndumb Moj, Brigitte Mpande Lutebula, Emmanuel Nkulu Kilumba, as administrators.

    In addition, Albert Yuma, renewed as PCA of Gécamines, will oversee the management of this company, which will now be led directly by Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde Kyenge (DG) and Bester Hilaire Ntambwe Ngoy Kabongo (DGA). Directors include Lukano Tshakwiza Rose, Mwine Kabiena Leon, Kaputo Kalubi Alphonse, Mumba Sankalimba Philippe, Kitenge Kaumbu Rubis and finally Lukama Guy Robert.

    Joram Jojo

    AFDC-A Political Party

    Members of the AFDC-A Political Party, who have responsibilities in the institutions at national or provincial level on behalf of the Common Front for Congo, FCC in acronym, are asked to clarify their position of belonging or not. to the FCC within 72 hours of the date of this news release.

    Done at Kinshasa, on July 11, 2019.

    For AFDC-A;

    Hon. ILUNGA NKULU Nene


    Joram Jojo

    Pierre Kangudia Mbayi Declared by Court as Winner of legislative polls

    If the judgements of the Constitutional Court, publishing the final results of the legislative elections of December 30, 2018, left a bitter taste on the part of some candidates and voters, they will however have the seal of joy with Pierre Kangudia Mbayi, current Minister of Justice. State in charge of Budget, as well as activists of the Congolese Front for Democracy (FCD), his political party, member of the Common Front for Congo (FCC). Concerned since the proclamation of the provisional results by the CENI giving for non-elected its number, the base of the FCD, in all Mont-Amba, jumped of joy, after the final proclamation of the legislative polls, on July 2 and 3, by the high Court.

    From Limete, going to Ngaba, crossing Matete and Kinsenso, to reach Lemba, that is to say, in all the communes of Mont-Amba, motorized caravans were abruptly organized to celebrate this rehabilitation of Pierre Kangudia, to the detriment of Jean Goubald Kalala. After improvised festivities in his residence the night he was declared elected by the Constitutional Court, Pierre Kangundia went down on the ground, in order to commune with his electorate, while admitting his overflowing desire to circulate in all five communes of Mont -Amba, in the sense of showing his gratitude to his base. The base had not hesitated to walk from Mont-Amba to the seat of the High Court, to denounce superfluous maneuvers and roughness, while this jurisdiction had embarked on the examination for rectification of material errors, after the invalidation of an armada of national MPs of the Lamuka coalition.

    In the commune of Lemba where he began his hike of thanks, the moral authority of FCD was greeted by a cheering crowd. The latter who did not stop singing on the occasion of this victory came to the ultimate moments. Kangudia Mbayi has, in this circumstance, expressed his gratitude to the young and old of the commune of Lemba who, in the legislative elections, have with confidence voted No. 272. His victory is theirs, he said. At the same time, he thanked them for all the support he had given during the frightful periods when they were waiting for the final judgment of the Constitutional Court.

    The Minister of State in charge of Budget has promised to never give up his base, given the trust that it gives him. He indicated that he will fight with all his forces, in the National Assembly, to bring favourable answers to the wishes of all the inhabitants of the district of Mont-Amba.

    The affides of this large-scale politician have, in turn, invited him to fight as much as possible for the improvement of the living conditions of the population, while hoping that he will not stop his individual actions to the rescue of all the girls and sons who make up his electorate. Also, they believe, hard like iron, that the standard-bearer of the FCD will not fail to initiate appropriate laws to guarantee the strict application of the budget forecasts.

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