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The Mirage of the angolan government in the investigations against Isabel Dos Santos in the policy of asset recovery will be a failure
Subject: Asset Recovery, is it possible?
I believe that we are all waiting and hoping for the “recovery of assets” in the luanda leaks process, the issue is quite relevant from a legal point
From the knowledge I have acquired over time, experience shows us that every economic agent (Entrepreneur) does not have the goods in their name.
Now let’s imagine that Mrs. Isabel Dos Santos, be in the name of a society “offshore”.

Therefore, angolan justice has no sophisticated means to investigate this type of economic crime of greater complexity. Even worse will be the recovery of assets on behalf of third parties
So this is another legal battle, where many countries fight to recover their assets or assets.
One of the examples that happened in Portugal, in the case of former Benfica President Mr. João Vale Azevedo. Did his time, never returning the money from the creditors.
When the assets are in the name of third parties, whose headquarters is usually tax paradise, it is better to forget, the state cannot recover And if you can get them back, it will only happen after twenty years
Is it possible an international court order against Mrs. Isabel of saints?
R: the international court may be fired, but hardly mrs. Isabel Dos Santos will be arrested because she has several nationalities.
Only public knowledge: Angolan, Russian, Congolese and English nationality, apart from the others we don’t know…
Prior note: the above countries do not provide for in the constitution of extradited the national citizen, this is the case of Isabel of saints. So another obstacle to angolan justice.
It is, of course, an international order, conditions any citizen Even if the citizen has several nationalities, this always creates restrictions.
Therefore, the evidence collected in luanda leaks does not serve as evidence in the court. “the criminal procedure” is not allowed illegal evidence. This is the specific case.
However, journalistic investigations outside the law do not serve as evidence.
In the text passed we mention the effects of luanda leaks, and the domino pieces that have already fallen in particular; ” Mário Leite Da Silva, Jorge Brito Pereira, Paula Oliveira, Jaime Esteves, Vanessa Loureiro and rui
Honestly, Mrs. Isabel Dos Santos has (400) four hundred companies worldwide, it’s an exaggeration!!!

For all purposes, in national and international public opinion, the name of the family of saints is already condemned. Unfortunately, it’s life.
Yeah, obviously some are sad about the fall of the saints family. Who knew that day would come… so the fall of the saints family is the price yours is deleting.
Finally, the ongoing process needs negotiations between the parties, provided there is good faith.
In this interregnum, I leave you my contribution, and I hope that the lawyers will speak too.

It’s sacatindi

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