The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church led by the Holy Spirit will be based on justice, spiritual and law according to the constitution of the church article 2 and article 3 according to the date of January 1, 2018 S. M. It is noted that the decision that was made in our church regarding the current religious, legal and administrative violations that have been made in our church, the people who committed the coup and the coup attempt was made illegally.

Following this, the higher body of our church has been preparing a series of decisions and messages about the violation of the constitution of our country and the law of the church. It is remembered that the people have been giving press release and warning through the holy synod and the pope.
Regarding the statement made by the government communication service on the current issue, the points made by the press release are ignoring the glory, history and truth of our holy church, so that those who don’t have complete information on the issue may have wrong understanding. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo on the main points of the statement. Church Public Relations Directorate has responded to the followers.

Regarding the first article of the statement “the government believes that the separation between the fathers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church should be resolved peacefully and through internal procedures”
 As it is known, there is no discrimination between the fathers of the church. According to the decision of the Holy Synod, there are no blessed fathers who are recognised as the fathers of our church but they have caused misunderstanding.
Statement given by the government communication service: The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church which has the only legal body under the holy spirit, the supreme body of our church, Holy Synod, has denounced that individuals are still legal bodies and will be given recognition. The church believes that it is unfair because it is not fair. You will not accept a statement.

We have found evidence that the government has not accepted the last decision made by the peaceful Synods in its spiritual and administrative functions.
After the government media silencing the voice of the holy church, the church will realise that it is a press release and audience have a confused understanding.
In the second article of the statement “… Regarding what he said, he was supporting to solve the problems that challenge the unity of the institutions through discussion and internal work.
The government is cooperating with individuals and groups that are illegal in our church mentioned in the press release. January 1, 2018. S. M. It is memorable that the Holy Synod announced by the press release, we have found that the government is not spared from this action.
While there are some people who say that the government should not interfere in the matters of religion, but in practice, the government has not stopped supporting the illegal groups and killing the believers, by using the church to support the illegal groups and breaking the key to invading our church. While it is clear that an absolutely inappropriate and illegal act is available for all listeners and viewers, we have found a wrong statement from our prime minister who made the announcement of the holy synod line by pointing out his mistakes.

In the 4th article of the statement, “Elders of the country and religious leaders are presenting the two sides.. Regarding what he said “
As the Holy Synod clearly stated on the response given by the Prime Minister, the government is still observing the fact that the government has been condemned and treated differently from the Holy Synod as equal and opposite to the Holy Synod.
At this time when the holy church’s forms are being raped and her majesty is being violated with the help of the government, the closed internal affairs issue has been answered and shows it to the old age, it doesn’t give a complete picture for all who hear it and the mission pillar of our holy church is to be based on the respectable idea called “oldness” is not appropriate.
Among the ideas put forth in the fourth article of the statement “… It is the duty of the security forces to ensure the peace and security of the local people and religious institutions. Regarding the ideas that the media bodies have to refrain from presenting things that will aggravate the problem.
Even though the idea mentioned in the press release has some limits, the action that is being seen clearly, according to the Holy Synod’s press release on January 1, 2019 the government is giving the legal church protection and protection to illegal groups instead of giving legal protection and protection, it is taking away the lives of believers and destroying the image of our church with organised security forces. The church understands its idea that this statement denies the fact that he is raping and making others to be raped.

The government that has banned the government media from reporting the press release of the church’s superintendent Holy Synod, is threatening media bodies that are doing their legal and conscious work and trying to suppress the voice of our church. We have found it to be a press release that it is trying to suppress our church’s voice. Therefore, it is absolutely inappropriate.
In the 4th article of the statement “… It has been found that the forces that tried in different ways to destroy the country are working to make the problem worse and not to be solved. Regarding the idea of fruit described as “
Our holy church is abhorrent to actions that destroy the country in any case, and it is known that her main mission is to sustain the existence of the country by respecting the ark of covenant on different battlefields and calling her followers to struggle and is protecting the existence of the nation. If the government does something like in its statement, the holy church will be the first opposition. For this reason, the evidence is that its doing every activity in perfectly peaceful and legal manner.
The church has announced that the government is aware that the country destroying forces who want the problem to not be solved and will be given special support. The church has again warned the government to refrain from supporting and aiding illegal people.
According to the press release, the problem will be solved by the existence of the holy church, its legality, its institutional freedom and the lack of legal protection it should get from the government and it is treated equal to illegal entities. We would like to remind you that the press release clearly stated that the holy church strongly condemns and opposes it.
At the very last paragraph of the statement”.. Regarding what he said, the government would like to announce that it will enforce the law on those who try to exacerbate the problem and create conflict between the people and put the country into a test.
We remind again that Ethiopia will not be up for negotiation starting from the upper body of the Holy Synod to its lower administrative structure to its followers, Ethiopia will not negotiate the issue of peace, unity of the people and the rule of law by using the authority and the legal question of our church that cannot be solved by killing, imprisonment, and intimidation. Our church would like to reaffirm that it can only be done with justice.
Finally, when the government issued this statement on January 1, 2018. When we look at the fact that the government has not mentioned the illegal, disgusting and brutal killings and massacres committed by the government in Shashemene town, we can easily understand the clear role of the government.
Therefore, we urge the government to stop the support of illegal groups and to be their tongue and stop the support and aid it has given to the church by apologising.
Praise the Lord!.
January 26 2018 ም
Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church
Department of Public Relations