“Demolishing the church is an attempt to destroy the government and the country, so it should not be allowed” – Russian ambassador to Ethiopia Evgeny Turkhin
His Holiness Abune Matiyas has welcomed the members of the Russian Federation Parliament (Duma) and the Ambassador of Russia in Ethiopia, Ambassador Evgeny Turkihin in his office.
The delegates have come today to express their respect, unity and support for the Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church Abune Matiyas Patriarch, Pope Zeaxum Wechege Zemenbere Tekle Haymanot.
According to Mr. Nikolay Nobichko, a member of the parliament of the Russian Federation (Duma) said, the churches of Russia and Ethiopia are going through difficult times. But he said that they will overcome the problems they are facing together in prayer.

Russian ambassador to EthiopiaRussia, as always, supports all cultural and religious values. In addition, they said that they will pray for all believers who are in this difficult situation.
The member of the parliament also stated that it was the first time they met their holiness and in their discussion they discussed their relationship with the country and the issues of the church during this difficult time. Also they said that they think that the delegation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church will be in Moscow next week.

Russian ambassador to Ethiopia

The Ethiopian people are brothers to Russia, Ivgeny Turkihin, the Russian ambassador to Ethiopia, said that since the Ethiopian people are close to Russia, they will look closely at the problems they face. The demolition of the church is an attempt to destroy the government and the country, so it should not be allowed. However, since it is not the first time when problems arise, the Ethiopian church and the people at large can still pass like before. They say they do believe it.
I believe that Ambassador Evgeny Turkihi will get out of this problem by using the laws, structures and values he said. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has its own law that is governed by it, and has to solve the problem by its own laws.