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Joram JojoJoram Jojo

    In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

    Field Bulletin
    April 28, 2023

    The Rapid Support Forces confirm their tight control over 90% of the entire state of Khartoum, and that all entry points into the state are fully secured by our forces.
    Today, the locations of the concentration of our forces received large numbers of the coup forces who surrendered themselves, refusing to fight alongside the ranks of the coup leaders and the remnants of the defunct regime. Many other ranks are being counted.
    The camps of the putschist forces and remnants of the defunct regime witnessed the escape of dozens, leaving behind their rifles and military uniforms.
    Our forces repelled a number of attacks by the coup forces and the remnants on the positions of the forces, in addition to the continuous attacks by air and artillery, in violation of the humanitarian truce, as our forces dealt with the aggressor forces decisively and inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipment.
    In terms of helping the citizens to obtain basic services, our forces started with the help of an engineering team in addressing the marine water problem, as they moved today, accompanied by the engineering team, to the water station, but the coup forces fired heavy fire on them, which disrupted the repair work of the station.
    In addition, our forces have intensified their activities in the locations they control to combat looting and theft, as the campaigns, with the help of the citizens, have resulted in the arrest of large numbers of criminals, all of whom have been kept in custody.
    This morning, our forces facilitated the movement and arrival of a number of gold building merchants in Khartoum to their shops and the withdrawal of their goods, amid great praise from them for the great effort of the forces in preserving their property.
    The coup leaders of the armed forces and the remnants of the defunct regime continued to spread intense rumours and practice widespread media misinformation through the mouthpieces of the defunct regime, known in the armed forces and some of the beneficiaries of Al-Arzqia, to deal with the great defeats that their forces suffered in a number of axes and their loss of control over 90% of Khartoum state.
    The Rapid Support Forces renew their full commitment to the declared humanitarian truce to open safe passages for citizens to meet their basic needs and to facilitate the evacuation of foreign nationals. We also refer to the continuous violations of the coup leaders and the extremist remnants of the defunct regime due to the multiplicity and conflict of decision-making centres within them, as this was evident in the conflicting statements issued by them.

    The official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces