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Brigades from the al-Aylafon camp

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful


The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) swiftly and valiantly responded to an attack by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and its allied militias linked to the former regime, including mobilized civilians who were forced to fight in this war. These brigades of mobilized civilians originated from the al-Aylafon camp in East Nile on Thursday and Friday.

Our soldiers successfully repelled the SAF and its extremist allies, inflicting significant casualties and materiel losses on the opposing force. The SAF and its brethren were seen fleeing, seeking refuge in civilian homes.

The battle resulted in severe losses for the SAF: more than 120 fatalities, 70 captives — most of whom were mobilized civilians — and the capture of 10 fully equipped vehicles (Dushka) and three armored vehicles.

Any attempts by the SAF and its extremist allies to lure mobilized civilians into Khartoum will be met with resolute action. Our soldiers remain alert and ready to confront the SAF and its allies backed by the former regime.

We previously cautioned against mobilizing civilians and forcing them to fight in this war. Actions such as these are nothing more than a desperate attempt to boost morale among the SAF, whose numbers are rapidly dwindling and whose corrupt leader, General Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, cowardly fled the battlefield at the hands of our soldiers.

We have consistently urged our citizens not to succumb to the devious plots of the SAF and its extremist patrons from the former regime, who heartlessly aim to draw young Sudanese civilians into this war. Their objective is only to fulfill hidden agendas and regain power, regardless of the cost in innocent lives.

In defense of our people, the RSF fights today to realize the aspirations of our citizens for freedom, peace, and justice. We promise our people that we will lay the groundwork for a new democratic Sudan — a Sudan that puts an end to the suffering of its citizens, ensures security and stability, and establishes state institutions on a fair and equitable foundation, respecting and preserving the rich diversity and rights of our population.

Office of the Official Spokesperson
Rapid Support Forces