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Joram JojoJoram Jojo

    Extremist elements of the defunct regime

    In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful
    Rapid Support Forces

    Important statement
    May 7, 2023
    We have seen documented statements of a number of putschists and extremist terrorist elements of the defunct regime calling on the coup leaders directly to shift to a scorched earth policy by carrying out genocide against the Sudanese people by bombing all the cities of Khartoum state with aircraft and cannons, including the sites where the detainees of the armed forces are held by our forces.
    The crimes of genocide and the violation of human rights is the behaviour of the putschists and the remnants of the defunct regime who, during thirty years, have practiced the most heinous types of violations against our people. The best evidence is that a number of the leaders of their repressive regime are wanted by the International Criminal Court.
    The successive victories of our forces confused the putschists and their collaborators from the defunct regime and ISIS, and caused them great frustration because they realized that the hour of their demise had come forever. Therefore, they seek by all means to restore their kingship, even if over the skulls and blood of our great people.
    The putschists continued their campaign of lies and debunked deceit by accusing members of the Resistance Committees and other honourable people of supporting the Rapid Support Forces after their miserable claims that our forces sought the help of fighters from neighbouring countries were exposed. Perhaps tomorrow we will witness the naming of supporters from new sides as a figment of their sick imagination.


    The official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces