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Malicious attempts to criminalize the Rapid Support Forces

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Rapid Support Forces

important statement
May 13, 2023

The Rapid Support Forces are following up on the malicious attempts that the putschists and terrorist remnants are working to weave in the dark to criminalize the Rapid Support Forces in an open effort to manage their disappointments and defeats at the hands of our valiant forces in the battles taking place now. Cheap to face their opponents, which is not strange to them.
We also affirm that we will not hesitate to hold any member of our forces accountable, regardless of his position, if he practices an act or behaviour that violates the law or offends our honourable people. When we were forced to fight this war, we did so only in defense of our people and in confronting the plots of the remnants who want to enslave people and restore the years of oppression. And tyranny in which they tasted the country and its people two things.
Accordingly, and for all of the above, we have taken the following measures to deal with the systematic campaign against our forces and with all forms of violations that occur from whatever side:
– Since the first day of this crisis, we have formed a special force to protect civilians, consisting of 40 vehicles, to resolve all negative phenomena in the locations controlled by our forces. In order to create channels of communication with the honourable citizens, we have allocated a contact number to receive reports, complaints, and requests for help. Many appeals have been answered by citizens who called on the forces, and criminals were arrested red-handed in attempts to steal and plunder public and private facilities, in addition to the arrest of a large number of impersonators of the forces. All of them are documented on the official pages of the forces on social networking sites.
– Our forces are in full contact with a number of human rights organizations through the Human Rights Unit of the Rapid Support Forces to provide them with all the facts about the violations of the putschists and the defunct regime, including the explicit calls for the annihilation of our people, which began through air strikes on populated residential places, which caused the death of dozens. Innocent civilians, and also to receive any complaints or information regarding any abuses from our employees, which we will deal with firmly, firmly, and without complacency.
– We call on all neighbourhood committees and organizations to communicate with our headquarters that are spread throughout most of the capital and coordinate with them to protect the areas from outlaws and criminals, and to maintain the security and stability of civilians and not to harm them, which was implemented in a number of areas and led to fruitful and constructive cooperation between the Rapid Support Forces and the residents of the areas. different.
Finally, we affirm that the overt campaign for which the putschists have prepared media rooms inside and outside the country aims to isolate our forces from the masses of our people.
We also stress that the Rapid Support Forces renew their strict position that they will not provide protection to any individual or group that attempts to carry out acts contrary to the law, and affirm that the directives issued to all centres in the capital and the states are to deal firmly with all reports received from citizens regarding looting and theft crimes.

The official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces