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Rebel convoys were destroyed in the south of Al-Zariba and Al-Muwaileh

General Command of the Armed Forces

Sunday, April 30, 2023 AD

General Command of the Armed Forces

The evacuation of state nationals will continue from Wadi Sedna base, which currently does not face any threats and is not expected to be affected by any threats.

The enemy’s moving columns’ movements from the west to the capital continue to be monitored, which confirms the enemy’s continued violation. The declared truce, these convoys were destroyed at dawn today in the areas south of Al-Zariba and Al-Muwaileh, and a convoy was destroyed in the Fatasheh area, which was in the process of supporting the mobile rebel force in Al-Sadarat Street.

The armed forces continue to monitor the movements of the rebels in every inch of the country and will confront them with force and thwart them.
The rebels turned the East Nile Hospital into a heavily armed military barracks and command centre for operations and continued hostile action after evacuating it from patients, including critical cases, in intensive care.

The indiscriminate shelling and the continued looting of public and private property, including banks and shops And the homes of citizens continue.

We are continuing to create appropriate conditions for the police to gradually take to the streets in conjunction with combing operations.

We renew our call to the enemy personnel to desist from continuing this losing adventure and to take advantage of the Commander-in-Chief’s pardon by reporting to the nearest military area or unit.

Office of the Official Spokesperson for the Armed Forces