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Sudan Media disinformation campaigns

In continuation of the media’s disinformation campaigns by spreading lies and allegations to cover up their actions and deeds, the coup leaders of the armed forces, backed by the extremist remnants of the defunct regime, claimed that our forces attacked a Turkish evacuation plane, which are allegations that are denied by reality and the facts on the ground.


Our forces have remained strictly committed to the humanitarian truce that we agreed upon since midnight, and it is not true that we targeted any aircraft in the sky of Wadi Sayedna in Omdurman, which is an area not under the control of our forces and we do not have any forces in its vicinity. Therefore, the entire responsibility rests with the putschists who are trying to accuse our forces. To sabotage our relations with brotherly and friendly countries, and every time their despicable plans are blown up by showing the facts.
How can it be rational to attack a Turkish evacuation plane by our forces, while we are the ones who protected the mission over the past days and evacuated it from all the cities of the capital?

The truth is that it was clear through the flight of warplanes and their bombardment of the positions of our forces since dawn today, Friday, and the attack on Jabal Awlia base, and the bombing of citizens’ homes in Al-Salha, Al-Thawrat, and Umbada, that the armistice decision was just a manoeuvre and deception by the coup plotters for the parties to the initiative to continue bombing our positions, as the warplanes are still flying in The sky of Khartoum and with the testimony of citizens and residents of brotherly and friendly countries.

The official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces