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The battle of Al-Matar neighbourhood was qualitative

Brigadier General Dr. Al-Taher Abu Haja writes:


(We will not accept any negotiations in order for the rebel to catch his breath)

(And if she came free of all defects, negotiations are rejected.)

thank God. The battle of Al-Matar neighbourhood was qualitative, like its predecessors.. and with great skill.. Our forces possessed the initiative with statement and action, not talk and deceit.. Any negotiation or attempts that would strengthen the enemy and help him catch his breath will not be accepted, even if it comes clear of every defect.
The course of the battle on the ground confirms that our valiant armed forces are besieging the rebellion in the narrowest range and controlling the siege on it firmly, and here their voices are crying out loud and they are seeking to prolong the armistice, hoping that one day it will ease their torment.
Today, however, there is no protection for them from our fire, which burns and crushes them, and today their wailing, pleading and begging are increasing in order for us to sit with them at the negotiation table and dialogue here and there.
Now you realize the importance of dialogue. Didn’t you say when your strength and camps deceived you, I don’t think you will ever annihilate these, and I don’t think the army will be able to defeat me.
You disbelieved in your grace and disavowed the army that brought you from the desert and appointed you as an officer, so you did your deed after which the army will pursue you whatever is found in the land of Sudan and not only the army but all the people will pursue you with their curses
The armed forces will fight until the last rebel surrenders or surrenders
You will fight until the trees call out that behind me is a rebel, so take him to be an example for those who are considered.