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The defunct regime’s violations of the declared humanitarian truce

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Field Bulletin
April 29, 2023
The armed forces’ coup leaders and remnants of the defunct regime’s violations of the declared humanitarian truce continued, as they attacked, with aircraft and artillery, the control sites of our forces in a number of areas in Khartoum state, due to the multiplicity and conflict of decision-making centres within the putschists.
The coup plotters and the extremist remnants of the defunct regime continued to violate the armistice by encroaching on the camp of the Rapid Support Forces in the Saliha area, west of Omdurman, where our forces confronted a convoy of more than 200 vehicles and destroyed it completely, and the capture of large numbers of the coup forces.
The forces of the putschists and the extremist remnants of the regime mobilized the cadres of the Popular Security, the students, and the Popular Defense, dressed them in the uniform of the central reserve forces, and pushed them into the battlefield, in an attempt to expand the circle of war by involving the police forces in a battle to which they are not a party.
The Rapid Support Forces, in their areas of control, carried out intensive campaigns to combat looting and vandalism of public and private property, as they resulted in the arrest of a number of suspects in the act of looting the Bank of Khartoum, Soba East branch.
The forces received a number of communications from citizens in a number of residential neighbourhoods, which were dealt with as quickly as required.
The putschists and the extremist remnants of the defunct regime continued to spread misleading rumours, claiming that there were 10 brigades coming to Khartoum in an attempt to raise morale after the destruction of the mobile in Al-Salha area, west of Omdurman. In the Rapid Support Forces, which are lies that do not deceive the prudent citizen.
A large number of honourable armed forces joined the choice of the Sudanese people, as they surrendered to the stationing sites of our forces deployed in the state of Khartoum, refusing to fight alongside the extremist remnants of the defunct regime, while the coup camps recorded the flight of large numbers of forces, which forced the coup leaders to force them to fight under Threatening the people’s security cadres.
The Rapid Support Forces affirm their full commitment to the declared humanitarian truce to open safe paths for citizens to meet their needs and to facilitate the evacuation of foreign nationals.
The Rapid Support Forces declare their rejection of the threats of the putschists and the extremist remnants of the defunct regime to the media and their attempt to intimidate and intimidate them and prevent them from reporting the facts on the ground. The threats and intimidation carried by the putschists’ statement to satellite channels and media professionals violate international laws and norms that grant media workers immunity to obtain and publish true information.
We renew the call to the honourable armed forces to join the choice of the Sudanese people who reject the coup, the return of the remnants of the former regime to power and the undermining of the glorious revolution.
We note to all citizens and residents that the Rapid Support Forces are fully prepared to follow up on all complaints received at their locations in Khartoum, and that they will spare no effort for the safety and security of citizens.

The official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces