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The indiscriminate attack by air and artillery bombardment on civilians

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

May 18, 2023

The coup forces and remnants continued the indiscriminate attack by air and artillery bombardment on civilians in populated areas, burning shops, markets and fuel pumps. The aircraft also targeted farms in the eastern Nile and Hillat Koko area, causing a number of deaths and injuries.

Citizens in the bases of the putschists and the remnants were subjected to attacks, beatings and humiliation on an abhorrent racial and racial basis. Money and phones of citizens were seized, and a number of houses were looted in the areas controlled by the remnants. Citizens were expelled from their homes and seized, and a number of hospitals in the capital, Khartoum, were occupied and others were destroyed by bombing. Aviation and artillery.
Today, the putschists in Nyala committed a crime against innocent civilians, as a number of residential neighbourhoods were bombed with heavy artillery, causing the death and injury of dozens of citizens.
We monitor the efforts of the leadership of the coup forces and employees of the defunct regime to seek the help of foreign mercenaries in order to support them after their terrible defeats in the battles, in addition to attempts to recruit citizens and launch calls for the Popular Defense Forces in the west of the country to participate in the fighting, and the putschists received a strong blow from a number of tribes that refused to participate in the war, confirming It did not support the putschists for the return of the former regime to power, and we also monitored a weak response from the employees of the dissolved National Congress and the shadow brigades.

The putschists are still practicing lies and misleading to raise the morale of their defeated forces in the field, and distort the image of the Rapid Support Forces through many dirty practices that our honourable people have experienced for thirty years.

Glory and eternity to our martyrs
The official spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces