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    Joram JojoJoram Jojo

      In a recent massacre, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and its allied militias linked to the former regime have bombarded several locations in Nyala, South Darfur. These attacks resulted in the tragic loss of 40 innocent lives, including women and children. Additionally, hundreds were injured, with search operations now underway to find more bodies beneath the rubble.
      Abdel Fattah al-Burhan

      On Wednesday, SAF warplanes conducted ruthless barrel bombings on numerous parts of Nyala. These included the public market, al-Malja market, the al-Daein bus station, and several residential neighbourhoods such as Texas, al-Sad al-A’ali, al-Wihda, the Airport neighbourhood, and the Eastern al-Fania neighbourhood. These horrifying attacks targeted innocent civilians, transforming the city into a scene of bloodshed and sorrow.

      The use of Antonov warplanes and barrel bombs to target civilians is a heinous crime, reminiscent of the former regime’s longstanding history of brutalising the Sudanese people. Notably, the SAF airstrikes on Nyala neither impacted any military personnel, nor targeted the positions of our forces. This further underscores the SAF’s aim to conduct organised ethnically and tribally based attacks on our people.

      The use of barrel bombs and other destructive weaponry against civilians must be immediately condemned, denounced, and investigated by all local, regional, and international human rights organisations, as well as those focused on genocide and crimes against humanity.

      We remain resolute in our commitment to end the era of oppression of the former regime. United, we will eradicate these criminals and terrorists, and pave the way for a nation founded on peace, justice, and democracy.

      Office of the Official Spokesperson
      Rapid Support Forces

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