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    Joram JojoJoram Jojo

      As usual, the Ethiopian Dictatorship of Abiy Ahmed has manufacturing a new enemy and a provocative war on the Amhara people by concocting crimes. From the statement below by the so called Ethiopia joint security and security force, shows a familiar pattern that Dictator Abiy loves using.

      A statement given by the Ethiopia joint security and security force

      The Security and Security Joint Force is taking strict measures against extremist forces in the country and abroad that are working together in Amhara region and in order to dismantle the constitutional system and take regional power. April 20, 2015 The announcement will be remembered by the press release.

      security and security force
      According to the measures taken by the joint security and security forces, 47 suspects who were active and committed terrorist activities in this group, the statement sent to the media has shown that they have captured 47 suspects with a lot of suicide bombers, bombs and torrential explosives as well as satellite devices and laptops with different information. It has been reported that the suspects have been working together in the country and abroad to overthrow the federal government by targeting the higher officials of Amhara region, undermining the constitutional system by force, controlling the state’s structure.
      In the press release the force has sent to the media, the government has given a wide opportunity to broaden the democratic field and to solve the problems through discussion, many people have used this opportunity. The press release indicates that these extremist forces that don’t represent the people of Amhara have pushed the peaceful alternative of the government and formed a political, military, intelligence, media and finance wing.
      According to the joint press release, Dr. Wondwossen Assefa is the leader of the political, military, intelligence, finance and media wing of the extremist forces. This wing has links with 16 extremist diaspora members in different countries and provides logistic and financial support in Amhara region starting from Bahir Dar city and recruiting armed forces in all regions. The press release said that the Amhara people were given a mission to commit terror and killings at the regional and federal levels. For this reason Belete Shegaw and Mihret Wodajo or alias Mire Wodajo, Mr. Girma Yeshitila, the executive member of the Prosperity Party and Amhara Regional Prosperity Party branch office head Mr. Girma said that they are victims of violence and their colleagues. A statement from the joint force.
      According to the joint security and security force statement, 450 individuals in the country and abroad are working to fulfil their evil agenda created by these extremist forces in Amhara and other areas to replace them with their own structure by removing those elected by the people of Amhara region and replacing them with power. And he has stated that they are under investigation. In addition, the information that has been found indicates that extremist forces were ready to replace the regional security forces with their own armed forces.

      Ethiopia joint security and security force

      Ethiopia joint security and security forceDr. Mesfin Hailemariam, Dr. Girum Lakew and others are collaborators of the extremist forces living in different countries and coordinate their political wing. Anteneh Birhan, Worku Gade and others have confirmed that their bank accounts have been opened in order to receive money sent from home and abroad and to carry out terrorist missions. The press release has announced that they are suspected of terrorism and are arrested.
      The press release mentioned that the propaganda wing of these extremist forces is led by a person called Meskerm Abera. In this group, Dawit Begashaw from abroad and from different countries from Ethio 360 and Information TV Habtamu Ayalew, Minalachew Simachew Biruk Yibas and Jerusalem T/Tsadik also Zemedkun Bekele and Lidetu Ayalew Investigation has stated that Mekonnen and others from Anchor Media are members of this evil plan.
      These extremist forces are creating false news and spreading terror propaganda to divide the people based on ethnicity and religion and to overthrow the federal and regional governments and to get the country out of the way of change and development and to daily violence and to destroy the country. The press release indicated that those who work and others in the organization are being investigated for terrorism.
      The International Police Organization (Interpol) and the governments of the countries where these terrorist forces reside are working to be transferred to their country through cooperation and security agencies and they will continue to strengthen this.
      According to the joint security and security force statement, it has been reported that these wanted people living abroad are using the resources they get from abroad and using the resources they have in the country to do this evil act. It also stated that work is being done to identify and control their resources.
      The joint force’s statement that these extremist forces that were trying to destroy the constitution and the constitutional system are working with foreign anti-peace forces that don’t want the unity of Ethiopia and are under arrest and investigation are being conducted. In order to create confusion regarding the measures taken to ensure the rule of law and disarmament. He has called for the bodies to fight together to protect itself.
      Finally, he is thanking the peace and security joint force for the participation of the community in the process of the legal operation to reach its goal. He is also taking this opportunity to point out the people who are being monitored closely, and he is announcing that he is going to announce the results we are going to achieve in the future.

      A joint force of peace and security
      April 22, 2015 ም

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