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    The Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia Evgeny Turkihin stated that he is worried about what happened in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church and believes that only the internal laws of the church should be resolved.
    Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo ChurchThe ambassador, who had an interview with the association of saints, said that Russia and Ethiopia have a long relationship and therefore, the spiritual connection plays a big role in strengthening it.
    The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church is the centre of Ethiopian history and it has even documented the history of the country. Even though there are activities that even the prime minister of the country has recognised in connection with climate change, he said that the environmental protection work done by the church over the years makes the church “the core of green canvas”.

    Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church
    Ambassador Evgeny Turkihin Aklew has expressed that he is saddened by the current situation and as a follower of Orthodox religion they are worried about.
    The Russian Orthodox Church has expressed their sympathy on the behalf of the Patriarch by expressing their grief.
    Ambassador Evgeny Turkhin who said the history of the two churches has passed through a lot of challenging times has said that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church will also pass this difficult time.Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church
    The ambassador said that the body that raised questions during his stay should have told the complaint directly to the fathers and believers instead of taking “attack” measures and separating them.
    They have also expressed their interest in the discussion according to the law of the church.
    The ambassador said demolishing this church means destroying a country so it is necessary to be careful. The two churches will continue to cooperate as before.

    Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo ChurchThe Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church has sent a message saying that fathers and believers should keep their unity and if not this will be a question for the next generation. “I would like to assure you that we will stand by your side in this process”.

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